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erotic hypnosis journey

Start your erotic hypnosis journey here… Welcome to Erotic Hypnosis For Men, home of the Internet’s finest erotic hypnotist, Mistress Carol. I’m sure you are anxious to get started on your erotic hypnotic journey into Mistress Carol’s stimulating hypnotic control.

Let’s begin.

What is Erotic Hypnosis All About?

If you have never tried erotic hypnosis before you may be wondering what it’s all about.

“Erotic hypnosis is hypnosis with an added sexual component.  What does that mean? Hypnosis is a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which typical conscious boundaries are bypassed allowing the listener entry into the subconscious mind where limits do not exist.  Since limits do not exist, the subconscious can engage in all sorts of sexual desires and fantasies without conscious interference.”

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Try Erotic Hypnosis for Yourself

To truly understand what erotic hypnosis is like, you really have to try it for yourself.

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Mistress Carol graciously offers several free sessions for you to try when you sign up for her monthly newsletter. This is an excellent place to start. Click the link above and enjoy Mistress Carol’s “Free Hypnosis Sessions” and see if erotic hypnosis is something you would like to explore.

Types of Erotic Hypnotic Fantasies

Erotic hypnosis comes in many different styles, fantasies, and sensual flavors. Mistress Carol has produced many sexy erotic hypnosis audio recordings, featuring the most popular sexual fantasies for men who love being dominated by a sexy Femdom.

What do you enjoy most?  Deep trance, submission training, fantasy role play? Click on the link below that intrigues you. You will now find all of Mistress Carol’s sessions categorized below by theme.  Read the reviews and the session descriptions and see which recordings may fulfill your wildest desires.

Choose from popular sexual fantasies and erotic hypnosis audios like:

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Most Popular Erotic Hypnotic Fantasies

If you’re not sure where to begin your journey, or what type of sexual fantasy you may enjoy most, Mistress Carol has a few of her favorites to recommend to you. These fan favorites all have rave reviews and are sure to turn you on.

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Create Your Own Erotic Hypnotic Fantasy!

If you are the type of person who already knows what he wants and desires, perhaps you would enjoy the thrill of making your own erotic fantasy come to life?

Mistress Carol may create your own Custom Erotic Hypnosis Session for you (if you ask her politely). Custom sessions are imaginative, unique, sexy, and a lot of fun.

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Want to Experience the Ultimate in Erotic Hypnotic Online Femdom Domination?

Online Femdom domination by Mistress Carol is an extremely powerful, exhilarating, and arousing experience.  Online training can be as equally effective as physical training.  Whether you are interested in hypnosis-related instructions or BDSM tasks that interest her, being commanded to complete undertakings for her satisfies your need to submit and pleases Mistress Carol, which is an erotic experience you both enjoy.

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