Twisted by Your Hypnotic Mistress

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First in a three part series of Mind Distortion.

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Your Hypnotic Mistress will Twist You Inside and Out

Twisted is the first session in Mistress Carol’s “Mind Distortion Series” featuring Your Hypnotic Mistress, as she leads you into a deep hypnotic trance, leaving you spellbound, fractured, distorted and TWISTED.

Be brave. Step through the threshold into a new dimension. Follow Mistress Carol into a realm of depravity and debauchery, where you will be twisted by words and echoing sounds, until you no longer exist. Only echoes, whispering in your brain, SHE, has total control over you.

You are the victim, helpless and defenseless, sinking into the dark side as you surrender now.

From the darkness, comes a beckoning voice, your head is spinning, you have no choice. You hear her laughter, seeping through the cracks in your brain, as you go spinning, twisting, around and around, again and again.

Footsteps echoing in the darkness, you are entranced, your mind twisted, as you fall into her trance. Fire scorches your mind, so blind you can’t see, your blood runs cold, there is nowhere else to be.

And you feel like you are falling in time.

Down, down, down…

Foolish boy.  You are a willing participant in this twisted debauchery experiment, to devour your mind, feeding the desires of Your Hypnotic Mistress, paralyzed by her icy stare, long legs and golden hair… here she comes for you.

Just hope you forget this in the morning.


Headphones or earbuds are highly recommended with this session.  Next in the series, your mind will be “Devoured“, then “Destroyed“.



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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational induction
  • Subliminal and subconscious programming
  • Obedience and submission in trance
  • Helplessness and mindlessness
  • Trigger usage: Sleep, Deeper, Sink
  • Trigger placement
  • Alternating tone deepener
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 40 minutes

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2 reviews for Twisted by Your Hypnotic Mistress

  1. slave Royale

    Sometimes to feel the full effects of a hypnosis session you really need to just lay down on a bed, completely naked, in a warm room and let go and relax. Close your eyes and then allow Mistress Carol to be in control for a while. Allow Her voice to drift into Your mind and takeover for a while. This is one of those sessions where I did just that and then afterwards was one of the deepest most relaxing trance full body experiences I have ever felt. The hypnosis seems to hit me extraordinarily strong with this session. Several years of listening to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis has probably helped with training me good by now. Overall this is one of these wonderful deep trance hypnosis sessions. Throughout all of the session time, I felt sort of like asleep but still focused on Mistress’s voice. Sometimes I could hear Her voice more clearly than other times during it, but deep in my mind I know that She was planting Her wonderful hypnotic treasures inside me. Afterwards the session is all sort of fuzzy, but I felt so incredibly good. I simply love this hypnosis session. I am so happy and thankful to be in Her hypnotic care. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  2. rowls_1981

    What in the name of all that is Hypnotic and Blissful just fucking happened to me? i dared listen to this file, that’s what. Oh boy it feels good.
    This is indescribably good. It’s at a level of skill that defies logic or explanation. It’s mind-blowing. i’ve never been so deep. And i’ve never been held there so easily or for so long. Mistress Carol must put a LOT of work and guile into her craft but it all feels so effortless when you experience it for yourself. To be floating mindlessly under Mistress Carol’s control and having Her hypnotically implant her control deeper and deeper inside my mind like this is pure bliss.
    I’ve never ever felt so utterly blown away as i crawl and fumble back to consciousness. I’ve just experienced the most unimaginably amazing hypnosis of my life.
    If you enjoy erotic hypnosis this session is a MUST HAVE.

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