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How would it feel to have Mistress Carol open you wide and transform your mind?  In Erasure, a deep hypnosis audio recording, your ego will be forever changed.

deep trance hypnosis

Mistress Carol’s irresistible sensual voice will caress your mind and systematically induce deep hypnosis audio recording trance through her clever techniques, counting you into oblivion then using her spiral/vortex to make you absolutely helpless.

You lie there opened, intoxicated, paralyzed, loving every moment of it, as she transforms your mind into something much better than it was before.  You belong to Mistress Carol.  She makes the rules.

Removing your ego is so easy for her.  All she needs to do is talk to you.  You surrender and fall into blissful sleep wanting every gift she wants to give you.  You would do anything for Mistress Carol.

Your mind fades into the familiar euphoria that her voice fills you with, and as you fall, you want nothing but more.  You need more.  You want to give her anything she wants.

She improves you.  She makes you more obedient, submissive, adoring and devoted and it feels just like bliss to you.  You want to be her good boy.  You want to have your mind improved.

Your mind agrees.  Your mind always agrees.  Her control of it always feels so good to you.

This unbreakable trance makes you greedy, greedy for her voice, greedy for her words and you know she just wants what’s best for you.

She always does.

Listen now, in this deep hypnosis audio recording, and become Erased.


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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Countdown induction
  • Spiral/vortex deepener
  • Ego transformation
  • Removal of negative emotions
  • Obedience/submission
  • Devotion/adoration
  • Finger snaps
  • Trigger usage:  Sleep, submit, sink, Comatose
  • Euphoria/bliss
  • Self improvement
  • Heavy background vocals
  • Deep hypnosis audio recording
  • Metronome
  • No wake command
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 37:10

16 reviews for Erasure: Deep hypnosis audio recording

  1. Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Erasure is a euphoric deep journey into profound self-improvement for becoming a better slave for Mistress Carol, where your resistance is systemically taken from you.

    Mistress Carol is not pulling any punches during the session as she systematically uses some of her very best hypnosis techniques developed during the previously released masterpieces: Gentle countdowns, deepening vortexes, heavier body sinking into the surface it’s resting on, and multilayered reverbing heavy background vocals that keep hammering out the last vestiges of your resistant mind. All of these and more are used to make you fall like a stone into one of the deepest most profound trance states you may have ever experienced.

    Inside this blissful mindless void that you have been led into, Mistress Carol will remove the heavy negative parts of your ego replacing them with something more lighter and fitting qualities for your Mistress’ objective as an ideal slave for her. You will feel so blissful and euphoric knowing that you have been improved for the sake of your Mistress. You will wake up as a new slave.

    I never want to go back to the previous me who hold these heavy burdens. I just want to be a good boy for my mistress, who is obedient, submissive, adoring, and devoted. I don’t resist, I just sink. I just want to listen, obey and drop into the deepest void, where nothing but bliss and euphoria surround me, as Mistress Carol’s sweet heavenly whispers cocoon me into their lullaby.

    This session is an absolute masterpiece that will Erase any previous doubts about what is like to be a true devoted hypno slave for Mistress Carol.

    Erased is one of those MASTERPIECES you cannot skip in your collection. Erase your doubts as you embark on a euphoric journey of self-improvement for the sake of your Mistress!

  2. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    The feeling of being encased in the swirling black vortex swept over my body. This mind bender trance is wickedly powerful. But it is the massive bombardment of the brainwashing tracks in the background that seem to overwhelm me. Like a sneak attack they ever so subtly take over my mind. Subdue me into a deep state of relaxation. Where mindless obedience is my only choice.

    The programming is profound and it leads me ever deeper into Mistress Carols absolute control. This stealthy trance to me had a strong Dominatrix undercurrent to it. Call it the chills or goosebumps, this one had me quaking in deep submission. It also has a pleasant ‘afterglow’ to it. The feeling of being a slave to a powerful Mistress. Exhilarating!

  3. Dario (verified owner)

    Powerful, unbreakable, inevitable trance. A training of the mind that goes beyond the imaginable. This is “Erasure”, the latest masterpiece of Mistress Carol.

    After inducing a very deep trance Mistress Carol has full control over your mind to the point of being able to rebuild it as She pleases. She wants to create a new you, improved and corrected, and what Mistress Carol wants Mistress Carol gets. Being reshaped by Her will is pure ecstasy and in fact the desire to listen to this session over and over again is very powerful.

