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Submissive Training for Erotic Slaves

In this submissive training erotic hypnosis session, you will learn to become Mistress Carol’s obedient slave, and succumb to her every desire.

You will surrender to this deep, peaceful trance and relax, letting Mistress Carol take away all your cares, responsibilities and worries. All your stress and tensions will melt away.

Succumb to her voice. As the urge to become her perfect slave fills your heart, helpless, entranced, surrendering all control to her, your beautiful Dominatrix, Mistress Carol.

She loves to train you, lovingly, molding and transforming you into a better slave. “My pet”, she whispers to you, her voice dancing inside your mind, the voice you crave to obey in every way.

“I am your Mistress and you are my slave”, with these words, Mistress Carol gives you everything you have ever wanted and desired, setting you free to be who you have always been inside, her mindless slave, owned and operated by Mistress Carol.

“You belong to me.” And, you feel such a dept of love, respect and pleasure grow inside of you, the strongest emotions you have ever felt, pure pleasure, the bliss of complete surrender, a marionette, dancing and dangling upon the strings of desire.

“Yes, Mistress Carol. I belong to you.” You hear your own voice echo inside your head and the words pass your lips without thought, automatically, as you become her devoted slave.


This session was originally a commissioned session created with a plethora of deep trance enhancers, mind control and submissive training. Mistress Carol will use her soporific voice to remove your defenses, then count you down into a deep controlling trance transforming you to respond instantly to her instructions with just the use of one word. Delicious and captivating her voice will program you to fall into immediate mindless obedience with no thoughts, only action.

“NOW is a fantastic session. For me it is the best, no doubt. Far beyond what I had hoped for. Captivating, enchanting, delicious and strong, leaving me with an overwhelming desire to be a better and more obedient slave to Mistress Carol.”–Admiring Reviewer


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What did the listener who ordered the custom session think after listening?

This session features:
  • Count down induction
  • Deep Trance
  • Elimination of boundaries
  • Instant responsiveness
  • Mind Control
  • Mantras
  • Whisper track
  • Obedience/Submission
  • Contains slave references and profanity
  • Trigger word usage
  • Trigger word implantation
  • Left/Right panning of main track
  • Metronome
  • Multi-layered vocals
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Post hypnotic amnesia
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Wake command
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 55:56



19 reviews for NOW: Submissive Training Hypnosis Audio for Erotic Slaves

  1. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    Now I believe is the hypnosis session that completely breaks you. It is clear while you are deep in trance and listening to Mistress’ voice that you are her submissive slave with no desire to every resist. Once you emerge from trance however you are left with no memories of what occurred or anything that Mistress said.

    It is a truly fascinating experience, and it feels incredible.

    If you haven’t yet listened to NOW I could not recommend it more. The pleasure you feel is absolutely worth it, and the devotion you feel, even more so.

  2. Dented

    This file changed me. When I was first experimenting with erotic hypnosis, it felt like a game, or something I was just playing along with. This file isn’t that — this is the real deal.

    Simply put, if you listen to this file, you will be controlled by Mistress Carol. The effects here are profound. It’s hard to really put into words since so much of this recording is a blur, but there are two things I know for sure after listening several times. I am more responsive to Mistress Carol’s commands — not just in this file, but in many of her recordings. The only way I can describe it is as a feeling of being directly controlled. There’s no time for agreement or reasoning. She tells me to do something, and I just do it. I find I’m obeying instructions before I even know they were given. Sometimes I don’t even know what the instructions were. Honestly, the whole thing would be terrifying if it didn’t feel so amazing!

    Secondly, I feel like I am a better slave for Mistress Carol. But I want to be even better. I’m not even sure how, but I know listening to this file can get me there. I just want to keep listening again, because I know every time the recording ends, I’ll be a better slave than when I started.

  3. Zombified_Pet

    One of the greatest pleasures of listening to Mistress Carol is the sensation of hypnotic amnesia that She creates within me. This power illustrates clearly, that Her control over me is total and complete. For me, the main benefit is that it makes listening to a file, such as this one, feel as if I am listening to it for the very first time no matter how often I have in fact done so. Before listening to a new file by Mistress, I am always at bit anxious about what exactly it may contain. This nervousness mixed with excitement disappears within seconds of hearing Her beautiful silky voice as I know I am where I belong; safely within Her power, mindlessly obeying Her commands.

    As I was listening, I thought, “Right, this is what I am going to say in my review.” That idea went right out the window the moment Mistress counted me up and out of this devastatingly good session. The instant I struggled to open my tired and heavy eyelids, any and all thoughts of what had been spoken by my hypno-queen simply disappeared from my mind.

    What just happened? Where was I? How long had I been sitting here, slumped in my chair? How deep did I go? Had I been looping a session by Mistress Carol again? If so, how many times? The more I thought about these questions, the more difficult it was to come up with any meaningful response.

