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Amidst the grey nothing of erotic ascension, all reality slips away.

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This erotic hypnosis recording by Mistress Carol will leave you quaking with mindless bliss and arousal, with its triple threat induction. Your mind will be induced, seduced and trained, floating in a state of deep, prolonged unconsciousness to the sound of Mistress Carol’s powerful, sultry voice surrounding you, echoing in the deep chambers of your mind.

Amidst the grey nothing of erotic ascension, all reality slips away, like fuzzy notes on a gentle breeze, so you are left without thoughts, only the soft words melting into your ear in this very deep trance.

When you awaken your body will throb with erotic sensations and mindless bliss, and you will have no memories of what may have occurred, except for your extreme arousal.

You are helpless, falling into mindless obedience and succumbing to the continued training of your highly vulnerable mind to erotic mind control expert, Mistress Carol.

This is far beyond the void of Oblivious.  Far beyond the depth of your Entry into the Deep.

Comatose will take you into new uncharted territories of the mind…

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This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Triple simultaneous inductions
  • Seduction
  • Metronome
  • Arousal
  • Bliss
  • Finger snaps
  • Mantras
  • Trigger Usage
  • Trigger programming
  • Cumulative affects
  • Post hypnotic suggestion
  • Contains profanity
  • Contains wake command
  • Leave extra time for recovery
  • Session length is 37:45

44 reviews for Comatose

  1. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    The sweet sexy seduction by a powerful hypnotic Mistress leads you down into a deep trance that seems to never end. Becoming her mindless obedient toy to be dominated and controlled along the way.

    From the beginning the multiple voices take front and center stage in your mind. As they increase in numbers so does the overbearing intensity causing complete utter helplessness to her will. The snaps were devastating, harsh and dominating to my mind. Mistress Carol has created a deliciously dominating brainwashing mindfuck that will fill you to the brim with submission to her.

    Blank mindless obedience is programmed into your wide open mind, intense arousal follows. As does a lingering feeling to submit again…

  2. Brady

    I just keep on listening to this file.

    With each listen. I am going deeper and deeper. Mistress Carol is breaking and owning my mind piece by piece.. I can feel it more and more.

    The more I submit and give in, the deeper I go and the more entrancing, erotic it becomes and the more I go blank and become extremely turned on.

    I can feel Mistress Carol mind fucking me and while it seems I know what is being said, I have listened so many times and yet I can only pick out ideas and some phrases. If I was not going deeply under I would clearly know much more but I do not.

    I am becoming deeply brainwashed and owned by Mistress Carol and now I cannot get enough and only want more and more. The more she brainwashes me the better it feels the weaker I become far after the session is over. It is a vicious cycle and I am caught and falling into it over and over and over again.

    Mistress Carol is amazing. This file is just the beginning of a series of this? Unbelievable!

  3. John Smith

    I could not remember what happened, but I obey Mistress Carol

  4. Peter (verified owner)

    Absolutely mind-blowing session!

    Usually I have trouble going very deep and I never succeeded at hypnotic amnesia. Comatose totally knocked me off my feet and left just a blissful haze in place of any memories of what happened. Not to mention it is really really addictive, in the most positive way imaginable. I’m going to give it another listen just after finishing this review.

    Thank You so very much for this amazing experience, Mistress Carol!

  5. junkthecyclamen

    This session creates one of the most powerful triggers I’ve ever experienced. I have no recollection of anything else in this recording because of how incredibly deep it takes you.

    There was no way I could do anything after this session for a good hour it was that powerful. 10/10 for relaxation.

  6. 69daveybouy (verified owner)

    A wonderful blank moment with Mistress Carol!

    The triple layered induction was quite a lot of fun. I did feel quite pleased with myself that I was following all Mistress Carol was saying when I realised that I was not following anything at all.

    I was aware at a distant level of Mistress Carol pouring her words into my mind but I have no idea what she said as I simply cannot remember. What I do remember is a wonderful relaxed, hazy feeling that lingered when mistress counted me out of trance that I cannot wait to experience again.

    Heartily recommended for all lovers of deep trance!

