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Long deep trance.  Yes, you will indeed Vanish.

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Mistress Carol will knock you on your proverbial ass with this deep erotic hypnosis audio.  Once she’s inside your mind, she’ll make it hers, going so deep your body and mind both vanish leaving you with nothing but the ability to listen.  By the time she’s satisfied, you will be emptied, controlled, programmed and so extremely deeply hypnotized.  This is a MUST HAVE session for all deep trance lovers.  Be sure to leave plenty of recovery time.  You are going to need it with this hour-long deep trancing marvel.

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Body awareness removal
  • Trigger implantation
  • Trigger usage
  • Arousal suggestions
  • Memory loss
  • Background music and layered vocals
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Contains wake command
  • Session length is one hour three minutes

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4 reviews for Vanish

  1. escatalos (verified owner)

    On coming up from this trance, I could not believe that I had been under for over an hour. My next sensation was being worried by the fact that I could not remember my name, but that was only for a few seconds. No doubt about the power Mistress Carol has over me, I think, then. But what of the trance itself? I can remember nothing specific, only a sense of relaxing in submissive bliss.

  2. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    I just listened to Vanish yesterday. Or was it the day before yesterday? I honestly can’t recall.

    If there were a word to describe this session it would be “Perfection.” If someone were to ask me to describe my perfect type of trance, this would be it from start to finish. There is quite simply nothing better than the feeling of falling deep into trance for a beautiful, powerful, hypnotic woman. Well, Mistress Carol took me deep; very deep and then she took me deeper still to a point I didn’t think was possible.

    I am an extremely deep thinker; my mind is always active. And I mean always. Thoughts never stop coming into my head. The only thing that calms it down is listening to a beautiful female voice that puts me into deep hypnosis.

    I don’t remember much of the session other than when I started it was 10pm. I remember that Mistress was saying something about forgetting my name so I thought I’d be clever and say my name in my head to try and resist her. Wow, did Mistress show me who was in charge. Mistress ended my futile attempts at resisting her within seconds. Every time I thought I had reached a new depth she opened up the floor and I plunged further down. When it ended, I felt so unbelievably heavy and my mind was totally numb. For ages I sat there and gradually I tried to think. I tried so hard to remember my name, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t do it. The closest thing that came to my mind was, “Love.” Some time passed and slowly I began to move. When I finally felt able to stand up, I turned on the lights and walked out of the room. I glanced at the clock and the time read, 12.15am. “Wait,” I thought. “I’ve been sitting there for over an hour after the trance!”

    I think this is something I will want to experience over and over and over again and you will too. Mistress Carol’s voice is more irresistible than ever. Be warned: This is a supremely powerful mind and body control file!

  3. ajsvk73 (verified owner)

    Another beautiful haven, soft river of oblivion, a carefully built necklace of words for enchanting your mind.

    When you might try to think where you are or where you’re going then something in a remote lair of your mind tells you that you’re so far away, drifting in a dreamy void, that you’ve blissfully lost the sense of direction and don’t wanna return, you wanna stay in that dream with Mistress Carol.

  4. rowls_1981

    If you’re thinking of buying this hypnosis session then please don’t think for long. But beware: as soon as you listen you won’t be able to think at all anyway.

    It is one of the purest and most all-encompassing erotic hypnosis experiences you will ever discover. It ticks all the hypno-kink boxes: depth of trance, obedience, complete control of your mind, submission, helplessness, hypnotic amnesia, feeling blissed out… Mistress Carol doesn’t miss a single trick. I presume (but cannot remember) that there are post hypnotic suggestion(s) in this session too. I always awake at Mistress Carol’s command feeling horny and obedient and I need to go into hypnosis and serve Her more than ever before.

    It is simultaneously the most gentle and the most powerful hypnosis I have ever experienced and I say that as a lifelong hypno-fetishist. The induction is calm and relaxing. I can only assume Mistress Carol has laced it with triggers which my conscious mind is unaware of or somehow placed a multitude of subliminal instructions so you drop deeply and quickly into hypnosis for Her. After that, i can say no more: I remember nothing after 2 or 3 minutes. I fall completely under Mistress Carol’s control. I am easily and completely hypnotized by Her voice. I simply obey Her commands and follow Her instructions. I have zero ability to resists. I simply obey. It feels so good. It’s like an hour long mental orgasm of hypnotic control.

    This is REAL mind control hypnosis and it feels like heaven to be so deeply, expertly and easily put completely under Mistress Carol’s hypnotic spell. There simply isn’t any other hypno-Domme out there with the skill and ability to create hypnosis like this. Thank You Mistress Carol for turning fantasy into reality.

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