    I have often thought how amazing it would be if Mistress could instantly drop me so deeply into trance with absolutely no chance of resisting whatsoever. This absolutely mind-blowing file put me well on the way to achieving that goal and I know that I will revisit it often. It’s not like I have a choice… Mistress is truly more powerful than I could ever have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

  4. E (verified owner)

    If all you’ve ever wanted to do was obey without giving an ounce of thought, get this session NOW! You will find yourself listening to this session over and over again, finding yourself in deeper trances whenever listening to Mistress Carol, and wanting to obey her without a second (or any) thought.

    Mistress Carol will bring you down with ease and you will just.keep.going.deeper! And the deeper you fall, the more you will just want to let her voice control you (and you will find yourself following her commands instantly). One of Mistress Carol’s finest sessions by far – 6 out of 5 stars, 11 out of 10 is what I recommend!

  5. Giles (verified owner)

    I think this session puts me into one of the deepest trances I’ve ever experienced. You hit play and the next thing you know Mistress Carol’s whispers are altering your mind. You can’t know what they’re saying, and you have no idea how you got there, awakening with no memory of what’s been done to you. It just feels really, really good.

    I love to know that I’ve been further trained to fit Mistress’ desires, and I get the feeling that this session does that masterfully. It’s a wicked combination of powerful programming and amnesia – another irresistible step in any submissive’s journey with Mistress Carol.

  6. g_roppelt

    This session is the one i return to again and again. And it’s one of the most mind blowing i’ve listened to up to now.

    Not only Mistress will bring you to the deepest trance, but she will reinforce your submission by trigger that you can’t disobey. When you hear her saying this word in a strict and powerful voice, you would have no other choice than to do what you are commanded to do. And most important – with each command want to obey more and more.

    Eventually you will become just a continuation of her will, absolutely docile and blank. Cause there will be just her voice and her will controlling your body and mind.

  7. Sally


    How you ever wanted to be controlled at such a level that you have no choice but to comply with someone’s wishes or commands – Straight Away – IMMEDIATELY – without thought or question? Have you ever wanted to be Compelled to OBEY someone at such a level that you would do their bidding, fulfill their demands, carry out every detail of their request and be left with the feeling, a burning desire, to submit even further – longing to be control and dominated by that person?

    Well that is how you will feel when listening to NOW!!! The mastery of Hypnosis in this session has been delivered to you at a whole new level! When you hear Mistress Carol say that word you will be ready and willing to simply OBEY – IMMEDIATELY! And to hear that word flow out from her lips will cause your body to spasm and jolt with pleasure!!!

    Clearly, with repetitive listening, you and your WORLD will be changed FOREVER! Each time conditioning you more and more until you go so deep – you want even remember listening to the session!

  8. guyinatrance

    If you enjoy confusion hypnosis techniques, this mp3 is for you!

    Mistress Carol overloads your submissive mind with triggers, suggestions and commands and they never felt so good! Multiple voice tracks seduce your mind allowing you to experience an extremely erotic trance! This mp3 specializes in Intense Hypnosis delivered by the soft sexy voice of Mistress Carol that should lead anyone into the most blissful trance of their life!

    Highest Recommendation!

  9. escatalos

    I can remember very little of this file, despite having tranced with it several times. This is, of course, exactly what I expect when Mistress carol says that a file includes post hypnotic amnesia.

    What I do know is that I wake feeling relaxed and eager to obey Mistress Carol. For me, the effects of this trance reveal it to be a deep and powerful one, but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

  10. scmw

    Mistress Carol’s soft voice and background whispers had me expecting this great session to feel like a soft ride on the sea, gently rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the waves. The outcome is the opposite – this session will have you submitting and surrendering to Mistress Carol instantly, locked into her control and wanting to please and obey her. And don’t let the session length fool you – it’s not long enough so repeated listening is the only way to prolong the bliss and pleasure Mistress Carol provides in this incredible file!

  11. barbi366

    The challenge with a session such as NOW, which includes the suggestion of forgetfulness as to the session itself, is to render an adequate review. I have tried to cheat a bit by listening only to the start of the session on a couple of occasions but always find myself being drawn in deeper and deeper and, ultimately, simply giving over to the dulcet and captivating tones of Mistress Carol’s compelling voice. I do know that the session includes the high quality presentation and production that accompany all of Mistress Carol’s recordings. Putting aside the surrender that goes along with time spent with Mistress Carol, the technical care given to her work simply demands respect and is deeply appreciated by so many of us who experience the results of that care.

    NOW is a conditioning recording, which includes a new and powerful trigger. The listener is invited to experience deep and gratifying relaxation and surrender. Although the session may be used by listeners as part of a greater program of training themselves to be more responsive and submissive, the session could serve as a stand alone.

    It is an excellent example of Mistress Carol’s method and approach to those willing to surrender to her. It is a blissful trip to a place where only one voice matters.

