Erotic Humiliation Fantasy

Imagine this…

You come to Mistress Carol… Your Goddess… because you crave to undergo erotic humiliation… in a fantasy of your own desires.

erotic humiliation

Where you are treated like an object, no better than the dirt beneath her shoes.

Or a cheap slut boy who needs to be erotically exposed and verbally punished in front of a group of faceless strangers.

Or, perhaps you crawl naked like a worm on her dungeon floor, groveling at her feet.

Does the thought of being emasculated turn you on?

When she tells you how weak and pitiful your penis is, how it could never satisfy HER.

And, she locks it away in cock cage, hiding its hideousness from her sight.

Do you yearn for the sharp bite of her tongue that leaves a verbal sting on your ego and breaks it down bit by bit until you are only putty in her hands?

Ready to be remolded?

If so, then these erotic humiliation fantasies just may be for you.

Be forewarned: Humiliation sessions at Erotic Hypnosis for Men are milder than many you find elsewhere.  Mistress can be sharp with her tongue, but she wants to build her boys up, not degrade them too harshly.

Humiliation is used to arouse your desires.

Mistress Carol uses erotic humiliation techniques and deep sensual hypnosis to arouse you beyond measure.

She’s a Mistress.  There is no question you are beneath her in every way.  You want to acknowledge it, feel it, know you can never compare to your Goddess.

Enter into Mistress’s dungeon.

Where her harsh words create tingling arousal deep inside of your mind.

It makes you ache for more of her delicious torment.

Come now…

She’s waiting for you.

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