Sleep Hypnosis

Sexy Sleep Hypnosis

Hello there sleeping beauty. Or should I call you sleeping beau?

You have now entered a sensual sleep-scape, where you will soon succumb to deep, dreamless sleep.

Come to me, come to me…

In this Sexy Sleep Hypnosis, Mistress Carol’s sexy velvet voice will take you away to Blissful Sleep. Your mind will melt just like a candle as she hypnotizes you deeper and deeper. You will experience a trance far beyond euphoria and be led directly into bliss.

Deeper and deeper, you feel so sleepy.

You will feel rocked like a babe in a cradle, so warm, so comfy, as you slowly drift off.

Deeper, sleepy, so sleepy, drift off, drifting deeper and deeper.

Just let go and let Mistress Carol’s voice caress you like a warm blanket or summer breeze… drifting away, like floating on a cloud.

Come to me, come to me…

Clouds float by like counting sheep, morphing in shape, as you feel as light as a feather, drifting in a gentle breeze.

I’ll take you deeper and deeper now. Deeper, sleepy, so sleepy, drift off, drifting deeper and deeper.

Your eyes are so heavy you can’t keep them open anymore, as you float in that drowsy space of sensual slumber.

A Sexy Sleep Hypnosis…

Come to me, come to me…

You can no longer resist, as you feel the layers of stress and tension melt away, thoughts slowing and becoming nonexistent.

Soon you are unaware of nothing but the sound of Mistress’s voice.  So pleasant, so peaceful, so sleepy… asleep…

Sleep for Mistress pretty baby.

Tomorrow you will awakened refreshed and pleasantly fulfilled.

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