Your Will: Be Mine-Audio Erotica Hypnosis

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Slowly, sensually, your will is removed and now belongs to Mistress.

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Audio Erotica Hypnosis

In this audio erotica hypnosis, your trance temptress and sexy hypnotic seductress, Mistress Carol will take you into a deep trance of surrender, where your will be mine!

This session is NOT for beginners! So be forewarned.

Only for those who are eager to submit to your Mistress are suitable to slide into this erotic hypnosis trance.

Close your eyes and breathe deep the gathering darkness, as you fade slowly into a deep, delicious, decadent trance, where you will lose yourself completely.

Your Will Be Mine!

As Mistress Carol cradles you and you fall into a new world of submission and obedience, empty and floating and drifting in deep trance.

You feel the pleasure of drifting away, pleasurable drifting, listening to her voice, releasing you from any attachments, letting it all go.

And, now, you are locked in a prism of black glass, bewitched black glass like glistening obsidian, so dark you can’t see through it, or even perceive the edges of your space… the darkness invisible, a vacuum in space and time, as your mind is sucked away into oblivion.

And, as each thought is sucked from your mind, the dark crystal grows, throbbing, pulsing in the unseen darkness, emptiness, as you are drifting far away. And every last thought, every last piece of your mind is sucked inside, deeply, deeper, until there is nothing left except the deep blackness of the void.

Now, Mistress Carol holds your essence in her hand, this black shining prism that has captured your being, your soul, and you are now HERS in entirety.

Will she shatter your will into a billion tiny pieces?

Step inside this erotic trance to find out now…

In this erotic hypnosis, Your Will: Be Mine, you will submit to Mistress Carol. This unique will-removing induction and mind-melting deepener will take you incredibly deep inside of this audio erotica session with Mistress’s irresistible control and hypnotic conditioning of your mind. As you lie there helpless and limp, Mistress Carol will have her way with you leaving with you no doubt about what she can do to you.

There are two sessions provided with your purchase, one with a sleep ending and one with a count up at the end. This is advanced submission/trance training for seasoned erotic hypnosis enthusiasts. This description is vague intentionally as Mistress Carol does not want to give too much away about the session content before you listen to it.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Unique will-removing induction
  • Step down deepener
  • Surrender
  • Mindlessness
  • Submission/obedience
  • Triggers: Submit, sink, sleep
  • Mantras
  • Metronome
  • Contains “slave” references
  • Layered background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length with sleep ending is 51:10
  • Session length with wake ending is 52:50

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Your Will: Be Mine
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2 reviews for Your Will: Be Mine-Audio Erotica Hypnosis

  1. Ben

    This session is POWERFUL and not for beginners but is SO worth it if you wish to truly submit to a powerful hypnotist. I have MANY of Mistress Carol’s session and for me this one may be one of the MOST powerful because even as she warns you in the beginning this session seems to create a lasting feeling that your will is no longer your own as she has gathered it in this dark glass crystal & then smashed it into a million pieces – never to be reconstructed. Just when you think that you cannot feel more under Mistress Carol’s power as you have listened to other sessions – if you haven’t tried this session then you don’t understand what lasting power she has over you! Go buy it!

  2. billy

    The deep trance file that will realign all of your dreams and desires. Using an insanely brilliant induction you are dropped and dropped until your will is destroyed and Mistress Carol’s will becomes all encompassing. The realization that you are subsumed to Mistress Carol’s will and submitting to her will feels better than anything you have ever experienced. All you desire is the voice of the Goddess and you will give anything, including your will, to here it. You will do anything, give anything to hear the voice of Mistress Carol. Welcome to Slavery.

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