  7. slzb

    This trance took me under very quickly.

    There’s a lot going on at first. I try to listen to all 3 tracks that are going on, but very shortly I just let go and I was just gone so quickly. I awoke in a daze. My arms and legs felt so heavy. I’m not sure how long I had to just lay there, dazed and confused. I felt incredibly submissive and aroused, but I can’t remember much about about the trance itself. I do remember it being said that the effects of this trance are cumulative, and I now cannot wait to listen again. The arousal seems to just build after I have listened, and I just feel so wonderfully submissive.

    I am so happy to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol, and can’t wait to listen again.

  8. Zombified_Pet

    Mistress gives a warning at the beginning of this session of how deep She will take me. It did not help at all for I would submit far deeper than I ever thought possible.

    This file began with the most gentle pummelling of any session I have experienced. I don’t know how else to describe it. The induction felt like I was actually listening to three of Mistress’ files all at once. She was speaking in my left ear. She was speaking in my right and She was speaking somewhere above me. My attention skipped from one to the other, then another, around and around. This pounding was all too much for my weakened mind to take and eventually I slipped into one of the deepest trances I could ever have imagined.

    The bulk of the session is completely blank to me so I have absolutely no idea what Mistress did to me. Whatever it was I loved it immensely.

    Mistress left me totally wiped out after She brought me up and out of trance even though I desperately wanted this blissful mindlessness to continue. I don’t know how long it was while I struggled to regain consciousness. All I know is that I had the strongest desire to listen over and over again.

    Truly this was one of the most mind-blowing hypnosis sessions I have ever had the fortune to experience and it really does get better with each and every listen. The yearning for Mistress to drop me into the deepest trance with a snap and one word from Her beautiful voice is so very arousing.

  9. mrtitanicbuff (verified owner)

    This file is amazing! More than amazing. You will not know what this file is about. You will not know or remember anything from this file. You will go very very deep.

  10. escatalos

    Like other reviewers, I remember very little about this file between the triple-voiced induction and the final count up. What I do know, however, is that I need time to recover and I want to listen again: and, of course, Mistress Carol has implanted another powerful trigger that she can play with.

  11. mrtitanicbuff (verified owner)

    I believe i just listened to this file for the first time. I never leave reviews unless i’m sure if the file is effective. So…I guess that means it was. Yeah…there is no memory of the file. I just remember starting it, and then suddenly i’m waking up. Great file. Get this file if you want to be hypnotized.

  12. Hypno-P

    What an incredible session that I need to review for the community – this one is a must!

    I don’t remember much of the content, other than the start in which Mistress Carol’s triple threat of layer vocals put my conscious effortlessly to sleep. After that, waking up but with a powerful post hypnotic fog and incredibly burning arousal. Suffice it to say you’ll need some time after this one and if you are susceptible to spontaneous hypnotic arousal to the verge of orgasm…you are in for a treat. I can’t wait to be programmed again by Mistress Carol.

  13. HPB (verified owner)

    I posted my first review of Comatose in July 2021, but I would be honored to post another review with the perspective of my journey. This composite review of Comatose covers my experiences from January 22 through January 30, 2023. None of this month’s trances were like the ones in 2021.

    I listened to Comatose multiple times. It continues to amaze. On January 22 I listened twice; each time was different yet similar to the other. The first seemed to take forever. I heard the three voices. I doubted they would work but then the left channel said 3,2,1,0. I was lost. I missed the mantras. After I managed to wake, I had to nap.

    I woke from my nap and tried again. Thinking I was prepared for Mistress Carol’s approach, I pressed play. I heard the countdown from 5 and I and was gone. I heard the mantras and repeated them, but that’s the last time in multiple sessions that I heard them and I don’t remember them.

    Today, January 30, I listened again to back-to-back sessions. The first one took me extremely deep very quickly and when Mistress woke me, she left me groggy and aroused. I tried to sleep off the effects. Then I pushed play determined to resist her complex three voice induction. The next thing I knew, Mistress was counting 4 on the way to bring me out of trance. I’m hopelessly addicted to this session and I’m glad Mistress Carol easily hypnotizes and controls me.

