Femdom Worship: How to Please Mistress Carol

femdom worship

Mistress Carol enjoys femdom worship via gifts of adoration and gratitude.

Femdom Worship is a practice in the world of BDSM, involves an act of submission by a slave/subject/submissive to show adoration to his Dominatrix as part of their service to her. Femdom worship is an enjoyable act for a submissive who gets to please their Mistress through ritual acts of devotion as well as tasks that show obedience and loyalty.

You may please your Mistress, through gifts, tips, as well as shopping excursions! You can do this all online, making it an easy way to worship your Mistress Carol, and make her feel like a spoiled Goddess! There are so many wonderful ways to show your adoration!

Show Your Devotion to Femdom Worship by sending Mistress Carol a Birthday Gift!

Her birthday is July 1st! Make her birthday special!

“I receive messages from my enthusiasts asking what they can do for me or what they can do to please me.  Of course, I enjoy your imagination and inventiveness in completing tasks or offerings to and for me and I ADORE surprises. But, if you need some ideas to spur that imagination of yours, I have created a list below.  Make yourself useful and stand out above the rest.”–Mistress Carol

Gifts may be sent to Ms. Carol, 3450 Palmer Drive #4, PMB 238, Cameron Park, CA 95682.

Gifts for Mistress Carol

Mistress Carol has a wish list at Amazon.com containing items she desires that fit a variety of budgets.  Want to please your Mistress?  Send a nice thoughtful gift that you can afford.  It makes her day and puts a nice smile on her face.  Not sure what to send?  Send an Amazon.com gift card or to one of her favorite online stores.  She uses them often.

Ways to Show Your

Ways to Show Your Devotion to Femdom Worship to Mistress Carol Include:

gift card

Buy Amazon Gift Card Buy Costco Card Buy Ultra Beauty Card Buy Total Wine Card

Other Ways to Please Mistress Carol

Give a Gratuity Be of Service Leave a Review
femdom worship femdom worship

Tip for Femdom Worship!

You can please your Mistress by offering her a heartfelt contribution via a tip to so her how much you appreciate what she does for you through Femdom Worship!

Leave Her a Tip HERE!

The more money your Mistress receives via tips, the more motivated she is to make more erotic hypnosis content for YOU. Show your devotion to Mistress Carol in the form of a lovely generous tip to show her the extent of your Femdom Worship, and become her favorite pet!

Femdom Worship: Leave a Review!

Leave a heartfelt review at EroticHypnosisforMen.com.  Listen to your favorite session then, if your mind will allow, write a few comments or feelings about it and post a review.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy or perfectly written.  Write what you feel or what I made you feel during the session you enjoyed. She loves reading your reviews.

Follow Mistress Carol on Twitter

Post promotional tweets on Twitter.  Mistress Carol has large presence on Twitter and she loves to see happy postings about their devotion to her or the fun they are having with her sessions.  Follow Mistress Carol on Twitter at @MistressC1

Send An Email

Send her a devotional email.  Be sure to read the article First Contact at MistressCarol.com if you are unsure of how to approach her.  Tell her about your experience with her sessions or how you feel about her.  Mistress Carol truly enjoys hearing from her followers.

Join Mistress Carol’s Loyal Fans Membership!

Join Mistress Carol’s Member’s Only Loyal Fans community for special VIP content posted nowhere else. Enjoy live chats and trances for subscribers only. 


Mistress Carol is a highly trained professional and this is her business.  She has no patience for time wasters.

Can’t afford to indulge in this luxury?  Move on and find something else to do.