Pitch Black: Deep Erotic Trance Session

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Dare to enter the darkness, the stark Pitch Black darkness of this deep trance hypnosis: erotic trance session.

deep trance erotic hypnosis session

Close your eyes.  Notice the darkness. Feel the slight tremble as Mistress Carol’s voice begins to take you somewhere unknown… into a erotic trance session.

Heavy vocals pull you down, stretching your consciousness thinner, thinner, thinner.  *SNAP*  Gone.

Absent of all color and light all you have to hold onto now is Mistress Carol’s voice, her luscious seductive voice.  It’s your only lifeline now as it swirls around you in the pitch black darkness.  Her voice, your only existence now as you lie there, void of thought, void of consciousness slipping deeper and deeper into her.  A hollow aching need developing from deep inside your core, black, black as her obsidian pendant.  Such spells are contained within.  Powerful spells from a powerful spirit as she lures you with her voice.  Ethereal echoes reverberate inside you as her haunting voice flows so deeply into you.

Pitch black emptiness.  Void of all consciousness.

You search your mind.  There are no memories, no thoughts, just her voice.  Her haunting voice.  And all you want is to linger inside of it.  Wanting to remain, here.  Forever.

Bliss is found in your surrender.  Bliss is found in the pitch black emptiness of your mind.

Her voice, her control continues long inside of you, even when you find a shred of wakefulness.  Her powerful spirit remains.  You want to remain inside of it.

Find your courage and step inside into the Pitch Black: Deep Trance Hypnosis: erotic trance session…

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Heavy vocals
  • Metronome
  • Deep trance
  • Erotic trance session
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Emptiness/darkness
  • D/s
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 41:20

15 reviews for Pitch Black: Deep Erotic Trance Session

  1. David (verified owner)

    I would love to tell you all the details about this trance but I have a hard time remembering what the lovely, sexy, sensual Mistress Carol told me. What I do remember is the absolute bliss I found myself in any time I came up from trance a little.

    Mistress Carol is an angel that has a voice that relaxes me more than anything else ever has.

    Thank You Mistress.

  2. slzb (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s hypnosis is so powerful. Very quickly I could feel my mind fading away. I just laid there aware of Mistress Carol’s words swirling into my mind, but not really able to make out or concentrate on what was being said. I just accepted and helplessly obeyed. When I did come out of this one I felt so empty and when I finally did try to open my eyes, I was unable to for quite some time.

    I highly recommend this file to any lovers of deep mindless trance and submission.

  3. S_t_a_r_m_a_n (verified owner)

    This is one of Mistress Carol’s most addictive sessions. I’ve listened to it more than a dozen times. No matter how many times I listen to it, it always feels fresh and new. It is powerful and effective, and I love sinking into the pitch black darkness created by Mistress Carol’s mesmerizing voice. It is impossible to resist.

  4. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    Wow!!! What an incredible experience. There is so little I can remember from this trance, but for how absurdly deep it sends you. After the trance ends it takes so long to recover, and your mind is so empty that it becomes impossible to form any thoughts. It’s ok though because lying there in the infinite bliss of mindless surrender is such an amazing feeling that you will be happy not to think.

    Pitch black is a fantastic trance which demonstrates to you how powerful Mistress Carol’s voice is. I learnt from this trance that resistance is not only impossible, but undesirable. Complete submission to Mistress carol is the only option and it feels amazing.

    I will definitely be returning to this trance frequently to feel the blissful sense of nothingness again.

  5. Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Pitch Black is a deep rabbit hole of trance, where your whole consciousness will be engulfed by the blissful darkness, surrounded only by the irresistible sound of Mistress Carol’s voice and her encompassing tingly whispers.

    The gentle conversational tone of her voice and surrounding barely audible background vocals and effects will help you to lull into the deepest of trances yet. What are those voices saying? You don’t know nor you don’t care. You only feel like those tingly whispers are like gentle caresses, that help you to surrender your mind even more to the blissful darkness, where only echoes of Mistress Carol’s voice remain.

    This session is so damn addictive, and I want to listen to it again so I can fall even deeper into the bottomless pitch-black well of trance. I just want to stay in this void of darkness, where I am pleasantly caressed by this sweet lullaby of a siren’s voice. “Pitch Black” has quickly become one of my all-time absolute favorite deep trance sessions to listen to! It deserves the must-buy recommendation for every trance fetishist!

