Tease and Denial Orgasm: Frazzled Mind – Part 2

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This Tease and Denial Orgasm audio hypnosis is Part Two of Frazzled Mind.

tease and denial orgasm

Tease and Denial Orgasm: You were warned in Part One of this two-part audio hypnosis that Mistress Carol would leave you hot and horny and craving release.

Since then, you have listened to Part One over and over again, pushing the edges of your arousal and mind into a frazzled chaos of madness, as you are tormented and sexually teased into submission.

Mistress Carol has not only captured your mind, she now controls you Mind and Body. There is no escape for you My Pretty… her horny play-toy, a slave to your desires.

Yes, you crave the release, the orgasm that beacons like a bright light in the darkness of your mind. But, even greater, you crave the teasing, the denial, the torture of your suffering flesh as it strains to breaks free from these binding restraints.

Yes, you crave the sexual agony of waiting, wanting, longing, so achingly hard and feverish with desire. You crave to push the limits as her hungry horny hypno-slut, to please your Mistress so she will gift you with the ultimate reward.

Your heart beats faster as the moment of release comes, closer, closer, until you can almost taste it like a metallic tingle on the edge of your senses. You can’t wait to hear her voice again, taunting you, taunting your arousal and helplessness.

You writhe with unspent passion, so intensely aroused, your cock so hard and stiff it is almost painful. You ache to be released, but at the same time to spend an eternity here on the edge of ecstasy.

Your anticipation builds as the clock, tick, tick, ticks away the moments until she will allow you to orgasm, as you float in a deep trance of mindless pleasure, deep oblivion.

And, you know when she finally allows you to come, the built up pleasure of a week will rush through you like a giant tsunami quaking your body until it is exhausted, waves of pleasure roaring over you as your spent seed spills from you in waterfalls of ecstasy.

Your body spasms. You. Come. So, Fucking. Hard.

Oh Goddess! Wanton, wild, sweet abandon!

You’ve been a very good boy…


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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • D/s
  • Trigger usage:  Sink, Comatose, Sleep, Obsolete
  • Finger snaps
  • Mantras
  • Masturbation/JOI
  • Intense arousal
  • Use of Rocket trigger
  • Deep mindless trance
  • No wake command
  • Libido enhancing brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 26:45

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2 reviews for Tease and Denial Orgasm: Frazzled Mind – Part 2

  1. scmw (verified owner)

    Oh, so worth the being frenzied and frazzled for Mistress Carol!

    After almost two weeks of listening to Frazzled – Part 1 repeatedly, I knew I would need privacy to experience this session. The frazzling continued into this session as I was moving and moaning and stayed tranced while I exploded in the most incredible and intense orgasm that I can remember. Thank you Mistress Carol!

  2. hotterman2

    Once again, the incredible voice of Mistress Carol will control your mind.But first you must submit to her by being Frazzled in the first Frazzled session.

    Don’t think you skip ahead, the first session is the catalyst for Part 2. This is not a beginner’s session. Far from it. Mistress Carol will take you down so deeply that you will be begging for release. Release will come, but only after you are able to prove to the Mistress that you are ready for it. It will be worth the wait as long as your Frazzled mind remains in control of Mistress Carol. No other Erotic Hypnotist can control you like Mistress Carol. Don’t second guess her power, because in the end she will control you and release you when she does!

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