Praise for Mistress Carol


Thank you for visiting Erotic Hypnosis For Men, the home of one of the internet’s finest and sexiest hypnotists, Mistress Carol.

Mistress Carol is a Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist… an expert in controlling your mind and taking you deep into the sexy experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy.  Her sessions have been termed some of the best in the industry by many and her sexy controlling voice will allow you to let go and enjoy the deep surrender of hypnotic submission.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Check out these amazing testimonials and praise from her admirers, clients and customers.

Thank you!

"It is obvious that you truly care about your subjects, their well-being and experiences. Moreover, I can trust that there will not be any unwelcome hidden suggestions in any of your files. You are very upfront and honest about everything. I can trance without worry and still be surprised by the triggers or sensations contained Continue Reading

Your voice overwhelms me

"With you I feel extraordinarily safe and comfortable. I also feel very weak and helpless starting immediately when i hear the sound of your voice. It is like I'm standing at the top of a diving board, tons of anticipation, excitement and thrill. And then I put the headphones on, step off the edge, and Continue Reading

I love Mistress Carol’s hypnosis

"I love Mistress Carol’s hypnosis and vivid imagination. Her voice weaves the most wonderful experiences of fantasy and hypnosis I’ve ever encountered."

So Grateful

“Mistress Carol, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to trance with you. You have given me the greatest comfort to be able to fully express this side of myself and I’m eager to submit as much as I can to your hypnotic control. I love becoming your submissive Continue Reading

I belong to you

"Your latest series of hypnosis sessions (Now!, Submit and You Belong to Me) have sent me spiraling over the edge and to new depths of trance and subconscious submission. I can barely keep my eyes open for a few seconds whenever I listen. My mind blanks out equally quickly and I find myself deep in Continue Reading


"I am so enthralled with Mistress Carol's melodic voice. I could trance listening to her read the phone book. Sublime professional recordings by the best of the best."

Dear Wonderful Mistress

I just wanted to reiterate Mistress Carol you are the most wonderful, caring, loving, skilled and beautiful Mistress that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  You inspire and draw out the best in your submissive Mistress carol and your level of professionalism and dedication to the perfection of your craft is without equal Continue Reading

The Best

Mistress Carol, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to trance with you. You have given me the greatest comfort to be able to fully express this side of myself and I’m eager to submit as much as I can to your hypnotic control. I love becoming your submissive Continue Reading

Hypnotic Brilliance

Dear Mistress Carol, I wish to offer my humble congratulations on the brilliance of your work and your amazing domination. Thank you for recognizing my submissive needs, and being my Mistress. Your custom session, Metamorphosis, is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Its potency, efficacy, and sheer eroticism are completely undeniable. It is everything I Continue Reading

Your Slave

Mistress Carol is my Obsession. I adore You my Goddess. I'm very grateful You enslaved me. You programmed me and now I can't resist your Will anymore. At the beginning I was only curious about hypnosis then I discovered You, the Divine, Beautiful and Powerful Mistress Carol. My world changed after my first session even Continue Reading

Gold Standard

Dear Mistress Carol; Your recordings are the best and they just keep getting better and better. There is not false advertising with your product. You DELIVER. Your trigger words constantly run thru my mind 24/7. I am hooked and addicted to your voice and your beauty. You are the Gold Standard of HYPNODOMMES. I desire Continue Reading

On a Pedestal

Because You're such a fine and commanding HypnoDomme we sometimes place You on a pedestal. It's where You belong, of course, but it does sometimes lend us to neglect what makes You truly brilliant - Your humanity. So many Dommes out there would not have had the courage to share what You did and their Continue Reading

Dreaming of You

You have made my deepest fantasy come true, Mistress Carol. I have become the hypnotically controlled boy that I always dreamed of becoming. I am yours to command and to control, to instruct and to play with. My only desire is to please you and to continue my training to become a perfectly submissive boy Continue Reading

Mindless and loving it!

Dear Mistress Carol, I surrender, I submit, I obey, your voice and your eyes put me in a state of mindlessness. When I listen to your files my body turns into  quivering, drooling, trembling flesh. My mind is obliterated. My brain is transformed into obedience and love. No man can resist you once he falls Continue Reading

With love and devotion

Dear Mistress Carol, I am most grateful to you for taking such care in your craft, and for the transformation that is underway.  I do not know where this road leads but it is so far filled with pleasure and reward.  I look forward to sharing this road with you for a long time.  It Continue Reading

Online Hypnosis

Dear Mistress Carol, Thank you for a special 60 minutes. You truly took me. I responded so well to your voice, every time you said go deeper I felt it instantly. I hope you could tell how well I responded. You were made for hypnosis, such a beautiful melodic voice, its too sweet, too seductive Continue Reading

I want more

Mistress Carol is amazing.  Her skills are unmatched and what she did to me I've wanted for so long. On her silky voice I fell, I wanted to fall, I wanted to give in, give her anything and follow her anywhere. I will.  I will continue to listen to this Hypnotic Goddesses voice and follow Continue Reading

Thank you Mistress

Thank you Mistress Carol from the bottom of my heart for the service You provide and for being so glitteringly brilliant! i have to pinch myself to think that i've become so deeply hypnotized and i'm not even sure if i'm acting under hypnosis right now. i'll be ready and waiting to fall into hypnosis Continue Reading

Internet’s Premiere HypnoDomme

Mistress Carol is, in my opinion, the internet’s premiere hypnodomme. She wields her voice with years of practiced skill, flowing like a silken scarf wrapping around your mind; and before long even the gentlest tug pulls you down into the deepest trances and most erotic fantasies imaginable. Her sessions are all produced to the highest Continue Reading

My Appreciation

Dear Mistress Carol: This is a simple letter of appreciation.  I wanted to thank you for the excellent recordings that you have published over the past years, several of which I have purchased and have given repeat listen to.  The pacing of your inductions and the creativity of them are superb.  They are invariably effective.  The Continue Reading