Your Will: Be Mine-Audio Erotica Hypnosis

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Slowly, sensually, your will is removed and now belongs to Mistress.

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Audio Erotica Hypnosis

In this audio erotica hypnosis, your trance temptress and sexy hypnotic seductress, Mistress Carol will take you into a deep trance of surrender, where your will be mine!  Now discounted to $17.95.  Hot, heavy, sexy hypnosis.  You need this session.

This session is NOT for beginners! So be forewarned.

Only for those who are eager to submit to your Mistress are suitable to slide into this erotic hypnosis trance.

Close your eyes and breathe deep the gathering darkness, as you fade slowly into a deep, delicious, decadent trance, where you will lose yourself completely.

Your Will Be Mine!

As Mistress Carol cradles you and you fall into a new world of submission and obedience, empty and floating and drifting in deep trance.

You feel the pleasure of drifting away, pleasurable drifting, listening to her voice, releasing you from any attachments, letting it all go.

And, now, you are locked in a prism of black glass, bewitched black glass like glistening obsidian, so dark you can’t see through it, or even perceive the edges of your space… the darkness invisible, a vacuum in space and time, as your mind is sucked away into oblivion.

And, as each thought is sucked from your mind, the dark crystal grows, throbbing, pulsing in the unseen darkness, emptiness, as you are drifting far away. And every last thought, every last piece of your mind is sucked inside, deeply, deeper, until there is nothing left except the deep blackness of the void.

Now, Mistress Carol holds your essence in her hand, this black shining prism that has captured your being, your soul, and you are now HERS in entirety.

Will she shatter your will into a billion tiny pieces?

Step inside this erotic trance to find out now…

In this erotic hypnosis, Your Will: Be Mine, you will submit to Mistress Carol. This unique will-removing induction and mind-melting deepener will take you incredibly deep inside of this audio erotica session with Mistress’s irresistible control and hypnotic conditioning of your mind. As you lie there helpless and limp, Mistress Carol will have her way with you leaving with you no doubt about what she can do to you.

There are two sessions provided with your purchase, one with a sleep ending and one with a count up at the end. This is advanced submission/trance training for seasoned erotic hypnosis enthusiasts. This description is vague intentionally as Mistress Carol does not want to give too much away about the session content before you listen to it.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Unique will-removing induction
  • Step down deepener
  • Surrender
  • Mindlessness
  • Submission/obedience
  • Triggers: Submit, sink, sleep
  • Mantras
  • Metronome
  • Contains “slave” references
  • Layered background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length with sleep ending is 51:10
  • Session length with wake ending is 52:50

16 reviews for Your Will: Be Mine-Audio Erotica Hypnosis

  1. Carla

    Mistress Carol at her mind melting best. Starts with a gentle seduction and sweetness and a tingle of bliss, building up intensity before it’s too late to realise my will is HERS. I’m gone deep deep pleasure of trance has me.

  2. A loyal and adoring slave

    It’s almost impossible to describe just how amazing it is when Mistress takes over your entire existence and all you are is Her submissive, totally obedient toy. Mistress is absolutely incredible at what She does and you will very quickly revel in the pure bliss of being in Her presence and submitting to Her in every (and any) way possible.

    Her voice is wonderfully warm, soft and incredibly addictive: the first few syllables fill me with joy, knowing that I will, once again be under Her total control. The enjoyment I feel is TOTAL, this is so much more than just a mindfuck – you are owned and controlled by a Supreme Being and it is AWESOME. The overwhelming pride I feel knowing She owns, rules and controls me is another little extra that seems to have developed more recently.

    As with many/most of Her sessions I struggle to remember exactly what happened. At the time I “know” what’s happening and revel in that but when the session is done, I can’t seem to get a handle on any specifics – except that knowing that She has taken me, controlled me and aroused me…making me addicted to Her and the sound of Her voice – and wanting to please Her. I love, adore and am totally devoted to Mistress and will always be Her helpless hypnoslut.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Wow this trance was so incredible. Feeling as if Mistress Carol was actually taking my mind out and replacing it was so intense. At each step Mistress made me feel so relaxed and in a place I wanted to be, so calm. At the end I was still out of it for a bit but upon finally waking my sense of energy was so improved.