    Comatose is a confusing, arousing, enchanting experience. A wonderful trip. Buy it now. Thank you, Mistress Carol.

  14. Marc (verified owner)

    The induction in one ear was very efficient, then switched ear, then I remember the count of 4 and waking at 5 horny and eager. I just know that one way took me deeper, and one implanted the trigger and compulsion alternatively.

  15. Hypfan

    It’s really amazing how Mistress Carol easily and completely controls my mind and body.

    The triple induction is incredible. It’s a rapid trip down into deep trance. Once there I’m sure Mistress programmed me with whatever she wished but I have no recollection of it.

    Once again I came out wondering what happened and feeling amazing.

  16. guyinatrance

    WOW! Knock your socks off hypnotic & erotic! Unsurpassed erotic quality!10 stars! Best ever! Deepest Trance! Pleasure off the scale! Highest Recommendation!

  17. bobsmith3031

    The first of 3 sessions – I strongly recommend getting all 3 o the comatose sessions, and if you are daring enough to listed to all 3 back to back – almost 2 hours of surrender, obedience, programming – will sure to leave you a mental and physical MESS.

    Mindlessly obedient – the desire to listen to this file over and over again, the arousal I felt at the end – I can’t wait to listen again and again to this file to be triggered to do whatever Mistress Carol asks –

    (Love how the only way to add a review is by clicking a “submit” button – the arousal builds all over just by seeing and clicking that word)

  18. Giles (verified owner)

    Being left mindless for so long afterwards, despite this session having a wakener, means that Mistress Carol must have been doing some serious work on my subconscious. I remember hearing three voice tracks in the induction, and then I came out of trance entirely overwhelmed by the aftermath, without the brainpower to make any sense of what I was feeling. There was no option but to lie still and let it all wash over me. An amazing experience and I’ll be listening to this one again very soon!

  19. ronhurrle (verified owner)

    I did not heed Mistress Carol’s warning at the start of this file. I also made the mistake of looping this file. By the time I came to, Mistress’s trigger was deep inside my mind and I couldn’t remember anything.

    I tried Comatose and Corrupted after and I was lost from the first trigger. I’m thinking of looping this while I sleep too, just to make it much more effective. I hope Goddess triggers me on a whim.

  20. barbi366 (verified owner)

    Comatose is a stunning recording. Three tracks are impeccably woven together to create an inextricable web constituting ultimately an irresistible confusion induction.

    The listener is naturally drawn to Mistress Carol’s sultry voice and her authoritative words. Three separate but related and reinforcing narratives draw the listener deep within the spell of this most remarkable hypnotist. Deep relaxation and deep submission follow.

    The recording uses some familiar triggers and introduces “comatose” as a powerful trigger on its own. The depth of trance offered is sublime. Although there is a count up at the end of the recording, with each listen that I have given to this recording, I have found myself remaining restfully relaxed, prone, and hazy long minutes after Mistress Carol bids goodbye and the background music fades.

    Comatose offers a very deep dive and allows one to surface all in good time.

  21. larry4um2 (verified owner)

    I’m reeling!

    I still don’t know exactly what just happened to me but I’m loving it. I was captured, captive and mesmerized and emerged dazed and confused but feeling oh so good.

    Best hypnosis experience that I’ve ever had and am looking forward to what Mistress Carol will do to me next!

  22. scmw (verified owner)

    Deep submission to Mistress Carol’s seductive voice even after the passage of time.

    I thought this would be another of her great deep trance sessions where I would feel like “Wow, great trance!” It is that and more. I don’t know which is stronger – the endless trance or the perpetual arousal. It is so strong that I crave to listen again thinking it will make my arousal subside. Each time I do it gets stronger and stronger.

    Mistress Carol has trapped me in her submissive web. Nowhere to go from here except back into deep trance for her again.

  23. Lynx

    I held back some time to listen to this series, because I had the feeling that it might be something different, something stronger than everything I had listened to so far. I had a certain fear of not being ready for it yet, or not giving it enough room. This feeling proved to be true.

