Senseless: Erotic Slave Training Deep Trance

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Becoming Senseless for Mistress Carol is heavenly.

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In this erotic slave training session, Mistress Carol will slowly hypnotize you until you are senseless, mindless, all control gone as your awareness diminishes and you fall into a deep hypnotic trance.

The Queen of erotic hypnosis, Mistress Carol, beacons you into this dark spell, on this Erotic Slave Training, removing your awareness, as your physical body and all your senses seek away.

You will become senseless, her hypnotic trancer, your erotic dancer, as she leads you deeper into her bottomless trance: no thoughts, no sensations, no awareness, mindless and senseless, as you float amidst the dark clouds of forever.

Erotic Slave Training

Sleep deep my erotic trancer, and step into the gathering gloom of nevermore, as light fades to darkness deep and removes the colors from the night, turns to grey mist deep in the subconscious, the illusion becomes your senseless reality.

You are lost in nevermore… Never reaching the end, no thoughts, only illusions, now senseless and free.

Escape to the darkness of grey nothingness and float now on the sea of eternity. Sink into oblivion, the mindless void, where all the edges of reality waver like ghosts in the ether, as you lose yourself, your mind, your senses into nevermore.

Lights dimmed to grey nothingness, you float in deep empty space, senseless, an echo chamber of mindfulness oblivion until the end of days.

Be prepared to give yourself time for recovery after trance. Your senseless mind will need it.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Awareness removal
  • Control removal
  • Mindlessness
  • New hypnotic trigger word installation
  • Hypnotic trigger word usage
  • Slow recovery
  • Senselessness
  • Contains wake command
  • Metronome
  • Background vocals/whispers
  • Background music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 50:53

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7 reviews for Senseless: Erotic Slave Training Deep Trance

  1. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    This file began with one of Mistress’ favorite tools, namely the metronome. Combined with Her voice swirling from one ear to the other, I felt myself sinking quickly into a very relaxed state of being. Mistress’ casual conversation to start this hypnotic adventure put me at ease immediately thereby ensuring that all tensions were washed away very quickly. By the end of the induction, I was already in what I felt was a very deep hypnotic sleep. Mistress, of course, was only getting warmed up for what was to come.

    Soon, Mistress made me become aware of my various senses by bringing vivid memories to the forefront of my mind. First, sight. Then, smell. Then, taste. Then, touch and finally, sound. Gradually and very effectively She made each one simply disappear, as if by magic. In doing so each subsequent sense became heightened. More importantly as each sense slowly vanished from my awareness, Mistress dropped me deeper into the depths of an incredible trance. I was to learn that Mistress would create a new sense within me. One that I had no idea was possible. She then created a new trigger which She used repeatedly further to deepen my trance. This is one that will likely be used in the future to drop me instantly into an even deeper state of mindlessness than, “Sink.”

    The use of language is very important. It is clear from Her use of words and how She describes the various senses of the body, that Mistress puts a lot of effort into research for Her files. It is particularly noticeable in this file. It’s funny because despite Mistress saying that She wanted me to remember this file, it didn’t make it any easier to gather my thoughts in order to try and write a review.

    After Mistress allowed me to wake, and despite feeling very groggy, I was left with a thought that swirled around and around in my mind; I am aware of how deeply Mistress Carol controls me.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    I wish I could tell you more but I cant remember much after the initial induction. Mistress Carol has created another masterpiece that makes Senseless a excellent addition to your library. When I awoke, I was foggy, heavy and completely hers and I love it.

  3. barbi366 (verified owner)

    Senseless is a wonderful example of Mistress Carol’s use of her seductive voice and conversational but absolutely compelling tone.

    Ultimately, the recording is a very deep trance experience, but depth is gained gradually through an extended and effective conversational induction that is reinforced well into the recording with some familiar triggers. The journey is deeply relaxing. After taking the subject deep, Mistress Carol allows the listener to gain greater and greater focus upon the Seductress’ presence within us through the sequential removal of focus on various senses and the transfer of that focus to her voice and authority.

