Mindless Obedient Tool

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You will do it her way.

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Your control never belonged to you. Mistress Carol will prove that to you again. Following her into obedient trance you will become her stroke toy, doing it just as she tells you as she uses your “tool” to demonstrate your complete and total submission to her.  This guided masturbation erotic hypnosis session will have you stroking long after you want to stop.
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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Countdown induction
  • Triggers: Rigid, obey, submit, sleep
  • Masturbation
  • Obedience/submission
  • Ownership
  • Finger snaps
  • Contains wake command
  • Background music and vocals
  • Session length is 31:55

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Mindless Obedient Tool
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2 reviews for Mindless Obedient Tool

  1. Android 5C077

    Mistress Carol expertly drops you hard and fast in this session, with a floating-arm induction and a barrage of triggers – readying you to stroke her Tool exactly as commanded, for as long as commanded.

    Her words will keep you in a stroking frenzy no matter what happens, until she decides otherwise – and then her wonderful voice will lull you into a post-orgasm trance state over and over until you are left drained of everything, body and mind.

    Definitely a session to repeat whenever you want to experience Mistress Carol’s full control.

  2. kphaws-0660

    Don’t be fooled. This is not just a simple masturbation session. Mistress Carol is carefully and deliberately using your arousal to further your dependence to her and her all powerful voice. This file is another delicious step in your submission to the control of the exquisite hypnosis Goddess. Mistress Carol drops you into an extremely deep trance where the possibility to resist is non-existent. She then uses your tool to shape you into the subject she desires. Submit, obey, relish your subjugation.

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