    The recordings almost opened up a new dimension of hypnosis to me. During the sessions, it was as if Mistress Carol knew what I was thinking and precisely how my body and mind would react. Or was it just me responding very precisely to all of her commands? What a wonderful feeling, being programmed so deeply and skillfully, dropping so very far and still being held so close at all times.

    I have never listened to anything or anybody being able to safely take me this far.

  24. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    I have come to this session quite some time after it was released, but I am glad to report it is yet another masterpiece from Mistress Carol’s domain.

    An intense triple-headed induction method gives way to a wonderful progressive journey down into being Mistress Carol’s deeply hypnotized mindless toy. She installs a brand new trigger into your suggestible mind, and then uses mantra repetition with the trigger word included to drop you over and over again into deep surrender.

    I eagerly look forward to experiencing the other Comatose sessions, and feeling the effects of this trigger intensify.

  25. Hypnoslave_Josh (verified owner)

    I have fortunately recovered my mind enough since listening to this session that I can write a review, which I suppose is the first point – even though this session is 37 minutes long, it is like taking a knockout punch of heavy trance straight to the mind.

    The last thing I recall before head-spinning oblivion is Mistress Carol’s delectable voice providing three distinct inductions, effectively confusing my mind until surrender was the only option. The only thing that followed was being awoken with nothing more than strong feelings of hypnotic bliss and incredible arousal, secure in the fact that I was pummeled into submission.

    Suffice to say this is another impeccable addition to Mistress Carol’s collection of trance experiences. All I want now is to listen again and again and have nothing in my thoughts but her voice spinning me around and I have no choice but to fall.

  26. Hypno Addict (verified owner)

    I’m not sure I can add anything to what’s already been written about the fantastic session, but I must say that it is everything advertised and then some.

    I do not remember many details, but then again, I’m not supposed to considering I am just now coming out of the fog having listened to it for the first of many times I’m sure!

    This file needs to be your next purchase, but beware, you WILL be deeper than you’ve ever been before. That’s not a bad thing though, is it? Thank you Mistress Carol for this amazing experience! I am looking forward to listening to it again the next opportunity I get!

  27. moebel.asdf (verified owner)

    This session truly turned me into “a melted pie of some very nice feelings”.

  28. Hugh (verified owner)

    Comatose is another Mistress Carol masterpiece of deep hypnosis, one that leaves you in no doubt of her ability to hypnotize you, empty your mind, and then program and train you to respond instantly to her voice.

    Deep hypnosis is an understatement of course – Mistress Carol delights in taking you into a deeper and deeper trance, and you find yourself caught in Mistress Carol’s hypnotic web, unable to resist as you become her mindless plaything, listening intently to her instruction, but unable to remember when you wake and come out of the trance.

    As the session description says, you should leave extra time for recovery – you will be left in a blissful post-hypnotic haze, basking in a mix of submission and arousal, and in awe of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic skills.

  29. Slave Michael (verified owner)

    No memory of anything else except the word “Comatose” being repeated over and over again. Another incredibly deep relaxing hypnosis session from Mistress Carol. I was left with an empty mind and a hard cock.

  30. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    OMG just so excited. I felt compelled to leave a review but now I’m here, I can’t really seem to remember much about this session. I keep restarting it but can’t seem to stay present for very long.

    Mistress is AMAZING, I start off just listening to Her and then I’m waking up feeling like I have exposed myself to Her (literally physically and emotionally), submitted and bathed in the radiance of the sexual energy She exudes. I know She has been speaking to me but I just can’t seem to remember what She has said. Although I do know how incredibly aroused I am on waking up. Also feel absolutely rejuvenated.

    I’m not sure if it’s just this session but I keep thinking about Her a LOT now – and get so turned on at thought thought of what She has done to me. I’m obsessed with Her, compelled to listen to Her whenever I can and can’t believe how much She seems to have become an essential part of my life. OMG Mistress Carol what have You done to me?

  31. Robert

    I recently had the incredible pleasure of listening to Comatose and Comatose and Corrupted back to back.