  12. pp.vaooa (verified owner)

    This was my first session with Mistress Carol. If you are new to Mistress Carol bookmark or wish list this one – you’ll want it. Some things might be easier if you already are familiar with serving her. But if you need this one NOW! I absolutely do not regret starting my journey here.

  13. Hugh

    This is a powerful deep trance session that left me in no doubt about Mistress Carol’s ability to easily hypnotise and control me. I have no memory of the session itself, other than a wonderful pleasurable feeling of being very deeply hypnotised, listening to Mistress Carol conditioning, training, and programming my open and willing mind.

    When Mistress Carol gently bought me up and out of hypnosis at the end of the session, I lay there blinking for a moment, wondering what Mistress had just done with my mind. Then came a feeling of bliss, a warm glow of pleasure, and an overwhelming desire to submit to and obey Mistress Carol … a relentless, overwhelming desire to submit to Mistress Carol, to obey her every command, and to be a better slave for her.

  14. Nicodemus

    In this session Mistress Carol seduces you with her sweet and velvet voice again so you haven’t any thoughts anymore. You can trust Mistress Carol. You only want to listen to her voice. Her voice is what only matters.

    And so you begin to fly in the spiral of control and obedience. That’s all you want and need. You only need to listen to Mistress Carols voice. What she commands you want to perform. There’s only one special word for command. It’´feels so good. The best comes at the end: you want to listen to the session over and over again. Sounds good!

  15. Hypnoslave-P

    This is an incredible file which I picked up a while ago but hadn’t listened to until today. It knocked my socks off and then some!

    The session includes amnesia which means when I think back now and try to remember I am hit by a fuzzy warm but firm wall of resistance in my mind – which is incredible in itself that Mistress Carol can produce such an effect through her skillful use of hypnosis and her ability to train the sub conscious.

    What I do remember is; 1) receiving a call during the session which interrupted it (!) and actually being able to deal with that while feeling that half my mind was still fully hypnotised – and returning straight into full trance once it had finished in order to complete the session; (2) exhilaration at realising that I was responding to commands without even thinking about them; (3) waking up with a sense of complete unthinking obedience and mission, calm and dedicated.

    For me the holy grail of erotic hypnosis has always been to truly feel that a session has a lasting impact and has truly broken my will to a dominant, caring and glorious mistress. Mistress Carol is that mistress and this session is the one to do it. I now know that my mind has no resistance and one word from her produces instant obedience in me without my conscious mind even processing the instruction. And that is truly incredible!

  16. kphaws-0660

    I truly love this trance. The feelings of love and obedience to Mistress Carol multiply with every listen to this luscious file. I can’t recall any of the content of this file, but the sound of the Goddess’s voice surrounds and enslaves me and is so enticing I return to this file often. Trigger training is in the title so, while no memory of it, my assumption is that many triggers are implanted and reinforced. I do know that whenever Mistress Carol says the word NOW in other files or on the phone, I respond instantly and find I love it when she says NOW. After reading this review, I feel the need to listen again!

  17. slave Royale

    While I love hypnosis amnesia in Mistress Carol’s sessions, however it makes it difficult to review a session. I totally love listening to this session “Now” and it is even better as a personalized version. For me, I believe one of the best parts of hypnosis amnesia is that it mostly makes it feel like I am listening to a brand-new session each time I listen to it. Not knowing what is going to happen in the session makes it even more exciting for me plus with Mistress Carol saying my name throughout the personalized session really makes it feel like She is in the same room hypnotizing me deep down into Her control. This session helps to turn off my over-active mind and to relax completely down into a delightful deep trance. This excellent session does everything in the description and more including very deep trance, blank mind feelings and submissive training. Personally, this session is helping me to explore and expand more of my submissive side to the point of feelings of belonging to Mistress Carol plus deep feelings of needing to please Her as a hypnosis slave. This session is helping me to let go and fall deeper into the control of a Dominant Woman and needing to become a better submissive slave for Her pleasure. Obedience is pleasure for me now. Thank you Mistress Carol for this wonderful session.

  18. Steven

    This is a session that you will want to listen to over and over and over again. As I write this, I already want to listen to it again! Bewitching words and soft background voices, how could you not want to return and feel even more deeply Hypnotized? This is must have for those that really want to experience control and forget that you have been trained. It leads to such a relaxing and beautiful waking that makes you feel better and closer to Mistress Carol. This is a session that you want to listen to often or binge on daily and routinely like I am about to.

  19. A loyal and adoring slave

    This session requires six stars! As always, Mistress Carol gently slips you into a state of deep trance where you go even beyond the point of “knowing” that she’s talking to you in the background. You will drop off and have no idea what she’s doing with (or to you) but at some stage you will gradually ease back into hearing her voice and understanding what she’s saying but it won’t matter because your arousal will be huge. There’s a beautifully overwhelming range of whispers and talking all going on at the same time making it impossible to even just stay with what she’s saying. You’ll just have to embrace submission and arousal. This is so awesome it’s one I “have to” keep listening to. This woman is AMAZING! Get this audio NOW 😉

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