    Pitch Black is an absolute piece of heaven for every deep trance enthusiast who wants to experience complete and utter mindlessness. It’s a euphorically mindless space, where your mind might never want to return from. Recovery will be as difficult as opening your still heavy stuck eyelids of yours.

    Thank you, Mistress Carol, for creating this extraordinaire masterpiece of a mindless deep trance session!

  6. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    This was an amazing experience.

    The tendrils of consciousness holding on by a thread – stretched to the limit and then SNAP they are broken and the release is pure bliss!

    Mistress Carol takes you down deep, and just when you think you have reached the bottom, she pushes you over the “edge” and you fall even deeper. Ready to listen and obey to any command she gives. Eager to repeat the process over and over again. Craving her control and domination over you –

    Definitely a file I will want to come back to again and again!

  7. R (verified owner)

    Another powerful session. Quickly into the trance there is just darkness.. and it keeps Getting darker and darker. I love the sense of loss of control I feel with this trance. But a lot of the session is a blur to me. There is also a strong sense of the submitting to her will and being the perfect sub. By the end of the trance. It was tough to even just to reopen my eyes into being wake.

    It’s definitely one to add to the collection for the deepness of the trance alone.

  8. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    Left in a pitch black place. Wrapped up tightly by her voice, her words. Struggling against hypnotic bondage Mistress put me in. Searching for her voice. Wanting to be free but Mistress has other plans for me…struggling, searching, enslaved to her voice. This is how I felt at the end of this trance. The deeply layered brainwashing background voices bombarded my mind throughout this wonderfully enslaving session. To be honest I felt like being wrapped up tightly or bound in a sort of sleep sack. Existing only inside her luscious elegant voice. My blank mind being guided into untold pleasures by that delicious voice. Lost inside of Mistress Carol’s words. Never to return. Not wanting to return. Existing as her slave in a pitch black void. Waiting for her return. Craving her voice. Wanting her words to free me from a pitch black place. Existing only for Mistress and her captivating voice….wanting, yearning, longing for her words, enslaved.

  9. terry_c58

    Mistress Carol guides us so well. She knows exactly what we need. Surrendering to the depths of her control in this session increases that devotion immensely. I adore Mistress Carol.

  10. Dario (verified owner)

    Whenever I review one of Mistress Carol’s masterpieces I try to be as objective as possible and it’s not easy when you’re a devoted adoring slave like me. “Pitch Black” is simply wonderful, irresistible and of such power to leave breathless even those who have regularly listened to the angelic voice of Mistress Carol for years.

    At the beginning of the session you experience the sensation of sweet abandonment and you are lulled into a world made only of sounds. A deep, dark but peaceful world. As the minutes go by, things change. Instinctively you realize that you no longer exist. There is only Mistress Carol.

    In the darkness there is only Her will. In your mind only pure submission. In your body only ecstasy.

    I can’t say when the session really ended nor do I remember when I woke up. I must have been in that darkness for a long time unable to remember even my name. Evidently my mind was desperate to remain under Mistress Carol’s full control. After my complete awakening, I also experienced an intense feeling of well-being that accompanied me for a long time. Amazing.

    This session is absolutely a must have whether you are a lover of deep hypnosis or whether you want to experience the immense power and absolute genius of a Goddess like Mistress Carol. Thank You so much Mistress.

  11. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Well, this is another most excellent hypnosis session by Mistress Carol.

    The best thing I love about hypnosis is letting go of my control and then going down deep into trance … and with this session I have gone down to some of the deepest areas in my mind that I have ever experienced. I simply do not know how Mistress Carol’s skills keep getting better and better. I am so very thankful for Her in many ways. She is the best and only HypnoDomme-Mistress for me.

    The session starts out innocently enough… even though I do not usually wear a blindfold for sessions, this time it was a nice additional bonus for the overall experience. I might start wearing it more often going forward. Before I realized what was happening with Her talking, then I was already too far gone and well on my way back down into Her Hypnotic Domain. Plus, I’m sure I have become very conditioned to Her hypnotic ways by now. Once I’m at this point, then Mistress Carol is definitely in control…. and all I can do is let go and then She is in charge.