    In Comatose, Mistress Carol bludgeons you into deep hypnotic submission. Yes I do go deeper every time I listen to any of her recordings, but the depth of trance in Comatose would be frightening if it didn’t feel oh so good. You will be absolutely gone, oblivious, in fact Comatose may be the best description. Her voice will be your everything. The trance will be so deep and so blissful you will not want to come out of it. Once you do come out, you will have no choice but to carry our her post-hypnotic suggestion. Unless…. you follow directly with Comatose and Corrupted. Then, Mistress Carol will take you immediately back to the blissful deep trance you recently came out of, and then take you deeper. I honestly do not remember very much of the file because I was completely gone. I can say for sure that I was absolutely compelled to carry to MC’s post hypnotic suggestion. I had no other thoughts but to do so. The reward for being mindlessly obedient to Mistress Carol was mind-blowing.

  32. slave Royale (verified owner)

    This is one of those deep-down trance hypnosis sessions that I absolutely love. These types of sessions are my favorites and sprinkle in some submissive training / hypnosis conditioning and then Mistress Carol has me under Her enchanting spell yet again. She has the keys that can turn off my over-active mind. This is one of the main reasons that I love all of Her sessions.

    It almost feels like at this point I am unable to remember details of any of Her hypnosis sessions – all I can do is try to describe the absolutely wonderful relaxing feelings that I experience after waking up from this deep trance session. Many times, when I wake up after a session – all I can do is smile and be thankful to be in Her hypnotic care. It usually takes me some time to get my mind and thoughts working again. All I can do is lay there and enjoy the mindless blissful – floating away types of feelings. In some ways, I believe Mistress Carol always has me at least a little bit hypnotized as I go around in my daily life whether I realize it or not.

    I belong to Mistress Carol now and Her happily hypnotized submissive slave always in training for Her pleasure. Thank You Mistress Carol for another excellent hypnotic masterpiece. I adore You.

  33. R (verified owner)

    One of the strongest sessions i have seen. This one definitely takes you by surprise and deep with a 3 layer induction. It pushes and pulls you in so many ways that you can’t help but find yourself pulled further and further down.

    And the more you listen to it the stronger it gets. Its also one of those sessions designed to make you forget its contents. Which actually worked well on me and a lot of the specifics get fairly fuzzy in the session.

    What sticks with me though. Is just how far down I was pulled, deeper and deeper each time and how strong that desire to go back becomes. Definitely a session that will help you build a strong foundation for any session that uses this trigger.

  34. Nicodemus

    This session… Just WOW! 😲

    I never thought I would see the day, when I find a session that could hypnotically blow my mind even more than the other absolute masterpieces like “Enter The Deep” and “Oblivious” could do before. This session backs some serious hypnotic punch, and I would not have it any other way.

    The triple-way confusional induction is sure to defeat even the most resistant and analytical listener, and then turning them into the most receptive of subjects, ready to receive Mistress Carol’s ingeniously crafted programming. While the induction(s) are still ongoing, the new trigger is installed at the edge of your melting conscious awareness. And oh boy, this trigger… it’s powerful! 🤯

    If you have listened to any other Mistress Carol’s previous sessions you surely have become familiar with classic triggers like “Sleep!” and the trigger introduced in “Hook Line and Sinker”. Now take those triggers and multiply them times a hundred. It’s like comparing the mildest sedative to a powerful horse tranquilizer. This trigger will hit you like the heaviest of hypnotic sledgehammers, and you will be going deep … so very deep … yet sinking deeper… into the deepest of trances … into the edges of your awareness … into the comatose -state. 😵‍💫

    The session truly is intended to take you into the farthest trance depths imagined, and making your inevitiable descent back there even more easier and faster the next time. Recovering from this session takes me more effort than almost any other session; mind blissfully blank, body made of lead and then having the fewest recollections of what happened. 🥴

