Hypno Control Session: MindWare Series – Bewitched & Brainwashed

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Brainwashed to give her more…

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Welocme to this Hypno Control Session… More awaits you through the The VIP Entrance.

You now have begun your programming, the trigger planted in your tiny brain.  You will be brainwashed again.  This time for a whole new purpose.

hypno control

Your Mistress expects more from you.  She sees your potential and will bring out the delightful talents she knows are deep inside of you.

She wants you to please her.  She expects your service.  She will bewitch your mind and have it.

Brainwashing you has become so easy for her. Through her hypno control session… she brainwashes you into mindless oblivion.

Yes, she will brainwash you, setting in motion desires that flood and flow from you.

She LOVES to USE your weakness as her strength.

She has you now, controlling your weak mind.  She makes you do whatever she desires. You fall to her every whim.

You become her bewitched and brainwashed boy through her voice, her skills, her desires.

You are under her control now.  You are her pet, her toy, her plaything.

She expects so much more from you and Mistress always gets what she wants.

You obey your Mistress. It’s brainwashed into your weak and pliable mind.

Yes, she wants you and she shall have you.

There is no escape now.  You belong to Mistress Carol and because you are brainwashed you will do whatever she desires.

Step inside and be forever changed.

Enter her Hypno Control Session. NOW!

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Hypno Control Session – Mindware Series
  • Rapid trigger induction
  • Heavy layers of voice
  • Hypnosis inducing mask imagery
  • D/s/Obedience
  • Trigger usage:  Sink, Enter
  • Recording studio quality production
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 17:57

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Bewitched and Brainwashed Boy
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3 reviews for Hypno Control Session: MindWare Series – Bewitched & Brainwashed

  1. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol hit another submissive boy out of the park with Her intensely hypno-erotic Bewitched-and-Brainwashed-Boy! This masterpiece will be your new favorite pleasurable trance escape. Perfectly pleasurable, hugely hypnotic, especially erotic, deep down, tremendously terrific trance is what I experienced while listening to Mistress Carol’s super seductive voice. Highest Recommendation!

  2. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    The anticipation of a new session is always exciting. Never really knowing what to expect is thrilling.

    This session lulled me into deep relaxation. Then those delightful ‘snaps’ enslaved me instantly. Really not knowing what was coming would wash over me like a tsunami. Sucking me into this kaleidoscope world of sound. Easily pulling me into Mistress Carol’s hypnotic control. Her voice in all it’s various complexities bombards your mind very intensely. A masterpiece in hypnotic brainwashing by the powerful hypnotic Domme, Mistress Carol.

    This session is an exceptional trance. Brainwashed to serve and please Mistress Carol. I do love how she bewitches my mind. I adore Mistress Carol. As this review was done after only one listen I shutter to think of looping it through the night at times. It is VERY powerful brainwashing. And very arousing. It’s duration is again perfect. Like all that Mistress Carol creates. She is the best in hypnosis erotica!

  3. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    Once again, Mistress Carol commands you through the VIP Entrance on your knees for some delightfully intense brainwashing. After you give your consent to allow her all the way into your mind, her brainwashing room awaits you – where she will fit you with a hypnotic mask and headphones so that her programming is pulsed directly into your brain through your eyes and ears.

    A wonderful trance session then proceeds, with reinforcement of love and adoration for your Mistress in day-to-day life, even during your waking hours when her voice is not audible to your ears; it will still echo in your mind.

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