    My conscious mind just starts shutting down I believe even well before I realize it anymore with Her sessions. I always love training to become more submissive and obedient for my Mistress and to please Her. The deep darkness filling me and blankness of my mind and surrounded by Her beautiful voice is all I needed for this session. My over-active mind is so very thankful for a break from the daily stress of life. I realize that I really need Her hypnosis filling up me and relaxing me and transforming me into a better overall person. I just have wonderful warm feelings while being in Her hypnotic care.

    I was not even sure at one point if the session had even ended since I kept floating along with Her voice filling up me. It took me awhile to start thinking again after my eyes finally opened. I just wanted to stay in Her beautiful trance forever. Hypnosis amnesia is real with Mistress Carol in control and many times it affects me anymore where I simply cannot remember details of sessions.

    If I put this session on repeat, then I may be out way deep in trance for several hours — which is a wonderful thought… maybe next time. Overall, I love this extremely deep trance hypnosis session by Mistress Carol. Thank You.

  12. escatalos (verified owner)

    For me, true submission to the truly dominant is a relationship of trust, not fear. History is full of examples where those who have sought to rule humans or animals using fear have paid the price: insecurity, impotence, revolt.

    In Pitch Black, Mistress Carol takes and gently forms my mind so that in abandoning myself to her I lose my fear of the dark, and embrace the peaceful blackness (and blankness) of hypnotic domination at its very best. A trance to return to again and again.

  13. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    When lying down for this session, make sure you close the doors and draw the curtains to emphasize the Pitch Black nature of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic grasp on your mind.

    A combination of Mistress Carol’s powerful voice from directly in front, along with barely audible whisper tracks in your left and right ears, will quickly grab hold of you and pull you down, down, deeper down – until you lie in the ever-deepening void of her control over you.

    After a wonderful assortment of positive slave reinforcements and filling you with adoration for her voice and influence over your mind, she will leave you an empty husk – barely able to return to wakefulness, and even when you do, it will be a tremendous effort to even open your eyes.

    It will be yet another session that you return to again and again, just to feel the pleasure of her will over yours.

  14. Severin

    Woahhhh… this session puts me into ultra deeeeep hypnosis! TBH I can remember so little of it that I’m not entirely sure what I’m reviewing here, more of a lingering post-hypnotic feeling of bliss and emptiness than anything else but here goes:

    The induction requests a blindfold to induce the sensation of darkness and I’ve complied with this some of the time but some of the time I’ve simply shut my eyes. The blindfold certainly helps but it’s not essential.It’s a slow and swirling induction where Mistress Carol stretches out your consciousness until it simply gives way to a deep hypnotic trance.It kinda feels like your consciousness is being rolled out like a pastry dough until it’s so thin it becomes transparent until … well, after that I’m too far gone into deep hypnosis to recall what happens. I’m out like a light into a sensation of deep dark emptiness and mindless obedience.

    Mistress Carol’s suggestions (whatever they are) simply echo in the dark void of my mind and i accept them and obey without any consciousness. It feels like being locked in a sexy dungeon in complete darkness and having a slow and sensual mindfuck. Although it is *dark* there’s a real sensuality to this trance – it’s extremely pleasurable and blissful to fall so deeply for Mistress Carol.

    So there you have it. I’ve listened 8 or 9 times already and that’s the sum total of my recollections.You’ll come round slowly and in a state of mindless bliss after the session ends and your hypnotic state will linger long after the recording ends as Mistress Carol’s voice echoes inside your subconscious. I love to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol.

    Highly recommended for lovers of deep hypnotic trance.

  15. HPB

    OMGoddess! It is one dark trance session. It starts dark, gets darker and becomes so dark only your voice remains. And your voice is so compelling I sank so deep I literally lost consciousness with only occasional waking moments. I don’t usually wear a blindfold, but of course I followed your direction; that contributed to the darkness. I woke toward the end of my first listening and followed your commands. When I woke again, I immediately listened again. The second time the trance was even more effective. It is an amazing experience.

    Thank you so much for “Pitch Black.” It would knock my socks off had I been wearing any. Paris

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