Senseless: Erotic Slave Training Deep Trance

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Becoming Senseless for Mistress Carol is heavenly.

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In this erotic slave training session, Mistress Carol will slowly hypnotize you until you are senseless, mindless, all control gone as your awareness diminishes and you fall into a deep hypnotic trance.

The Queen of erotic hypnosis, Mistress Carol, beacons you into this dark spell, on this Erotic Slave Training, removing your awareness, as your physical body and all your senses seek away.

You will become senseless, her hypnotic trancer, your erotic dancer, as she leads you deeper into her bottomless trance: no thoughts, no sensations, no awareness, mindless and senseless, as you float amidst the dark clouds of forever.

Erotic Slave Training

Sleep deep my erotic trancer, and step into the gathering gloom of nevermore, as light fades to darkness deep and removes the colors from the night, turns to grey mist deep in the subconscious, the illusion becomes your senseless reality.

You are lost in nevermore… Never reaching the end, no thoughts, only illusions, now senseless and free.

Escape to the darkness of grey nothingness and float now on the sea of eternity. Sink into oblivion, the mindless void, where all the edges of reality waver like ghosts in the ether, as you lose yourself, your mind, your senses into nevermore.

Lights dimmed to grey nothingness, you float in deep empty space, senseless, an echo chamber of mindfulness oblivion until the end of days.

Be prepared to give yourself time for recovery after trance. Your senseless mind will need it.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Awareness removal
  • Control removal
  • Mindlessness
  • New hypnotic trigger word installation
  • Hypnotic trigger word usage
  • Slow recovery
  • Senselessness
  • Contains wake command
  • Metronome
  • Background vocals/whispers
  • Background music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 50:53

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1 review for Senseless: Erotic Slave Training Deep Trance

  1. kphaws-0660

    Mistress Carol has produced a wonderfully ingenious trance. Senseless is a deep trance file, but unlike many deep trance files Senseless eases the subject into trance. Slowly, softly easing the listener into relaxation and ultimately trance. After some sneaky progressive relaxation you start to fall and continue to fall throughout into a deliciously deep state, giving all to and accepting anything from the exquisite lips of your elegant Goddess. In this state somehow Mistress Carol manipulates the subjects mind to remove and add senses. Memories of how this occurs are lost to me, but the feelings of complete control are unforgettable and profound. This unique trance is a work of art that you must have in your Mistress Carol collection.

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