Endless: Deep Hypnotic Trance Hypnotrance

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Around and around you go into deeper endless trance.

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In Endless: Deep Hypnotic Trance, you will fall into the deepest hypnotic trance you have ever experienced. This trance is unbreakable, too powerful to resist, as your mind spins around in spirals going deeper, deeper, deepest.

You have entered the infinite, the limitless, the never-ending endless space of emptiness, deep empty space, as you experience the deepest of deep hypnotic trance.

Deep Hypnotic Trance

Mistress Carol weaves a spell of sound around you, a haunting, chanting spell, summoning you mind deep inside. You float in the ethereal of nothingness, dancing deeper with the darkness, that overpowers your mind, you very being.

Abandon all that is not me and join me as we twirl and swirl and spiral deeper and deeper down into the never-ending abyss, freeing of your mind to explore the depths of your surrender as you enter the misty void of deep mindless hypnosis.

You are free now, free to fall deeply, wild and free, free to fall into this deep hypnotic trance, surrendering to your hypnotic Goddess.

Surrendering in this endless journey into the depths of extreme hypnotic pleasure.  a whirlpool of emptiness, this endless trance, breathless, you fall completely. Inside the abyss of Deep Hypnotic Trance.

This mind blowing mind f*ck takes you deeper with each listen, around and around your mind in this endless loop of deeper and deeper trance, a whirlpool of emptiness and helplessness created by your own desires. The deeper you fall, the more you want it. Aroused, empty, controlled. Do you dare listen to the extended version? At your own risk, of course.

With your purchase you will receive two sessions, ENDLESS which is 36 minutes of pure mindless bliss and an extended version of ENDLESS that has been looped four times for a longer experience in mindless bliss.
This session features:
  • Two electronic Mp3 downloads
  • Loopable sessions for extended listening
  • Deep mindless trance
  • Arousal suggestions
  • Background whispers
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • No wake command
  • ENDLESS is 36 minutes. ENDLESS extended version is 2 hours 24 minutes.


4 reviews for Endless: Deep Hypnotic Trance Hypnotrance

  1. Ben

    The extended version of this is great for looping before bed as it is simply an endless trance that you cannot resist, that you don’t want to resist. The groove that it creates inside your brain becomes deeper, numbing your brain. The sweet background whispers draw you down deeper and deeper into the dance with Mistress Carol as you abandon all that is not her. You tumble and twirl deeper & deeper into the never-ending abyss.

    While not overtly sexual near the end your arousal is tweaked a bit and then if you are listening to the extended version or have it on repeat…. it all just continues in an endless enjoyable trance. Brilliant!

  2. Giles

    One of Mistress Carol’s best sessions for looping at night – it’s so easy to lose yourself and doing so feels amazing!

  3. Luke

    This session is very good at getting you lost in Mistress Carols words, the way she speaks in this session it’s like she wants you to never stop listening an leave it on repeat!

    Every time I listen to this file stand-alone I just want to listen to it again but the best experience I’ve had with it has been to play the extended edition with the repeat setting on just before I go to bed, it always does a great job of relaxing me and spicing up any dreams I may have.

  4. rowls_1981

    This hypnosis spins and whirls your mind round. As it’s a loop rather than a traditional session, I can’t recall a specific induction and yet it’s as if it is one continuous induction which spirals around and around.
    It’s like putting your mind through a spiralizer and having your consciousness spun into thin air. It gave me the sensation of constant falling and spinning deeper and deeper under Mistress Carol’s control.
    It’s an exceedingly pleasurable experience too – thank you Mistress Carol!

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