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Erotic Hypnosis: The Ultimate Guide

In this ultimate guide to erotic hypnosis, you will learn all about what it is, why men enjoy it, what desires it fulfills, how to get the most from your erotic hypnosis experience and much more.

I am Mistress Carol.  I am a hypnosis professional and I’ve been creating erotic hypnosis sessions for more than ten years.  I am also a clinical hypnotherapist. More than 4,000 clients have enjoyed my erotic hypnosis recordings and my work is termed by many as the best on the Internet.

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is hypnosis with an added sexual component.  What does that mean? Hypnosis is a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which typical conscious boundaries are bypassed allowing the listener entry into the subconscious mind where limits do not exist.  Since limits do not exist, the subconscious can engage in all sorts of sexual desires and fantasies without conscious interference.

“Erotic hypnosis can involve hypnotic suggestions intended to increase arousal to create or enhance sexual pleasure in some cases involving “hands-free orgasms to produce new sensations to freeze partners in place or simulate bondage or to enhance roleplay with popular types of hypnotic roleplay.” – Erotic Hypnosis, Wikipedia

What is the difference between Erotic Hypnosis and Sexual Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis stimulates the listener’s mind to arouse the subject in a specific way, teasing, losing control, mental bondage, fantasy, etc.  Sexual hypnosis concentrates on stimulating the listener for the “after-session” pleasure to enhance the effects personal sexual gratification or a partner’s gratification.

What is the difference between Erotic Hypnosis and Sexual Therapy?

Erotic hypnosis sexually stimulates the mind and is designed to create arousal in the listener.  It is not considered therapy but entertainment (although you can feel really good afterwards).  Anyone can play in this playground with a little reading, practice and confidence.  Sexual therapy is psychotherapy and helps those with issues surrounding sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, and is administered by a trained therapist.

Who is Erotic Hypnosis for?

Everyone can enjoy erotic hypnosis and there are many different types of tis form of hypnosis made for many different types of people.  Personally, I focus primarily on erotic hypnosis for men.

Why do Men Enjoy This?

There are many reasons men enjoy this such as:

  • To help them to relax
  • To help them get turned on
  • To help them get off
  • To fulfill a fantasy
  • To have great orgasms
  • To enjoy eroticism
  • To lose control for awhile
  • To improve erections
  • To feel better

What have others said about My Hypnosis Experience?

“I love erotic hypnosis.  In Mistress Carol’s vivid imagination, she weaves the most wonderful experiences of fantasy and hypnosis I’ve ever encountered.”

“I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to trance with you.  You have given me the greatest comfort to be able to fully express this side of myself and I’m eager to submit as much as I can.  Your trances are the best I’ve experienced in over 10 years and they keep getting better and better.”

“I just want to let you know about the wonderful feelings of euphoria I experience when listening to you that I’ve never had before, during my 25 years of listening to erotic hypnosis.”

What are the advantages?

Erotic hypnosis fulfills the needs and desires of many listeners for many reasons.  Mentally, it’s a wonderful way to relax and get away from it all.  It quiets the mind and takes the listener to his/her favorite sexy place, leaving them feeling wonderful when trance is over.  Physically, erotic hypnosis can help those with erectile dysfunction or prostate issues.  Many listeners report the hardest erections they’ve had since their twenties and others with prostate issues can achieve an orgasm through the use of nipple play instead of penis stimulation.

What desires does Erotic Hypnosis fulfill?

Erotic hypnosis fulfills many desires, including:

  • Relaxation – Erotic hypnosis is very relaxing and many men use it for that reason alone. Stress and tension melt away and feeling better afterward is a primary benefit.
  • Submission/loss of control – I have many clients who have high-stress jobs and just want to get away from it all for a while. You don’t have to have a submissive personality to enjoy submitting to another and hypnosis is a great way to escape the pressures of daily life.
  • Sexual arousal – Erotic hypnosis is a fabulous way to get turned on and many men love the lasting feeling of arousal it provides long after listening.
  • Hands free orgasms – Yes. Hands free orgasms! The mind is a powerful thing and it can create both physical and mental orgasms in the listener by just listening to the hypnotist.
  • BDSM/Bondage/Strap on fantasies – This type of hypnosis is a great way to indulge in experiences that the listener may not have access to or money to engage in. Plug in your headphones and drift into a Mistress or Master’s dungeon for a little play time.  You can indulge any time you want.
  • Blow job fantasies – Close your eyes and listen. Let your mind do all the rest.
  • Feminization – Many listeners are attracted to feminization and might be held back due to culture, circumstances or relationships. This desire can be satisfied by just listening to an erotic hypnosis session.
  • Forced masturbation – Do you enjoy being told what to do? Many an explosive orgasm is had by just listening to a sexy hypnotist tell you how and when to do it.
  • Chastity – Hypnotic chastity is highly effective for those wanting someone else to control their orgasms.


Personally, my most popular recordings are deep trance and sexual arousal.  Overpowered and The Sex Sling are just a couple of examples of my recordings in these genres.  Of course, there are many, many more.

How is Erotic Hypnosis different from Audio Porn?

Being in hypnosis removes your inhibitions and puts you inside the experience.  Audio porn tells a story.  Erotic hypnosis is all about you inside your story.

Can you do this online?

Yes.  With Skype, Zoom, Discord and many other video applications, any type of hypnosis can be enjoyed online over distance.  Many erotic hypnotists do in-person sessions also, but unless you live in a popular city, it can be difficult to find the right one for you nearby.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about any COVID issues.

I am available for live online sessions.  I don’t personally do webcam because of the added cost for my time and within a few short minutes your eyes would be closed any way.  Visit me here Hypnosis Online to learn more about my services.  I also create many recordings that you can listen to at your own convenience.  Here are a few genres I enjoy:



You can also order a custom session and design it the way you want it.  Read more about my services here  CUSTOM EROTIC HYPNOSIS.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Yes.  Generally speaking, the subconscious mind is always aware of your safety and if anything said to you goes against your belief system or what you deem “safe”, you generally come out of trance.  But, I highly recommend you listen to reputable content creators who you trust and know won’t harm you in any way.

How do I get the most out of my Hypnosis session?

Have you heard the old saying “If you think you can do something or think you can’t do something, you’re right”?

Be positive when you listen to hypnosis and know that everyone can be hypnotized. However, everyone trances differently and hypnosis created for the general public isn’t a one size fits all.  Therefore, everyone’s tastes are different too.

Be sure to find someone you enjoy listening to who creates the kind of content you enjoy.  Establish rapport and trust with the hypnotist and let go to the experience.

If you think you can’t do it, you won’t.  So, have a positive attitude and be sure to listen when you are in a normal state of mind.  If you’ve had a really bad day at work, are angry about something, or feeling out of sorts, to fall into trance is not as easy as it would if you had a good frame of mind.

And it’s not magic.  It takes both individuals, the listener and the hypnotist, to create a positive result.  If you have trouble slowing your mind down during hypnosis, try deep breathing exercises beforehand, or repeat mantras in your mind to corral overactive thoughts such as “I adore Mistress Carol.” Choose whatever mantra you want and say it to yourself while you listen to the recording and this will encourage your thoughts to slow down.

Let go.  Have an open mind and enjoy the wonderful experiences and benefits you receive when listening to hypnosis.


Erotic hypnosis is a wonderful way to enhance your life, mentally and physically.  It can provide many outlets to your personal desires and kinks without breaking your bank or travelling long distances, as it is accessible online.

Erotic hypnosis makes you feel good.  It takes your tension away, clears your mind, and gives you powerful orgasms.

Take a listen.  See if it’s for you.  You might find an outlet for your desires you never knew existed.

You can try it for free at EROTIC HYPNOSIS FREE or browse my many recording categories here EROTIC HYPNOSIS RECORDINGS.  If you are interested in trying a live session online with me, see my services here HYPNOSIS ONLINE.

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Enjoy your adventures deep inside your own mind!

Mistress Carol

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