    The benefits are also impressive. With each listen the stress seems to slip away and you are pervaded by peace and bliss. Of course the bliss of belonging to Mistress Carol. You want to proclaim to the world your complete submission, your absolute adoration and the love you feel for Goddess Carol.

    “Erasure” is a priceless gift, the gift of servitude and enslavement. It’s a must have. Don’t miss it. You would regret it!

    Thank You Mistress! I belong to You!

  4. escatalos (verified owner)

    In this file, Mistress Carol, after clearly explaining the consequences of proceeding, starts by taking you deep, before then making use of her helpful vortex to take you deeper still. So, so deep, and so, so open to being improved by Mistress Carol. Out went those character traits that were more concerned with self than submission, to be replaced by new ones that ensure that nothing distracts me from my obedience to Mistress Carol. I am Mistress Carol’s slave. I long to obey her.

  5. Carl Hammond (verified owner)

    It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about this session that makes it so truly magical…

    Right from the start Mistress Carol has such a hold on you that you almost instantly fall and that’s before any countdowns take place. I love the way she takes you deep down and when you think you are already deep, Mistress Carol takes you even further down and then she installs her wonderful programming into your mind.

    I love that this recording isn’t sinister and actually aims to improve you as a human being, by taking away those negative emotions and behaviours, before Mistress Carol replaces them with some of her own unique requests.. I won’t say anymore than that, but I do feel wonderful as a result of listening to this file… Thank you again Mistress Carol.

  6. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Thank you Mistress Carol for creating this excellent wonderful deep trance hypnosis session.

    I love this session because Your hypnotic skills sends me down once again very deep into Your Hypnotic Domain where I love to be trained into a better submissive-slave and become a better person for You. Thank You Mistress. Since I can only remember the opening few minutes of the session, it makes it difficult to post a review. I wake up around two hours after the session probably ends so it’s better for me to listen to it at nighttime. I felt so good and relaxed and calm afterwards. My normal hypnosis amnesia usually happens anymore with Her sessions. At this point I am so comfortable with Mistress Carol’s hypnosis, that I do not mind at all if I cannot remember any details of Her sessions. I completely love Her hypnosis. I love that Her hypnosis skills are working around inside me to help remove all of the bad negative thoughts and feelings that have lived inside of me for a long time. I trust that She is helping me to become an overall better person. Thank You Mistress Carol. I highly recommend listening to Her hypnosis recordings or a real time Skype session with Her. I will definitely be listening to this wonderful session regularly going forward. Thank you.

  7. HPB (verified owner)

    “Sink don’t think,” commanded Mistress Carol. I did and I bet you will too.

    “Erasure” dropped me quickly and to a great depth of trance, I can only remember my post-trance experience. This week following Mistress’s slave task from “Loyal Fans,” I listened to this session three times: twice back-to-back using the repeat function (this was her exact order), and once just a little while ago for a third time.

    Aside from “sink don’t think” all I recall is the blank, brainless, euphoric feeling I found when I eventually drifted out of trance, drifted out because there’s no wake command. Although this is not an explicitly erotic trance, I woke aroused and wet.

    In “Erasure,” Mistress Carol delivers a stunning trance experience. I would rate it with more stars were they available.

    Mistress Carol’s voice easily hypnotizes me and controls my mind.

    Thank you Mistress Carol.

  8. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    Another mind-altering experience from Mistress Carol’s library – once again using multiple subliminal voice tracks to bring you deep into the abyss of trance, where she can pick out all the negative emotions that her slaves are much better off without.

    Her soft voice provides guidance in installing more positive, helpful emotions where those negative ones once sat, making all her listeners better submissives in her service.

  9. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to Erasure twice now, and I now better understand what it means to truly serve my Mistress. It is as much for me as it is for Her! The first time, I didn’t remember much past the mesmerizing countdown, but I awoke the next morning with a sense that I needed to increase my commitment to serving Mistress Carol, to make sure I was allowing her control to guide me.

    On my second listen, I gained more understanding and realized that as I rid myself of the arrogance, selfishness, and anger that is so much a part of me, I can make room for adoration, obedience, and service. This will not only strengthen my bond with Mistress Carol, but also help me in my other life relationships.

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    A jewel among Mistress’s recordings. I love the precept, and swear I could feel her actions as she completed her tasks one by one. I was engaged but totally relaxed for the whole trance. I adore Mistress Carol’s work, making the world a better place – one mind at a time.

