You Belong to Me: Mistress Hypnosis for Erotic Masturbation & Submission

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Her siren’s song will melt it all away.

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Your Mistress Hypnosis Begins Now…

In this Mistress Hypnosis erotic audio hypnotic session for post-hypnotic masturbation, you will fall into deep submission, as you give yourself completely to your Mistress, as the horny little submissive boy you are.

Enter Mistress Carol’s domain in this erotic hypnosis, where she will train your mind in perfect submission to her, and she will make you hers.

Your beautiful hypnotic Dominatrix, takes you down the rabbit hole, as you surrender to her sexy voice like a good, obedient slave.

Horny submissive boys make wonderful pets.

Your thoughts magically melt and emptiness ensues, as you fall  into a state of mindless obedience, into my hypnotic embrace.

See yourself kneeling before me in submission and love.  My mindless slave, my docile, obedient boy, here to serve me in the manner I wish to be served.  You will be my toy, my servant, my slave.

You feel the pleasurable feeling of complete abandonment now.  Drifting up into the clouds, drifting up into oblivion, into that wonderful blissful space that you find when you are deep in trance with me.

Becoming submissive to me makes you aroused and stimulates your libido.  My dominance turns you on.  Your helplessness turns you on, make you horny, the arousal will be so intense that you crave to hump whatever is next to you when you wake.

You belong to Mistress Carol NOW.

You want to be my puppet on a string, deeply hypnotized, your desire to masturbate overwhelming, as you desperately seek orgasm.

You belong to Mistress Carol. Your orgasm belongs to me. Your mind belongs to me. Your body belongs to me.



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The session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Several count down/count up combination deepeners
  • Surrender/submission training
  • Mindlessness/powerlessness
  • Power exchange
  • Deep trance
  • Expert dominant hypnosis
  • Triggers: Bottomless, submit, sleep, sink
  • Arousal/post hypnotic masturbation
  • Background vocals and music
  • Whispers
  • Slave references
  • No wake command
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is one hour

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You Belong to Me
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4 reviews for You Belong to Me: Mistress Hypnosis for Erotic Masturbation & Submission

  1. guyinatrance

    i belong to Mistress Carol! The most deeply pleasurable hypnotic masterpiece, ever! my new favorite Mistress Carol hypnotic tour de force! my senses are alive with pleasure! Ecstatic with pleasure! Erotic hot pleasure! Highest recommendation!

  2. scmw

    This file has it all – deep trance, loss of identity, post hypnotic suggestions (even hours later…), and loss of resistance to Mistress Carol’s commands and control. Belonging to Mistress Carol means total submission to her desires. Thinking, saying and chanting “I belong to Mistress Carol” clears my mind , gets me aroused, and builds a desire to listen to her lovely voice immediately.

  3. kphaws-0660

    Mistress Carol’s voice is beautiful, firm and relentless in this powerful file. Seemingly conversational at the start, the subject is lulled into a light trance as Mistress Carol seductively outlines exactly how she will take control of your mind. The gorgeous fullness of her voice is impossible to resist. You are entranced before Mistress Carol’s innovative countdown begins. After which all memories of the trance disappear as you are dropped into a deep luxurious trance. With your mind wide open to her will Mistress Carol implants and trains you for almost an hour. The feelings and emotions are so glorious you would do anything, give anything to belong to this ethereal Goddess.

  4. Steven

    Mistress Carol perfectly defines Hypnotic Dominatrix in this session. This hour long session had me drifting down deeper each listen, with Mistress Carol in both my ears, she had me spinning up and down into trance with ease. She holds no punches in this session and shouldn’t be for faint of heart. She will take you down deeper and deeper as you will be helpless in her hypnotic words and embrace. She had me tightly wrapped in her hypnotic words all I could do was sleep for her. A must have for all!

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