Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Fantasy secretly awaits…

Click, click, click…

You hear the the telltale clicks of stiletto boots across the hard marble tiled floor of an enormous hotel lobby.

A waft of flowery perfume assaults your nose as your senses become aroused with anticipation.

You can been waiting here for over an hour, waiting patiently, obediently, waiting for your Mistress to arrive and her promise of unusual fetish pleasures that make your heart start to pound.

An hour–or has it been even longer? you check your watch–tik tok–of waiting patiently… except for the twitch of your perfect posture, the blink of an eye, the clasping and unclasping of sweating palms as you eagerly await.

And, every once in a while you catch a glimpse of your ultimate pleasure…

There in sexy black pumps with sheer black stockings, and woman’s feet saunters by. You resist the urge to stare, but still your heart skips a beat.

There, another in open-toed sandals, the toenails painted bright red and glistening like ripe cherries.

Still, another, this one in worn running sneakers, ankles bare, toes scuffed, with a slight skip in her step.

And, as you wait and watch, all those feminine feet walk on by, without giving you a glance or a care in the world, but if they only knew what you were thinking inside.

To have a harem of naked feet surrounding you in their wake, fresh, ripe feet with their own distinct perfume of erotic desire.

How beautiful and delicate they are, like rare birds of paradise, each unique in their own beauty and flourish!

And, you have waited so long now, you have grow hard in anticipation, and as you hear that familiar Click, click, click… you begin to tremble inside.

Here. She. Comes.

Your arousal spikes as you see her stiletto boots, thigh-high and nestled just under her feminine parts, those nasty heels clicking against the cold, hard marble floor.

She is dressed in mystery, like a cloud or shadows drawn from the midst of darkness, in a long black cloak, a wide brimmed hat, and big dark glasses that hide her eyes.

But, you see her smile, and know what awaits you soon, in her penthouse apartment, high above the lobby, high above in the city of lights. The city of earthly delights.

Click, click, click… those boots walk closer now with a determined step, and a gloved hand appears, one finger beckoning you to follow.

You nearly stumble as you get up and follow her to the old elevator that shines with polished brass doors, trying to keep up with her pace.

You wait, obediently behind her as the elevator makes it way down, down, down… bling, bling, bling, the bells dings as it passes each floor to the lobby.

You know what she has planned for you above, in her erotic chamber of earthly delights where your foot fetish desires can come true.

Surrounded by closets of shoes, boots, stockings, her feet how naked as the plush white carpet pushes up through her toes.

The smell is intoxicating. The feel of her soft, smooth skin…

Enter the City of Earthly Delights where you foot fetish fantasies await.

Click, click, click…

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