Submit! You Will Submit to Mistress Slave, In Complete Surrender

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Falling under her spell.  You want to stay there forever.

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Submit to Mistress

In this erotic hypnosis audio session, Submit to Mistress, you will SUBMIT!

You have come here of your own free will to be my helpless slave, a true submissive, powerless as you surrender, naked before me, head bowed in submission and obedience.

You will SUBMIT!

The desire in you to submit to me is so strong you cannot ignore it any longer and all your days and nights and hours and seconds are wrapped up in thoughts of how you can serve me in ultimate submission.

You long to feel the powerlessness of my complete embrace, slave, weak and surrendering, and smell the lingering caress of leather against your nostrils. My voice weaves its magic into your mind, your heartbeat quickens, as I take you down, down, down into the BDSM dungeon below.

You yearn to be taken, to be skillfully trained in the art of submission by your sensual Mistress who will teach you mindless obedience. Your heart beats wilder as your pleasure grows, expands, in a mindless trance.

The door to the dungeon opens and your cock stands hard and erect, as you see your Mistress Carol on her throne before you, her thigh high boots, reeking of leather and authority. You bow down before her as commanded, On Your Knees!, and crawl your way to her feet, where you can worship her sleek leather boots with your lips and tongue.

The smell of the leather is intoxicating and fills your senses, as you the feel of the warm, soft leather beneath your lips, the smell her perfume, the scent of her flesh.

You long to be her obedient slave in every way, to have Mistress Carol’s collar snug around your neck in ownership, in extreme submission, yearning to be enslaved and enchanted by her in the deepest trance you have ever experienced.

You will SUBMIT!


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Originally a commissioned session, read the happy listener’s comments below.

“Thank you for making me feel how irresistibly delightful it is to submit to Mistress Carol. The session is fabulous. I love it. All of it, from start to end, the deep hypnosis, the dungeon, the programming, the brainwashing, my enchanted submission to Mistress Carol and the powerful trigger word making my mind and body to respond wonderfully. I did not imagine that it could be possible tomake it so good.  Brilliant, thank you Mistress Carol.”

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Stairs/Countdown induction
  • Multilayered vocal tracks
  • Trigger usage
  • Boots, gloves, leather references
  • Collared and leashed
  • Contains slave references and profanity
  • Feminine domination
  • Heavy submission training
  • Sound effects
  • Trigger placement and training
  • Mantras
  • No wake command
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is one hour
  • Post hypnotic suggestions

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9 reviews for Submit! You Will Submit to Mistress Slave, In Complete Surrender

  1. Richard

    i submit to Mistress Carol.

    Most of the time i trance at bedtime and fade in/out during the listening experience, sometimes remembering virtually nothing. i had the opportunity to trance with “Submit” today in the afternoon with a full nights sleep last night. It really is a masterpiece.

    i found myself agreeing with everything Mistress Carol said just naturally without thought. The imagery was very powerful and stimulating. Even though the generic slave form of address was used, it was clear you were talking directly to me.

    Virtually obeying your commands was much more stimulating than anticipated. i don’t often provide comments on your work, so you can see this was an exceptional experience destined for multiple lucid listening. Please keep creating this quality for your devotees.

    PS loving your loyal fans site!

  2. pp.vaooa (verified owner)

    Do you want to be a better slave for Mistress Carol? Do you long to please and obey her? Do you yearn for her control? Is the joy of submitting to Mistress more fully sometimes overwhelming?

    If you feel one or more of those, or similar, feelings, then this should become a session you will enthusiastically repeat often. … very often. Hmmm?

    If you don’t have any of those feelings, go ahead – get this session. Be prepared to start having them.

  3. scmw

    Submit! Again and again and again and … extremely powerful spell that this file has put on me. Crave Mistress Carol’s voice and control over and over. I can’t get enough of the bliss I feel from belonging to her and I desire to be completely in her domain.

  4. Hugh

    In this slave’s humble opinion, this is one of Mistress Carol’s best deep trance sessions.

    I have listened to this session multiple times, but still have only vague memories of the session. Each time I slip easily into hypnosis, guided by Mistress Carol’s seductive voice to the point I am very deeply hypnotized. Then Mistress Carol takes me deeper and deeper into a sublime state of mindlessness … an exquisite mix of deep hypnosis, pleasure, and arousal.