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    phew…. i went under, and now I’m back, twice, and i know that something has changed after this recording…

    as somebody who is analytical, very aware of my surroundings and possibly attention deficit, i never thought that i would ever get properly hypnotised and tranced…. even after binging on a number of other submission recordings, i had my doubts; well I’m wrong, Mistress Carol has well and truly worked her magic here.

    i feel calm, happy, relaxed, and incredibly submissive and compliant.

    the best way of putting this is that i know, somehow, Mistress Carol has me, gently, yet firmly, by my balls…. but i’m okay with that, i somehow want more, and more….

    thank you Mistress Carol, i adore you, i want to experience more from you…

  12. Severin (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol has done it again! This session will own your mind as Mistress easily puts you into deep hypnosis and twists your mind into an enslaved devotee.

    It’s normal for me to not remember too much from very deep trances and this is no exception but i do know that this is an extremely intense hypnosis session, including an irresistible countdown induction and will have your mind swirling away into a black hole.

    Once Mistress has you in a deep hypnotic state she goes to town on you – words and instructions cascade and tumble around your subconscious while you are hypnotized. It pours like moulten gold directly inside your mind. Without knowing the specifics of the suggestions Mistress Carol has placed deep inside my mind i find myself slowly emerging from hypnosis feeling fantastic: I feel energized, empowered, controlled and very happy. I also feel very sensually aroused and i know i have been deeply hypnotized.

    That’s what Mistress Carol does so consistently that few (or none at all) can match – Mistress Carol hypnotizes you so deeply that you simply cannot resist. You’ll find yourself genuinely obeying Her commands in hypnotized obedience.
    I am unspeakably grateful to have been turned into Mistress Carol’s hypnotized slave.

    You will love this hypnosis session.

  13. Giles (verified owner)

    I love feeling myself becoming a better slave for Mistress Carol. She masterfully overwhelms you with many layers of her voice to continue the submissive training of your mind, making this a must have session for anyone who enjoys feelings of devotion and surrender towards a powerful mistress.

    I was left in a wonderfully dreamy state upon awakening, where I didn’t remember exactly what had happened, but I could tell I’d been thoroughly reprogrammed.

    This didn’t feel like any of her other sessions that I’ve listened to – Mistress Carol’s hypnotic creativity is something else!

  14. kjell (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s voice easily hypnotizes and controls me. I know it, I have experienced it in many sessions and I love it. This is also the case in Erasure, more intense than ever. Mistress Carol is making me fall deeper and deeper for Her throughout the session, making me fall into an irresistible and unbreakable deep sleep, floating in the bliss of belonging to a wonderful Mistress.

    This is only the beginning. When completely controlling my mind, Mistress is starting to make changes to me, stripping my ego of emotions She does not want me to have, erasing things like arrogance and selfishness. Then replacing these with emotions She wants inside me, filling me with things like devotion, adoration, obedience and submission to my Mistress. This is an incredibly pleasant process, gradually modifying and improving me as a slave for Mistress.

    Erasure leaves me with wonderful and happy feelings, to enjoy for a long time after the session. I have also experienced that looping is perfect for it. In any case, I feel that the impact on me is significant, I am sure I am improving. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  15. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol always hypnotizes you deeply. She always gifts you with massive amounts of erotic pleasure! And She always leaves you wanting more! More of Her erotic hypnosis, more of Her sensuous voice, more of Her wonderfully creative hypnotic scripts and more of Her gifts of erotic pleasure!

    Erasure is more of the same outstanding erotic hypnosis! Every listener will be shouting more, please more Mistress Carol! Mistress Carol, we all need more of Your guidance, suggestions and control! In return, we promise to listen, obey, and accept Your Dominance even more! Highest Recommendation!

  16. mmnj6963 (verified owner)

    This recording will drop you very deep into Mistress Carol’s compelling, hypnotic control.

    One of the most fascinating things that I have experienced with Mistress’s recordings is that I sometimes feel a twinge of apprehension when she explains directly what She intends to do to me, leaving me to wonder how I’ll be changed by the time She allows me to emerge from trance. That goes away within moments, though, because Her voice is so soothing and reassuring (even when She’s assuring you of your helplessness).

    In this file, Mistress uses sound effects, layered voices and visualization suggestions to build an irresistible scenario that you will not want to escape. Her voice paralyzed me immediately, and Her programming made me feel so wonderful upon awakening.

    Thank You, Mistress Carol! I adore You!

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