    Right after listening, I always crave to listen to it again and again, so I can return back to that blissful comatose state. I’m like a trance junkie needing his fix, and this session fuels my cravings more than any other man-conceived drug 💉. One listen simply isn’t enough: you will have to listen to it more and then some more. Like a fine wine 🍷 it gets better with each listen: you will drop down faster, then go even deeper and become even more blissed out after. 🤤

    If the previous praise wasn’t enough to convince to buy this session, then trust me when I say that I own dozens of Mistress Carol’s sessions, and this session deserves it’s place as one of the best. It has quickly become my top favorites to listen to. Hypnotic conditioning in this session provides a strong cornerstone for upcoming recordings. For these reasons, this session should be at the top of every hypnosub’s shopping list. 🛒 🛒 🛒

    Comatose deserves the highest of praises and it is a requirement for anyone who intends to fall down into the rabbit hole of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic domain. 🥇 💯

    Mistress Carol has once again proved to me, how talented she is in her craft of producing the absolute highest quality hypnosis recordings out there. 🌟 🤩 🌟

    In summary, Comatose is a MUST BUY session! 💸 💸 💸

  35. curiousnca (verified owner)

    Feels strange, one of the few things I remember from this session is being told to leave a review. And wow. Mistress Carol took me much deeper than I thought I was. I remember at one point thinking I was able to form thoughts, but I am still not able to. All I know is, I can’t wait to listen to this one again.

    I love the “your ass is mine” recordings that Mistress has, and wow, this is one of them. I know I am saying “wow” quite a bit here, but after staring at my screen for about 15 minutes wondering what to write, and relishing in the feelings that this trance left me with, that’s about all I can coherently form. Wow Mistress Carol, Just simply “wow”. Even when I think I can no longer be ‘surprised’ you to it again.

    Thank you so much for this fantastic session Mistress Carol.

  36. Ben (verified owner)

    I have a LOT of Mistress Carol’s sessions and Comatose took me deeper than ANY of them. The triple layered induction plus just the implicit meaning behind the trigger as well as the finger snaps had me deep deep deep and it was “bye bye slave” (even though she didn’t say that). Mistress Carol’s sessions just keep getting better and better! Go get this session!

  37. Kjell

    I love surrendering and submitting to Mistress Carol’s wonderful voice while sinking deeper and deeper into hypnosis, responding smoothly in mindless obedience to the trigger words she has implanted deep inside my subconscious mind.

    In Comatose, this experience feels stronger and more captivating than I can remember from any other of her recordings. The new trigger word is extremely effective, bringing me into a limitless comatose state. There, I feel almost paralyzed, with my mind wide open and borderless suggestible.

    The session is a very pleasant experience. When Mistress Carol said she would bring me up from trance, I actually heard myself saying “No Mistress, please no!” I know that saying “No” to Mistress is a serious offence, but I believe that more training sessions in deeper and deeper comatose state will solve the problem.

    At least I have an irresistible desire to listen again and again, to be trained in the art of deeper trance and to be trained in the art of complete obedience. Thank you Mistress Carol, Comatose is brilliant.

  38. Severin

    “Yeah … why not? I want to be hypnotized. I’ll listen to ‘Comatose’ again … one more listen … one more listen to see if … let’s see if it works as well again …”

    “Ah yes! … I remember the induction now – multiple inductions … woah, it feels good already … ah yes, there’s THREE of Mistress Carol’s voice inside my mind … no wonder I fall soo quickly … yes, it’s a powerful session … yes … I am already heavy … and relaxed … and … woah! … I think I’m … already feeling hypnotized … oh … yes … it feels soooo good … yes I’d forgotten that bit … oh yes … I remember … it’s happening … so quickly …. into hypnosis … I can’t resist … it feels sooooo good to listen … I’m going … yes … I think I remember now … Mistress Carol … yes this is … where Mistress Carol says … it feels soo good … I’m falling …I’m going deeper … I’m going … deeper … and … deeper … this is why … I want … my mind … needs … to be hypnotized … it feels … soooo good … going … deeper … obey … to be … hypnotized … deeper …. going … feels … soooo …good … my mind … feels … sooo goood … deeeeper … yes … gooood … deeeeper … … yes … I … deeper … obey … yes … deeper … ”
    “Woah … wtf … what happened? … am I awake? … I still feel so…. woah I’m still … this feels soo good … this is why … I need to obey Mistress Carol … this is why … I need to obey … it’s soooo delightful … I’m sooo horny … why am I so horny??? … I’m still trancing … or am I … awake now? … I need to obey Mistress Carol … I need to go into hypnosis for Mistress Carol … why can’t I remember?? … oh my god this feels sooo good … I am Mistress Carol’s plaything … I can’t remember … I need to obey Mistress Carol … it feels sooooo good … it’s happened again … YES! … it’s happened again …”

