Twisted by Your Hypnotic Mistress

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First in a three part series of Mind Distortion.

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Your Hypnotic Mistress will Twist You Inside and Out

Twisted is the first session in Mistress Carol’s “Mind Distortion Series” featuring Your Hypnotic Mistress, as she leads you into a deep hypnotic trance, leaving you spellbound, fractured, distorted and TWISTED.

Be brave. Step through the threshold into a new dimension. Follow Mistress Carol into a realm of depravity and debauchery, where you will be twisted by words and echoing sounds, until you no longer exist. Only echoes, whispering in your brain, SHE, has total control over you.

You are the victim, helpless and defenseless, sinking into the dark side as you surrender now.

From the darkness, comes a beckoning voice, your head is spinning, you have no choice. You hear her laughter, seeping through the cracks in your brain, as you go spinning, twisting, around and around, again and again.

Footsteps echoing in the darkness, you are entranced, your mind twisted, as you fall into her trance. Fire scorches your mind, so blind you can’t see, your blood runs cold, there is nowhere else to be.

And you feel like you are falling in time.

Down, down, down…

Foolish boy.  You are a willing participant in this twisted debauchery experiment, to devour your mind, feeding the desires of Your Hypnotic Mistress, paralyzed by her icy stare, long legs and golden hair… here she comes for you.

Just hope you forget this in the morning.


Headphones or earbuds are highly recommended with this session.  Next in the series, your mind will be “Devoured“, then “Destroyed“.



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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational induction
  • Subliminal and subconscious programming
  • Obedience and submission in trance
  • Helplessness and mindlessness
  • Trigger usage: Sleep, Deeper, Sink
  • Trigger placement
  • Alternating tone deepener
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 40 minutes

8 reviews for Twisted by Your Hypnotic Mistress

  1. Zombified_Pet

    I always fall deep for Mistress Carol. This file felt like I was being lured so seductively by Mistress’ beautiful voice and Her amazingly crafted words. The induction is covert in nature which I love. Very quickly and wonderfully I was taken down into the loving embrace of Mistress Carol’s world.

    There is a large part of this file that can best be described as unique and it is very difficult to describe, especially as I have barely any memories of it. It certainly gave me a new and unique perspective into Mistress’ power and hold over my mind and left me completely bamboozled.

    This session really turned up the heat. I could feel my body heating up with each passing moment. I have no idea if that was part of Mistress’ intension, but perhaps it was a wise decision to remove my clothes in preparation for this file.

    When Mistress finally pulled me up and out of this trance I sat there, drained, completely stunned, and not having much idea of what She had just done to me. Be warned; this is a very powerful mind-control session by an expert who knows exactly what She is doing. It matters not if you are prepared, you will fall deep for Mistress Carol.

    If this is just the first session of three, I can barely comprehend what state my mind will be when I complete the third in this series as Mistress already has complete control over my mind. I am already looking forward gleefully to the next one.

  2. Nicodemus

    Twisted is a superbly engineered first session for the ‘Mind Distorted’ series, where wearing headphones is absolutely mandatory.

    The creativity of all the techniques and audio effects combined make ‘Twisted’ one of the most unique and mind-blowing hypnotic audio experiences Mistress Carol has ever produced.

    I love all the experimentation that Mistress Carol uses during this session: Covert Induction along with its echoey effects that had me swiftly drop into a mindlessly helpless state. The tonal audio deepener constantly drags me deeper still. Subliminal subconscious programming happening in the background, that is covertly dripping through the cracks of my mind without any awareness.

    The hypnotic trigger is one of the most unique ever installed. It had my head twisted and confused like it was a wet rag inside a washing machine during the strongest of spin cycles.

    Suddenly I arise from this trance having no faintest idea what new devious hypnotic depravity was instilled into me. I can only wonder where all that time fell by. Was it truly over 40 minutes or just 5 minutes? I don’t know but I still ache to listen to it all over again.

    This is what true debauchery and depravity from devious Mistress Carol feel like!

