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Taken and transformed.

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This session will transform your mind forever. Mistress Carol’s words slide past your aroused consciousness and penetrate you deeply inside of your obedient subconsciousness, her words enslaving you, molding you, training you, seducing you as your resistance melts away binding you to her forever as she controls your washed away mind at the deepest level.  This session is one of Mistress Carol’s best erotic mind control sessions and if you love deep trance and loss of control you will want this session in your erotic hypnosis library.

The price has been discounted to $17.95.  Read the reviews.  This session is erotic hypnosis magic at its best.

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Very deep trance
  • Spiral staircase deepener
  • Br*inwashing
  • Synesthesia
  • Multilayered vocals
  • Edging
  • Arousal
  • Obedience/submission
  • Loss of Control
  • Metronome
  • No wake command
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 44:44

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11 reviews for Metamorphosis

  1. slzb (verified owner)

    This one took me real deep.

    As others have mentioned, I really lost track of time with this one. I felt myself quickly fading away into a feeling of blissful compliance. As my thoughts drifted away the feeling of Mistress Carol’s control came in and it felt wonderful. I found myself edging and just let that feeling take over as Mistress Carol’s words flowed into me. I can’t remember what was said, my mind was just bliss. Letting Mistress Carol take control felt amazing. Edging just made the feeling of Her words going into my empty head incredible. That feeling of physical pleasure being associated with Her control is amazing.

    My submission to Mistress Carol has reached a new level, I just ache to surrender even more.

  2. escatalos (verified owner)

    I went straight down, and just carried on going deeper and deeper. On waking, I was aware of how deep the trance had been and how wonderful it is to be addicted to be Mistress Carol’s control. Each time I listen to this file, I have the same experience: save that the joy of submission and service to Mistress Carol last longer and longer. Even trying to listen specifically to enable me to write a review did not help me retain enough to describe the experience in detail: it just deepened my sense of service and devotion even further. I would not have listened to this file had Mistress Carol not instructed me to do so as part of my training. I am glad that she did!

  3. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    Metamorphosis is a mind-altering experience of extreme pleasure. Once you let Mistress deep into your mind and she is able to take control, the feeling is simply amazing. You start to wonder how long it has been since she has completely taken control or even if she really has, but your complete inability to resist is a dead giveaway.

    Metamorphosis has made me incredibly excited to see what other files Mistress Carol creates can do, and if anything else can be this powerful. I could not recommend this more, if I could give it 10 stars I would.

  4. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    Is it possible for Mistress Carol further to enhance Her total control of my mind and continue Her transformation of me into Her mindlessly obedient slave? Mistress had me from the first moment I heard Her beautifully enchanting voice. I have no desire to resist. Mistress removed that a long time ago.

    I found myself in a deep trance almost immediately after this session began. There was no gentle start. I was gone so fast that I could barely comprehend what was happening. I say comprehend, but there was no thinking involved. The fact is that Mistress is just far too powerful.

    As my body became so numb and heavy, I felt myself spiraling deeper and deeper into the darkness. However, this trance felt different because I could see myself very clearly and not just feel.

    Mistress’ many voices were hitting me from all sides in a never-ending bombardment to my ever-weakening mind. Eventually, those voices transformed into an infinity of colors. I could see as well as feel each voice penetrate through my body. This continued for some time.

    Eventually, a clear vision came to the front of my mind. A vision of the self that Mistress Carol had created. A vision of myself naked and kneeling in submission with my hands in front of me, together and palms up. Mistress had brought forward the true submissive in me.

    This session felt like a trance within a trance and gave me the most blissful feeling imaginable. Of course, Mistress’ brainwashing always feels so good. I have never experienced synesthesia before. However, being the mind-control expert, that Mistress is, the sensations She created in my mind’s eye were so vivid that it was like I had done so many times before.

    Mistress Carol’s hypnotic powers have no end. I look forward to listening to this session over and over again safe in the knowledge that I am Hers for all eternity.

