Hook Line and Sinker

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Hooked forever with this trigger training session.

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In this obedience hypnosis trigger training session, you are going to take a little fishing trip with Mistress Carol on a warm peaceful day.  Your sleepy mind will be overwhelmed as the warm sun and rocking of the boat lures it into into hypnosis enabling Mistress Carol to plant a wonderful hypnotic trigger word deep inside your mind that will have you sinking for her automatically and effortlessly. 
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This session features:
    • Electronic MP3 download
    • Gentle relaxing induction
    • Hypnotic trigger word programming
    • Obedience and submission
    • Removal of inhibitions
    • Very deep trance
    • Feel good instructions
    • Background music and vocals
    • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 52:19

14 reviews for Hook Line and Sinker

  1. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    I think after having listened to this file repeatedly, I have completely given in to the control Mistress Carol has over me. I no longer think I am capable of resistance and nor do I want to be.

    Hook line and sinker is an incredibly deep trance experience which will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend this trance to anyone who wishes to give up control and relax.

  2. Eric (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is a truly talented and powerful hypnotist, and every one of her sessions is a masterpiece. While her other works can take you into your darkest fantasies, erotic pleasure, or submissive servitude, Hook, Line, and Sinker is like cuddling up in bed with your favorite book you’ve read dozens of times: a classic, deep, powerful, and splendid trance that always urges you back for more.

    The way Mistress Carol takes you down, using a boat and fishing imagery makes it easy to picture exactly what she wants, and you’ll never even realize when you’ve actually fallen into one of the deepest trances of your life. Her voice (as always) reels you in, and keeps you so deeply under her spell. If you’re looking for a good place to start your hypnosis experience, you’ve found it!

  3. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    Mistress’ voice is so very relaxing. How could anything be more pleasant?

    Soon after this file began Mistress created a scene in my mind. A scene that seemed so real that it felt like I was actually there. I remember being in a small boat on a crystal-clear ocean with a surface that barely rippled. As I stared at the sea, the sun glinted on the surface of the water. My eyes became so heavy as the boat rocked, oh so, gently. While Mistress continued to fish, she suggested I lie down on the padded bed in the boat. How could I not comply? As I lay there, She began to hum so beautifully. The boat continued to rock gently and I felt so very sleepy. Gradually, Mistress put me to into a deep sleep.

    Then things got very hazy indeed. Using Her expert wordplay and story-telling ability, Mistress opened my mind more and began to install a new trigger that would prove to be a very effective one. Through her sessions Mistress has helped me realise how good it feels to be submissive to Her and I loved the feeling of being brainwashed in this session.

    As Mistress bought me up and out of this very deep trance, She decided to prove how effective and efficient Her new trigger was by dropping me way back down to the depths of mindlessness. When this file did eventually end, I felt amazing.

    I was aware of what was happening during the trance, but soon after the session ended the wonderful sensation of hypnotic amnesia took a hold of me so the bulk of it was very hard to recall.

    I love learning about new things. I have fished before, but I was very young and can’t remember much about it other than that it was very relaxing. I am thankful that Mistress shared some of Her knowledge in a way that enhanced my trancing abilities and I’m sure that I will listen to this file over and over again.

  4. mrtitanicbuff (verified owner)

    Felt wonderful with this file. Mistress Carol is the best. I felt the boat rocking and the glint off the water. Having fished before and been in a boat it was easy to just let go and feel the rocking motion. It was just the most relaxing file I think i’ve ever listened to. Mistress Carol is the best. She will hypnotize you.

  5. Giles (verified owner)

    It was so relaxing to be transported somewhere else entirely in the induction, it was really effective – I couldn’t pinpoint where I fell into trance, I just woke up at the end feeling great. I absolutely can’t wait for the implanted trigger to take effect in other sessions – I felt it drop me deep so incredibly fast. It’s an absolute joy and a privilege to experience Mistress Carol’s continuous training of my mind.

  6. Eric (verified owner)

    I sink deep for Mistress Carol. If you ever wanted to abandon any inhibitions and submit this file is the one you are looking for.

    The voice of Mistress Carol penetrates your mind like soft smoke. And with each inhale you make one more step deeper into submission. It’s like her voice caresses your mind filling you with pleasure, relaxation and helplessness. So easy to follow, so strong to bind you to Mistress for good.

  7. barbi366 (verified owner)

    Hook Line and Sinker begins with a patient, conversational induction, typically well executed by Mistress Carol, with an emphasis on deep relaxation and containing the creative and detailed imagery that we Mistress Carol fans have come to expect. Mistress Carol’s sultry and persuasive voice is featured, of course, and the recording includes well integrated background music, whisper tracks, and other features.

    The recording introduces the hypnotic trigger “Sink” and uses the trigger to take the listener ever deeper within that space where one absolutely focuses upon and yields to the hypnotist’s voice. This extended recording allows one to enjoy wholly blissful surrender to Mistress Carol. When finally brought back to the surface, the listener is left with the pleasant lingering effects of deep relaxation and enhanced hypnotic focus.

    Although this is a wholly appropriate standalone recording, particularly for those seeking extremely deep hypnotic surrender, I suspect that further benefits of the deeply implanted trigger will be realized when later listening to this recording and to others that include the encouragement to “Sink”.

