Down Boy, Up

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So deep, yet so aroused.

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Slowly and sensually Mistress Carol will seduce your mind with suggestions of deep trance in your left ear and suggestions of extreme arousal in your right ear. With voices blending your mind will be unable to resist the confusion and will surrender quickly and easily to deep trance. In this helpless state, she will stimulate you mercilessly in both mind and body causing you to be her hardened specimen when you wake.Her male arousal triggers work like that “little blue pill”.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Deep trance suggestions
  • Intense arousal suggestions
  • Contains profanity
  • Obedience/surrender/submission
  • Trigger word usage
  • Background music and vocals
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Contains wake command
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 28:45


7 reviews for Down Boy, Up

  1. Rotion (verified owner)

    My arousal is at the mercy of Mistress Carol and this session is undeniable proof of that.

    Believe me, just hearing her voice has such an effect to heighten your arousal, even if you don’t focus on becoming horny. She’s just that seductive and her voice is so powerful. Mistress Carol is remarkable at creating erotic trances, so it stands to reason that this is a phenomenal session in which will leave you aching and in awe afterwards. Not to mention, this is a trance that utilizes 2 different tracks in each ear which makes it even better and that much more mind blowing.

  2. daniel_97 (verified owner)

    Try to resist, but know: It is impossible!

    Ms. Carol uses all her skills and takes your arousal to a new peak. Tease and Denial and at the end you are a horny mess…..also the day after. So be careful and don’t buy this file…but we both know, you will.

    She already gets you into real, hard bliss…even before you know it.

  3. papillon090 (verified owner)

    My libido is completely under Mistress Carol‘s control. Pulsating more with any finger snap.
    Mistress Carol’s voice easily hypnotizes and controls me.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    This is effective from the start, Mistress does not waste time, both ears are hit with her gorgeous voices creating instant arousal with deep craving to submit! Perfect for the somewhat shorter length.

  5. John

    This session hit me right away. While usually, there is an induction phase before the more erotic parts, this one starts immediately with a relaxing voice in my left ear and arousing suggestions in my right ear. It turned me on so much. It was such a beautiful feeling throughout the whole session and kept on going and going. Mistress Carol just didn’t stop teasing.

    It was pure bliss.

  6. Slave Michael

    With just her beautiful voice Mistress Carol has the ability to put me in such a high level of arousal. This is an incredible session that will leave you so aroused, so horny, and so hard. Just thinking about this session is making my cock hard!

  7. rowls_1981

    I tried to resist Mistress Carol’s hypnosis when i listened to this session. What happened? It was simple: I cannot resist Mistress Carol’s hypnosis. Mistress Carol easily hypnotizes and controls me.
    If you are well conditioned to Mistress Carol’s voice, you won’t stand a chance – She will take you down into hypnosis whether or not you try to resist.
    If you’re newer to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis – this is a very pleasurable and sexy trance that welds your arousal to your submission and binds your submission to your arousal.
    I fell hard and deep and it was bliss.

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