  3. escatalos

    This trance leaves my mind ‘definitely twisted’, so much so that I am left with no will of my own.

    There is a count-up at the end, but all I could do was to lie and dream of Mistress and her presence in my mind for several minutes. With many different layers of voices and sounds, I have little doubt that Mistress has done far more to me than I am aware of.

    Mistress Carol’s files are not just hypnosis, they are entrancing works of art. I am writing this review having already moved on to the next trance in the series, for which this is an entrée, and for which it contains a trigger. Mistress make’s it clear that she is going to implant a trigger, but by the time she does my mind no longer cares what she was doing to it, so long as it is in thrall to Mistress Carol. The first time I listed to ‘Devoured’ I was left with no doubt as to the presence and power of the implanted trigger. I may not be able to consciously recognize it, but it is the sound I long to hear.

  4. A loyal and adoring slave

    I’ve yet to experience an audio by this Goddess of sensual control and mindlessness that isn’t a five star experience!

    Mistress just gently takes you down…background sounds and layered groans (I think), whispers from Her and … I struggle to remember. However, it’s a deliciously sensual experience. She lures you into a warm, deep embrace and it feels as if you are really “close” to Her…I feel like I can experience not only my ecstasy but somehow also Hers(?).

    Not sure why, but I felt incredibly connected to Her during this session and that was truly arousing. This Lady plays with my body and my mind like a virtuoso. It feels as if She “knows” me deeply and exploits that knowledge to make me belong to Her. I am just soo addicted to Mistress.

  5. R

    A definitely powerful start to this trilogy. This session gives you a powerful start, pulling you down and twisting you around and around. A definitely powerful feeling. You can tell a lot of thought went into how these sessions will fit together and having only started with this one i am excited to see how they blend together.

    If you want a good induction this is a great one to have, and i can only believe that each step of the sessions will add more to it.

  6. Ben

    The balance of the scales in your mind begin to tip in the favor of Mistress Carol and your good sense is lightened & removed the longer you listen as your ability to choose is being removed.

    What the hell happened? I remember hitting play and then it all sort of fades away as Mistress Carol twists the strands of your mind so tight that the only thing I can remember is the sound that recreates the moment of disappearance. WONDERFUL!

  7. slave Royale

    Sometimes to feel the full effects of a hypnosis session you really need to just lay down on a bed, completely naked, in a warm room and let go and relax. Close your eyes and then allow Mistress Carol to be in control for a while. Allow Her voice to drift into Your mind and takeover for a while. This is one of those sessions where I did just that and then afterwards was one of the deepest most relaxing trance full body experiences I have ever felt. The hypnosis seems to hit me extraordinarily strong with this session. Several years of listening to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis has probably helped with training me good by now. Overall this is one of these wonderful deep trance hypnosis sessions. Throughout all of the session time, I felt sort of like asleep but still focused on Mistress’s voice. Sometimes I could hear Her voice more clearly than other times during it, but deep in my mind I know that She was planting Her wonderful hypnotic treasures inside me. Afterwards the session is all sort of fuzzy, but I felt so incredibly good. I simply love this hypnosis session. I am so happy and thankful to be in Her hypnotic care. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  8. rowls_1981

    What in the name of all that is Hypnotic and Blissful just fucking happened to me? i dared listen to this file, that’s what. Oh boy it feels good.
    This is indescribably good. It’s at a level of skill that defies logic or explanation. It’s mind-blowing. i’ve never been so deep. And i’ve never been held there so easily or for so long. Mistress Carol must put a LOT of work and guile into her craft but it all feels so effortless when you experience it for yourself. To be floating mindlessly under Mistress Carol’s control and having Her hypnotically implant her control deeper and deeper inside my mind like this is pure bliss.
    I’ve never ever felt so utterly blown away as i crawl and fumble back to consciousness. I’ve just experienced the most unimaginably amazing hypnosis of my life.
    If you enjoy erotic hypnosis this session is a MUST HAVE.

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