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Forever changed at the molecular level.

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Mistress Carol is a master at creating deep trance hypnosis fetish sessions and Obsolete is again proof of her profound and irresistible mind control skills.  She will rewire your brain, changing the structure of your mind at the molecular level, irreversibly upgrading you as she uses her seductive voice to empty you completely.  Mindless and helpless, you are forever changed by the simple vibration of her voice alone as she shows you how much better it is to serve than to think.

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational induction and deepener
  • Deep relaxing trance
  • Mindlessness/thoughtlessness
  • Subjugation
  • Contains “slave” references
  • Hypnotic mind control
  • Trigger usage
  • Trigger word implantation and strengthener
  • Mantras
  • Whisper tracks
  • Heavy background effects and entrainment
  • Drum beats
  • Metronome
  • No wake command
  • Leave time for recovery
  • Session length is 54:17

7 reviews for Obsolete

  1. Enthony

    My intention was to listen to this session twice and then review it after the 2nd listen, I ended up listening to it much more than twice. It was just that good of an experience.

    I find myself drawn to Mistress Carol’s alluring voice and words the more I listen to her, and this session solidifies that even more. Listening to this session, especially the induction, felt like a slow decent into trance and eventually led to following Mistress’ voice deeper into mind. The more I listened, the more I could feel my own thoughts being overshadowed by the desire to serve and please Mistress Carol.

    Before I knew it, i could only think about the words that were being spoken to me and the mantras I was told to speak. Even now, the mantra, “I am Mistress Carol’s spiral-eyed zombie boy”, echoes in my mind and was the absolute truth. When I wasn’t repeating mantras, I could feel Mistress’ voice echoing throughout my mind until I was told to repeat a mantra.

    Needless to say, It was exquisite session!

  2. papillon090 (verified owner)

    “I am Mistress Carol’s spiral-eyed zombie boy!”

    Bound to Mistress in deep trance. Listening to her voice makes me tingling on a molecular level. Her voice is creating waves of pleasure.

  3. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    This was an incredibly slow and inevitable slide into an unbelievably deep trance. The interesting thing for me is that for a long time it didn’t feel like a hypnosis file at all. Mistress Carol was simply talking to me. It was a conversation of sorts where I was doing the listening and Mistress was explaining the various intricate parts of the most incredibly complex machine in the entire universe, namely the human brain. I wondered what untapped potential Mistress would unlock within me. After all as She has mentioned before, my mind’s ability to increase its trancing skills is unlimited…

    Even though I felt like I was not being hypnotized, the sensations of sinking were there. As Mistress took me deeper, something amazing happened; my body felt like it was slowly disappearing. Eventually it was just gone. Maybe this was Mistress’ plan all along because now I could do nothing more than mindlessly follow Her words as She continued to take me deeper. And then deeper some more, into a state of mindless obedience where She would continue to reprogram my mind to serve Her better.

    After some time, I became aware that Mistress’ voice had stopped, but my mind was so very hazy. My mouth began to drool. By the time I opened my heavy eyes, my mind had still not returned to its normal state of conscious awareness and it would be a while before it finally decided so to do. Mistress’ words echoed in my mind. My lips continued to move and words escaped from my mouth in the form of a new mantra which I found myself repeating mindlessly, “I am Mistress Carol’s spiral-eyed zombie boy!” I’m not sure why, but I found this to be most arousing.

    I love when Mistress Carol takes my mind and gently blows away all my thoughts one by one, making it open and ready to be more submissive to Her. This file appeared to be a bit different and initially I thought this might not be a particularly special file, but, boy was I wrong. There is never anything ordinary about any of Mistress Carol’s sessions. She is simply amazing.

  4. escatalos

    The ‘obsolete’ of the title are those parts of the conscious mind that are no longer needed when one surrenders control to Mistress Carol. Mistress Carol clears the mind of such thoughts, replacing them with an irresistible desire to obey her commands. The triggers are subtle, the mantras powerful (for me at least). I awake, not obsolete, but reprogrammed, ready to serve obediently ad unconditionally as Mistress Carol’s slave.

  5. Hypnoslave_Josh (verified owner)

    The best way I can describe this session is as a steady descent into mindless obedience. Mistress Carol began speaking and at some point quickly, the presence of her voice and words in my mind cleared it of all thought and replaced it with a desire to obey her commands, and this feeling just intensified the longer I spent under.

    Only feelings remained. Feelings of subservience and pleasure at how much better it felt to obey than to think, mindlessly repeating mantras, being exactly what Mistress Carol told me to be. The recording eventually ended, but it was much later that I felt I fully regained my ability to think, still holding on to those feelings.

  6. Ben

    Mistress Carol starts out with a conversational induction talking about neurons and dendrites in your brain. I find Mistress Carol’s use of vocabulary and rhythm and physiological terms brilliant as this type of induction is subtle and sneaks up on you with no overt finger-snaps, countdowns or “Sleep” triggers. This type of induction works well for my analytical mind as it is not obvious. She explains how she is going to remove the unnecessary or obsolete parts of your brain – or as she says the parts that are “Of no use”.

    This is necessary & welcomed as you become mindless and start to repeat Mistress Carol’s mantra: “I am Mistress Carol’s spiral eyed zombie.” As I write this review I am overcome with a desire to please Mistress Carol & can hear that phrase echoing inside my mind in my mind’s inner voice & almost dropping into trance ….. right…. now. Brilliant!

  7. rowls_1981

    There’s something different about this session from Mistress Carol. I can’t put my finger on it.

    I’ve listened to it several times now. On my first listen i didn’t really *feel* that hypnotized until i came round hopelessly and helplessly chanting the mantra. Evidently i was deeply under and i don’t know for how long. At other times, it feels as if Mistress Carol is just talking … then i’m out of trance again but chanting my mantra. Then at other times it relaxes me so deeply i’m not sure if i’m asleep or in a trance … then i come round softly mumbling my mantra.

    So either there’s something different about this induction or else i’ve simply become so conditioned that i have no resistance to falling into deep trance for Mistress Carol. Or maybe it’s both? This is a fun trance though and however you find it, I think you should be prepared to discover yourself mindlessly chanting a mantra when you come round.

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