Come Eating Instructions

In these Come Eating Instructions hypnotic audios you will get your just desserts.

Have you been a good boy lately, submitting to the will of your beautiful Dominatrix Mistress Carol?

Perhaps she will reward you with these very erotic and naughty Come Eating Instructions (CEI) sessions where you will get your just desserts?

But, first…

You must submit to her complete control as you are told to masturbate while she watches, as you become so hard for her pleasure. Then she will place an erotic switch in your mind that causes your penis to swell with so much cum it is so close to exploding.

But not yet.

No… she will tease you mercilessly causing you to grip your member tight and hold it until she commands you to finally let go.

And as you hold it, it becomes harder and harder, filling with so much cum, throbbing and pulsing and twitching beyond your control, and you cry out for mercy.

But your Mistress is not ready to allow her plaything leniency, as she makes you wait, all the while weaving erotic imagery in your mind with her sweet seductions and inductions, and your cock become incredibly hard and swollen… you think you may die from ecstasy.

Oh, if only this could be so sweet!

Finally, your orgasm unleashes and you come hard!

Cum spurts into the air and rains back down upon your naked flesh like hot, salty, thick rain.

What a mess you have made!

Now you will eat your spent semen and a lick up every last drop.

Come inside and see what awaits… In these Come Eating Instructions hypnotic audio fantasies.

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