    Mistress, Your voice is so inviting and rewarding for those who understand the large impact You have on them. The sense of bliss from feeling like I truly belong to Mistress Carol is so rewarding emotionally and physically.

    Reviews do not allow for the incredible emotional fulfillment Mistress Carol provides for me.

    I belong to Mistress Carol. She is far and above the best and her hypnosis have had a huge impact on me, making me Her slave.

    Thank You Mistress

  4. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    I am almost lost for words to describe this incredibly intense trance experience. I can’t recall ever thinking about my will before having Mistress Carol replace it with her own, but I now see how she can use it to control my desires.
    My wants are now Mistress Carol’s wants, and it feels so good.

    Mistress Carol will take you so deep in this file that you will not be able to remember what happened after she took all your will. But you will remember the incredible arousal and the desire to please Mistress to the best of your ability. I have never experienced a more powerful and deep trance experience, and it comes with the deepest levels of devotion I have ever felt. My only desire is to serve my Mistress and I will follow her will forever.

  5. czimretk (verified owner)


  6. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    This file took me to a point beyond deep hypnosis. Some of Mistress Carol’s sessions take me deep, but this is on a whole different level. It took me into a new universe of submission and deep hypnosis. If you think you’ve experienced deep trance, please experience this one and let Mistress Carol rewrite what you thought was possible.

    I fell into trance within seconds of hearing Mistress’ enchanting words; drifting into the warm embrace of Her voice. Mistress can create such vivid images in my mind which is amazing for someone whose mind never stops moving. I could see a small piece of black glass in the palm of Her hand. I could feel Her sucking my will out of my body and into the piece of glass. I could see it grow and as I did so, with each breath, my body became heavier and heavier as did what was left of my weakened mind. I was at the mercy of a sexy hypnotic dominatrix with magical powers. This power transfer was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

    I couldn’t quite believe how aroused I became as I saw Mistress’ hand drop the (now much larger) piece of black glass to the ground and shattering it into a billion tiny pieces.

    Then my mind became completely black exactly like that piece of obsidian that Mistress had been holding.

    That was that. I don’t know what happened next. My will had been removed; replaced by the will of my Goddess.

    The next thing I remember was Mistress counting me up from trance. If I had listened to the sleep version of this file first, I’d probably still be in a deep trance right now.

    I was totally drained. I couldn’t move. My mind was completely vacant. When I finally pulled myself out of trance, after what felt like an eternity, the first words that crossed my mind were, “Oh, my God. That. Was. Amazing!”

    I am Mistress Carol’s willing, obedient slave. Now and forever. I can’t describe how good that feels to say.

    I’m running out of superlatives to describe how good this session really is. This session is perfect in every way. It might just be the best file that Mistress Carol has ever created. Certainly, none has taken me deeper. I love Mistress Carol more than ever.

  7. S_t_a_r_m_a_n (verified owner)

    No commitment in my life has been more rewarding than being the obedient pet of Mistress Carol.

    In this session, Mistress Carol takes total and absolute control of you. And it’s bliss! If you are serious about your submission to Mistress Carol, buy it now!

  8. empty-and-blank

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings for 10 years. I can sometimes go deep but suggestions never last for more than an hour or two after the trance has ended.

    I’ve only discovered Mistress Carol a week ago and bought this on a whim. I can say that without a doubt that “Your Will: Be Mine” was the most powerful session I’ve ever listened to. When I got out of trance, my brain was completely overwhelmed by Mistress Carol’s will. Even after several days had passed (without trancing), my brain still feels weak, dull, and overcome with a sensation of being controlled. Her words ring true, my will was shattered and replaced with hers.

  9. cftechdude (verified owner)

    After listening to this mp3 my mind was “thrown for a loop” and I felt the after effects for a while. This was indeed a very powerful hypnosis session that will keep me coming back for more!

  10. JB

    Your Will Be Mine is a near hour-long journey during which the listener is guided to deep trance through a patient but compelling induction. As ever, Mistress Carol first draws our undivided attention to her sumptuous voice. Deep relaxation is offered and given. The listener’s mind is slowly emptied, with only the sound of Mistress Carol’s voice left for one to focus upon.