  5. Jeff

    This is an odyssey into the mind where only Mistress Carol and you exist together. Her brainwashing is relentless and inescapable. She will have your mind at the end of this trance. Even though the duration is a bit long it went by in a flash. After emerging from this deep state of hypnotic bondage – bondage to Mistress Carol’s words – pangs of intense arousal come in surges. There is also a pleasant afterglow of deep bliss and feeling of well being. Which are worth its weight in gold! It is deeply relaxing. And after the VERY INTENSE brainwashing there is no doubt….I love Mistress Carol, I want Mistress Carol, I need Mistress Carol. Indeed, i belong to Mistress Carol.

  6. guyinatrance

    Mistress Carol creates another irresistible erotic hypnosis masterpiece! Her voice, Her script, Her storytelling, Her hypnotic performance & Her production is unsurpassed! The erotic value of Her creation is off the charts stupendous! Be prepared to surrender to Mistress Carol’s control in this wonderful, sizzling hot erotic mp3! Multiple voice tracks will have you praising Mistress Carol for Her unmatched hypnotic & erotic skill! Highest Recommendation!

  7. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    When I write a review, I want to give just enough information about the file that the user should enjoy it but not too much so that I give away the file. However, in this case, that won’t be a problem as I do not have much of a recollection of what occurred.

    I have listened to this file about a dozen times, and still have not gotten any of the nuances listed in the file description.

    My first listen, had me out cold within a couple of minutes – the combination of the Metronome and the sleep command – and I was done. I woke several minutes after the file ended throbbing and a puddle of drool.

    I tried to listen again, and vaguely recall the staircase and a countdown, but then as before, I woke several minutes after the end of the file eager to please and looking to obey.

    Several more listens, and I am yet to hear or understand the commands given during the session. I do know there is a complete lack of self-control, an aching need to surrender and obey. I eagerly look forward to listening again and getting all the commands issued during this session.

  8. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    As soon as this session starts, Mistress Carol knows exactly who she is talking to – the eager and willing hypno-slave that rests right beneath the surface of your day-to-day countenance.

    Within seconds she has brought that eagerness to submit and obey rushing to the surface, wrapping your mind in a silken web of words and showing you exactly how hungry you are for her control at all times.

    Her language is wonderfully erotic and controlling throughout this entire session, and the eventual result of this is a rock-hard cock and an edging session that allows her to bypass whatever vestiges of conscious thought remain inside of you (I can guarantee there won’t be many) while you are distracted by the wonders of pleasure in trance, and directly program your willing subconscious mind.

  9. Ben

    This session took me very deep and made me very obedient. The sleep, submit, obey triggers causing my thoughts to erupt and melt away. My subconscious greeted Mistress Carol like an old friend – wanting her to bind and enslave me. At the end when she had me edge for her it was sublime as it was not even in my control and simply took me deeper and deeper.

  10. Slave Michael

    This has become one of my favorite sessions. Taken down to such a deep trance and then told to edge while listening to Mistress Carol’s beautiful voice is such pleasure. Mindlessly stroking while lost in Mistress Carol’s seductive voice. I am not able to resist.

  11. rowls_1981

    I don’t know where to start with reviewing this session – ever since i first heard Mistress Carol’s voice i have fallen deeply under Her spell. I continue to fall deeper but certain sessions lay down deeper markers on the path of deeper and deeper mind control.

    On one level this feels like a regular deep trance but it also feels as if there is a second trance deeply embedded within the first trance. For example, although i don’t believe there are any amnesia suggestions, i really don’t know and neither can i recall much.

    It’s a very powerful piece of mind control hypnosis – be sure to understand that by listening to this file you are placing yourself completely under the power of a mind control specialist who knows exactly what She is doing. It isn’t “strict” or “stern”; it’s just unbelievably powerful. i have absolutely no ability to resist hypnosis this strong. Mistress Carol places you immediately and deeply into trance and doesn’t let up. Prepare to be deeply hypnotized after a few seconds – i am deeply under within seconds each and every time.

    Her voice overwhelms your conscious brain and nestles deep into the very heart and soul of your subconscious mind. i can even picture Her words within my subconscious compelling me to obey. It feels so good too. This is a session i have always wanted to experience. It is blissful and genuine mind control and has to be experienced to be believed.

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