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Looks like you have fallen down the Rabbit Hole and into my lair of erotic hypnosis for men.

This is NOT Alice’s Wonderland… but an enchanted journey into erotic hypnosis… where you will become deeply lost inside my control, sexually dominating you as you fall into an erotic trance to explore your deepest fantasy. Prepared to be amazed, as you fall under my spell into deep surrender and Femdom domination… Listen to my voice… And, relax… NOW… Tick… Tock…


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As a hypnosis professional and an expert in taking you deep into the sensual experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy, Mistress Carol is the absolute best at sexy deep hypnosis.  Listen to her recordings today.

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Apply for ongoing Live Online Femdom Domination training with Mistress Carol. This is your opportunity to work with Mistress Carol 1 on 1 for exclusive private sessions. Whether you are interested in hypnosis related instructions or BDSM tasks that interest her, Online domination by Mistress Carol is an extremely powerful, exhilarating and arousing experience.

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Have your own sexy hypnosis session commissioned to make your fantasy come to life. Mistress Carol custom erotic hypnosis sessions are imaginative, unique and a lot of sexy fun. Treat yourself today to that session you’ve always wanted.


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