    Comatose, by Mistress Carol. Experience it for yourself

  39. Oscar (verified owner)

    Another great session. Absolutely indescribable. Mostly because I remember none of it except for the state I was left in. Clueless and blissful. Regarding memories, less is often more.

  40. Luke R (verified owner)

    Yet another amazing and deep session from Mistress Carol. The new trigger she started to install in “Awakened” gets it’s own time to shine here and it does shine!

    The three-way induction brings you into her domain, allowing you to get lost in her words but not in her purpose of setting up and re-enforcing her trigger. After you’re down deep Mistress Carol uses the trigger to relentlessly drop you deeper and deeper before bringing you back up to recover from such a deep trance.

    For long time fans, I have a feeling this is a trigger Mistress Carol intends to use again in future sessions.

  41. Dario

    Can it be exciting to review a hypnotic session? In this case, absolutely Yes!

    Mistress Carol seduced me with Her silky voice. I’m under Her spell. I feel it. It doesn’t matter that I remember nothing but the snap of Her fingers and the ecstasy I felt when I woke up. A long, very long awakening.

    It really took me several minutes before I started reconnecting my thoughts.
    Pure Heaven.

    What did Mistress Carol do to my mind? Really, I do not know and to be honest I don’t care! The only sure thing is that this session is addictive (a healthy one) and irresistible.
    Mistress Carol is irresistible.

    You absolutely cannot miss this latest masterpiece.

    Thank You my Goddess for this wonderful experience.

  42. Kurt (verified owner)

    I was already yearning for a further recording from Mistress Carol using the powerful trigger “Comatose” while enjoying the wonderful trance “Awakened” where it was planted and strengthened.

    The induction in this recording rapidly confused and aroused me and led me effortlessly into a very deep trance. The arousal became almost unbearable and my need to obey, submit and surrender was overwhelming and I couldn’t resist Mistress Carol’s seductive voice and powerful suggestions and just relinquished control to her. I’m often wondering why I’m trying to resist and not giving in to her professional guidance but this hypnosis makes it impossible to not fall intensely deep under her control.

    Beginning with the distortion series, then “Awakened” and now “Comatose” they’re are wonderful training files for becoming more obedient and submissive to Mistress Carol. I like this kind of training and enjoy this terrific new trigger very much and I adore Mistress Carol in every respect!

  43. kphaws-0660

    Deep, Deep Trance. Her voice sounds more enticing than usual, I did not think that was possible, soft seductive and in control. That is all I remember before I awoke in my bed. Incredibly aroused, head foggy mind empty, feeling wonderful. It is not that my memory was gone. I remember the gorgeous seductive voice, but when I try to pin down what was said or happened it just slips away like smoke. The foggy empty feeling lasts for quite a while. The arousal has remained constant since the trance. Strong feelings of submission to Mistress Carol remain and an uncontrollable urge to listen again. I awoke this morning at 5am and turned on Comatose. The arousal, submission and bliss were even more pronounced, plus the amazing knowledge that I have been triggered and programmed in ways I do not remember that Mistress Carol can enact at her whim. I find that incredibly exciting and eagerly await for the Goddess to activate my new trigger.

  44. HPB (verified owner)

    This session left me comatose, dazed and confused. I remember a three-way induction, a one-way descent, and then nothing until Mistress Carol described what I should expect to experience after she counted me up from trance. I suppose that’s what I experienced.. I’m pretty sure Mistress compelled me to write this review.

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