Deep Hypnotic Trance

Enter the Deep.

Enter the Deep Hypnotic Trance space of mind oblivion.

As a mind control specialist and an expert in taking you deep into the sensual experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy, Mistress Carol will twist your thoughts, twist your mind, twist you around her little finger, until you obediently obey, and submit to her seductive plan.

Enter the void of mind oblivion… Where delicious echoes and whispers seep from the dark crevasses of timelessness and you float in a deep sensual trance, bathed by sweet murmured transmissions, ethereal gossamer strands of ghostly silken threads caress you, and your drowns in waves of sweet euphoria. Let go and float upon the dream of thoughtlessness.

Once there, Mistress Carol will seduce your senseless, pulling you into an ever increasing deep trance state where your mind will easily surrender into a whirlpool of emptiness created by your own desires.

This is bliss…

You are helpless, suspended in infinite stillness, in this endless loop deepening trance, falling deeper, and deeper, down, down, down…

Falling, falling, falling, down deep into the void.

Beneath you a gaping vortex of empty space beckons, and draws you inside, down, deeper still, into the deepest most extreme trance you have ever experienced.

You loose all awareness. You are now oblivious.

Lost in space. Lost in time. Lost in oblivion of deep hypnotic trance.

Where you will never want to escape…

Do you dare to listen? Are you ready to let go of complete control and be blow away into oblivion?

This is the ultimate mindf@ck and only the brave may enter here.

“I used to be a skeptic but Mistress Carol turned me into a true believer.  Amazing.”

Come inside… Enter the Deep.

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