    The feeling of being programmed and conditioned by Mistress Carol in this state is beyond words … I simply allow Her words to flow into my subconscious, knowing that I am being trained to be a better slave for Mistress. At some point, Mistress Carol begins to use the trigger, and I find myself automatically quivering with pleasure each time She uses the trigger … I submit to Mistress Carol without question or hesitation.

    When I finally wake from the session, I find myself highly aroused and wanting to surrender completely to this wonderfully skilled hypnotist.

  5. A loyal and adoring slave

    Mistress is just the absolute best at what She does. Its hard to explain/understand what She is doing but I know She is talking to me, taking me to deliciously ecstatic places, mindlessly obedient, aroused places. I feel completely enveloped by Her sensual magic and know there is NOTHING I wouldn’t do if She asked me to. Words fail me but the best I can come up with is blissful arousal, ecstatic, wonderful, sensual, joy. I feel as if She has taken over my complete being and, at the same time, feel as if I am suspended in Her warm, loving yet controlling embrace. Absolutely delectable! I love, worship, adore and submit to Mistress.

  6. Nico

    Submit was another step in my submissive training by Mistress Carol. This new Submit File (yes there was already one – Mistress Carol fans know that) is so unbelievable. I listened to this file one time and afterward I’m compelled to listen to it again and again. Mistress Carol again seduces you with her soft and velvet voice. She lets you know the achievement of the file: To become Mistress Carols submissive slave. In this trance you are visiting Mistress Carol. She binds you to her so that you cannot runaway or resist her. On her leash you can only follow her. You want to kneel in front of Mistress Carol and you will.

    There are so many echoes and voices telling you what to do. And so you submit to Mistress Carol more and more. You will surrender completely. It feels so good. I still feel it. I want to listen and listen to this file again. The button to send out this review reminds me of this too. Because it says: Submit!

  7. slave Royale

    Submit, serve, surrender, obey – these are some of the main feelings that I wake up with and then continue on within me after I listen to this excellent hypnotic work of art by the very skilled HypnoDomme Mistress Carol.

    For someone who cannot remember too many details of a hypnosis session, I try to describe my reviews what I feel during the sessions. I ordered this session with the hope of continuing my submissive slave training for Mistress. I believe that it definitely delivered on that part and so much more. “Submit” has taken me to a whole new level of submissive feelings that are bubbling up in me and molding me hopefully to be that better slave that I want to be for Mistress Carol. With repeat listening, I hope to sincerely become a better submissive slave who belongs to Her.

    I love the vision of serving my Mistress in Her special room and on my knees as Her slave as She commands me. My only thought is to obey my Mistress and it is all for Her pleasure first. The powerful hypnosis training continues and totally enjoyable all throughout this session. As always, I love the deep relaxing hypnotic trance that is always included with Her sessions. She has the power to completely turn off my over-active mind and I love it and very thankful.

    This session is even so much better as a personalized version. It is truly a privilege and blessing for me to be allowed to experience the wonderful hypnosis by Mistress Carol. I love, love, love this session. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  8. kphaws-0660

    Submit is the file that changed me forever. Previously, I enjoyed Mistress Carol’s hypnosis and domination. It was a sexy enjoyable thrill. After Submit Mistress Carol became the most important person in my world. Submit blurs the lines between hypnosis, arousal and submission, it blurs the line between waking and hypnosis, your focus is to submit to this most alluring Goddess. Using her gorgeous voice, Mistress Carol lures the listener in. Then as a powerful leather dominatrix deeply hypnotizes her subject. Now properly conditioned, the brainwashing begins. All sense of self is lost as submission to Mistress Carol becomes everything. Arousal, hypnosis, submission meld with domination and brainwashing until submission to Mistress Carol in and out of hypnosis is all that matters. And it all feels so…….good. You will do anything, you will give everything to maintain this feeling. The good news is that through triggers and post-hypnotic suggestion the feelings remain. Mistress Carol know how to treat her obedient pets and the love her for it.

  9. Remzey

    This is definitely a complicated trance that works so many different angles. It pulls you deep and trains you to reach deeper trances more effectively. While also trying to instill a deep and strong submission to Mistress Carol. I found definitely i was able to reach better trances after more uses of this file. The biggest improvement came from learning to give in and let it take you without expectations. Definitely something to help you learn to submit and give you a taste of all the rest to come.

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