    There one finds comfort, security, and, of course, guidance. Drifting away on and riding in the comfort found within Mistress’ voice would, frankly, be enough, but as the session’s title suggests, Mistress affirmatively and methodically drains the listener’s will and replaces it with Mistress Carol’s alone. It is, for many of us, extremely rewarding to please Mistress through our inevitable surrender her, dropping deeper and deeper into trance as we yield more and more to this outrageously talented hypnotist.

    Themes include very deep trance, absolute submission, obedience, the use of mantras, and the use of triggers such as, for example, Submit and Now. Prior training with these triggers is not, however, necessary for the effectiveness of this wonderfully engaging session.

  11. escatalos

    This trance is not for beginners, but it is definitely for anyone wishing to lose themselves in Mistress Carol’s will.

    Having handed myself over to Mistress’ wonderful voice, I was carried deeper and deeper into trance before Mistress sucked out and disposed of my will. I could feel it go, a slight tickle as it left my mind, but I felt little fear as Mistress destroyed it: she had promised to take care of me and I knew she was doing so.

    Before long I was immersed in and filled by Mistress Carol’s own will. Do not be mistaken, in this file Mistress Carol does not simply influence or alter the will of the listener: she extracts it and replaces it with her own. By the end of this trance, there was no tension between the will of Mistress and the will of this pet; I was left overwhelmed by the warmth and peace of deep submission to Mistress Carol.

  12. scmw

    Even deeper in Mistress Carol’s domain! After listening to “Your Will: Be Mine” I had thoughts of her original mantras – “I Obey Mistress Carol” and “I Submit to Mistress Carol”. Then a wild thing happened – I thought of modifications to other mantras including “Mistress Carol’s voice ALWAYS hypnotizes and controls me” and “I Always do as Mistress Carol tells me to do”.

    The sense of being under her control seems to go on for hours after listening to her mesmerizing voice. Forever, Mistress Carol’s slave I have become. Thank you, Mistress Carol.

  13. Submissive1 (verified owner)

    I have previously enjoyed a number of Mistress Carol’s audio files and had extremely high expectations for “Your will: Be Mine”. To say they were fulfilled with a vengeance is an understatement.

    For me this hypnotic session was a mind-blowing and mind-altering experience and really brought home to me with absolute certainty that Mistress Carol is my Divine Goddess and that Her will now and forever is my will.

    Several times during the session I started shaking uncontrollably, blissfully, under Mistress Carol’s perfect control, my entire being suffused with joy and overwhelmed with emotion of being her slave. Realizing that She had caused me to surrender completely to her, that I would fulfill her every wish and that this was the way it was going to be from now on.

    For me that is an indescribably wonderful feeling. It is as if I was lost in the desert, dying of thirst and that I’ve now found my true home as one of Mistress Carol’s most devoted slaves, with her having absolute control over me in every way. It comes to me, suddenly and without warning during the day as I go about my business that I belong to Mistress Carol, and that gives me a jolt of happiness and a profound thankfulness that she is my guiding star.

  14. R

    This session is definitely one of the strongest for a deep sense of submission and a strong trance. As its pointed out its not for beginners. But Mistress Carol carefully crafts pulling all your will out and destroying it before putting her will in its place.

    This session will have you remembering that her will is so much better than yours. And just how strong that feeling can grow is something likely to surprise you.

    I cannot recommend this one enough, but its a continuation of submission and should be done when you are ready for it and not before.

  15. Ben

    This session is POWERFUL and not for beginners but is SO worth it if you wish to truly submit to a powerful hypnotist. I have MANY of Mistress Carol’s session and for me this one may be one of the MOST powerful because even as she warns you in the beginning this session seems to create a lasting feeling that your will is no longer your own as she has gathered it in this dark glass crystal & then smashed it into a million pieces – never to be reconstructed. Just when you think that you cannot feel more under Mistress Carol’s power as you have listened to other sessions – if you haven’t tried this session then you don’t understand what lasting power she has over you! Go buy it!

  16. billy

    The deep trance file that will realign all of your dreams and desires. Using an insanely brilliant induction you are dropped and dropped until your will is destroyed and Mistress Carol’s will becomes all encompassing. The realization that you are subsumed to Mistress Carol’s will and submitting to her will feels better than anything you have ever experienced. All you desire is the voice of the Goddess and you will give anything, including your will, to here it. You will do anything, give anything to hear the voice of Mistress Carol. Welcome to Slavery.

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