    The underlying lesson of the recording is how powerfully and positively Mistress Carol is able to affect us. For me, the recovery from the trance state was slow, primarily because of a desire to stay at the depth to which Mistress Carol guides us.

  4. escatalos

    Our senses are the means by which we become aware of, and interact with, the world around us. In this trance, Mistress Carol begins by taking the listener very deep, before gradually shutting down those senses which connect us to the real world. The result is that the only sense left is that which makes the listener aware of Mistress Carol’s ability to control their mind; and concentrating on that sense alone takes the listener deeper into trance and deeper into deeper submission. There is no instruction to forget anything in this trance, so no possibility that I will lose my awareness of the control Mistress Carol has over my mind.

  5. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    I don’t want to give away too many details, but I had to share my experience with you on this file.

    I have listened to enough Mistress Carol files to know that I have to start of naked, so of course I was when I pressed play.

    The metronome in the background started right away. Usually it starts half way through and that just serves to deepen the trance. Having it start right away was a very intense feeling. The metronome always impacts me with the overwhelming urge to stroke to the beat. This file turned up the arousal level right from the beginning.

    The first “surrender” had me lost, dazed, and deep under control.

    Mistress Carol than strips away each one of the senses, although to be honest, I didn’t hear clearly how and what happened for each.

    – Sight – was easy since my eyes were closed from the beginning, so the sounds around were much more intense. Using the snap, drop and sink, I was lost. I didn’t notice much more after that.

    – Smell – I don’t recall anything about this sense, so I will have to listen again to see where and how you removed this.

    – Taste – just describing the “pleasures” one can have with this sense had my mouth watering. I especially like the salty comment, which got me thinking of one of my favorite files of yours “Slurp”

    – Touch – this sense just about had me lose it. I have listened to your file “Touch It”, and every time you mentioned Touch, that trigger came back and the pleasure of touching myself was too much to bear.

    – Sound – the sense of hearing. All awareness faded and only your voice and the metronome was there. I heard what was being said, but didn’t have any control on what was going on. The “touch” and the metronome were still active though, but had no idea or feeling of what was happening.

    The new sense that grew – The Carol Sense grew and the desire to be controlled was overwhelming. The new trigger of “Bottomless” together with the snap put a whole new perspective on my trancing and obedience. I couldn’t wait to hear a new command that I would be able to obey quickly.

    Before I knew it the count up was happening. I had to spend several minutes recouping before I could return to fully functionality.

    I felt really wonderful when I woke, very foggy and not clear headed, but felt quite enjoyable. This file is a must have if you are a Mistress Carol Junkie. If you have listened to any of the above files, this file will add to the intensity felt during those, but if not, it is a stand alone file that you will definitely enjoy having a new found “sense”

  6. Hugh

    This session is a perfect demonstration of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic skills – one that leaves you realizing just how deep she can take you in hypnosis – and then take you even deeper.

    Mistress Carol slowly guides you into a trance, where your senses are hypnotically disabled, one by one, except the ability to listen to her irresistible voice. You are taken into a very deep trance, and a new trigger is installed in your compliant and receptive subconscious mind for Mistress to use whenever she pleases. When the new trigger is exercised, you are left with no doubt about her ability to take you even deeper into hypnosis with a single word and the snap of her fingers.

    This is a delicious and compelling session!

  7. kphaws-0660

    Mistress Carol has produced a wonderfully ingenious trance. Senseless is a deep trance file, but unlike many deep trance files Senseless eases the subject into trance. Slowly, softly easing the listener into relaxation and ultimately trance. After some sneaky progressive relaxation you start to fall and continue to fall throughout into a deliciously deep state, giving all to and accepting anything from the exquisite lips of your elegant Goddess. In this state somehow Mistress Carol manipulates the subjects mind to remove and add senses. Memories of how this occurs are lost to me, but the feelings of complete control are unforgettable and profound. This unique trance is a work of art that you must have in your Mistress Carol collection.

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