  8. Hugh

    The session starts with a beautifully relaxing induction, where I found myself slowly dropping into hypnosis, willingly opening my mind and surrendering it to Mistress Carol for her to use by conditioning and training my mind to respond to her instructions and programming.

    It felt so good to surrender to Mistress Carol’s voice and let her guide me into deep hypnosis, knowing that she was making me into a more obedient, better submissive for her. Inevitably I found myself getting aroused, knowing that Mistress Carol was controlling my mind, using it for her pleasure and amusement, and training me to drop deeper and deeper into hypnosis for her.

    When I woke from the session, I felt so relaxed … just wanting to lay in bed and allow Mistress Carol to take me into deep hypnosis once again.

  9. Nicodemus

    During “Hook Line and Sinker” you will be guided to a profoundly deep hypnotic journey, where all of your previous inhibitions will be removed and feel just how blissful it feels to let go of everything for your Mistress.

    You will be dipping your legs into the pleasant waves of trance and then with a simple trigger, you’ll be conditioned to drop even deeper… so much deeper down. You will feel like a dead fish that’s reeled from shallow lake waters and then thrown down into the bottomless ocean where you will helplessly keep SINKING even deeper and deeper down.

    You will feel so damn good and blissed-out under this session, that you simply want to stay there, perhaps never wanting to come back up into full consciousness. You will want to come back to listen to this session over and over again, it simply feels that good to do so. Better yet, after each subsequent listen it starts to feel even more blissful and its effects become even more powerful and immediate.

    “Hook Line and Sinker” session stands out as a testament to how absolutely fantastic and creative Mistress Carol is at crafting powerful and captivating hypnotic journeys. She has managed to combine one of her favorite past-time passions and her killer hypnotic skills in order to craft one extremely powerful and enticing session for anyone who’s looking for experiencing profoundly deep trances. With its clever use of stories and metaphors, it will irresistibly captivate its listeners to take on a most blissfully hypnotic journey, where they will be effectively conditioned to drop infinitely deeper with a powerful trigger under Mistress Carol’s command.

    Hook Line and Sinker is an absolute all-time fan-favorite and it stands the test of time as of the best sessions out there. It installs one of her most effective triggers, that will have you drop down automatically and powerfully into extreme depths. This trigger is used heavily in other sessions.

    For any Hypno-sub “Hook Line and Sinker” is simply a MUST-BUY, no it should be a REQUIREMENT for anyone who enjoys extremely deep trances and wants to continue walking on the pathway of ever-deepening hypnotic journeys under Mistress Carol.

    Trust me you won’t want to miss out on this session. JUST BUY IT!

  10. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    IMHO All of Mistress Carol’s sessions deserve 5 stars! She is the absolute epitomy of dominant erotic sensuality. I literally just cannot get enough of this woman. As soon as I hear Her voice I’m away. She knows how to bowl me over, take over my mind and leave me aching for more. Time spent with Her is better than an intense massage. I literally feel as if She is as vital to my existence as the air I breathe. Its so luxurious to be “bathed” by Her voice dominating, controlling and overpowering me – and I LOVE it.

    Thank you Mistress…I’ve said this before but it’s worth saying again. You are the Goddess of sensuality and the High Priestess of seduction. I love and adore you xxx

  11. Tom Today (verified owner)

    My favorite Mistress Carol session so far. Few bells and whistles, not much guided imagery (except a little at the start), just Mistress using her seductive voice, gently but relentlessly, to implant a wonderful trigger (SINK) and immediately show how well it works—again and again. I bought this file because the trigger is used in others, but the session itself is one I’ll want to listen to again very soon. None of her others have made me feel quite so relaxed and blissed-out after waking.

    The file contains a post-hypnotic suggestion to leave a review, but I’m writing this because I really feel like it. (I would say that, wouldn’t I. 😉 )

  12. Ben

    This session combines Mistress Carol’s love of fishing with her mastery of hypnosis. I humbly submit that this is almost a required session for any of Mistress Carol’s slaves as she introduces the SINK trigger – which is used extensively in other sessions.

    As Mistress Carol repeatedly reinforces the “Sink” trigger – you feel you mind and your consciousness just inexorably sinking deeper and deeper as though your will and consciousness are tied to a fishing sinker that is unstoppably sinking to the bottom. In the end you have no choice but to keep sinking deeper and deeper. Absolutely recommended for Mistress Carol’s slaves!

  13. kphaws-0660

    This is a wonderful file for many reasons. Mistress Carol has brought together her two passions, fishing and hypnosis, and created an extraordinary deep trance file. This is also a file that introduces essential triggers into your mind that Mistress Carol will use again and again in other files as she programs your mind for her use.

    This file turns my mind gently into mush and listening mindlessly to the voice of the Goddess makes me feel safe, relaxed and submissive. This is my go to file prior to a phone session with Mistress Carol The gentle seduction and important triggers of this trance leave your mind wide open to any and all conditioning by Mistress Carol.

  14. curiousnca

    This session was the first time Mistress Carol dropped me really deep. Before, I had some what of a difficult time going into trance, and had been in light trances with Mistress’s recordings. I remember bits and pieces of it, I remember how real the imagery of the boat was, and how utterly relaxed I felt. All I know is, after this audio session, I have never had an issue dropping deep and fast for Mistress. Well worth the listen.

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