Seven Days of Chastity Hell: Male Chastity Hypnosis Audio

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Teased and tormented for seven days.  Can you handle it?

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In this Male Chastity Hypnosis audio session you will experience Seven Days of Chastity Hell, as Mistress Carol programs your mind in male chastity!

Each day, for 7 days, Mistress Carol will lock you in a cage of chastity within your own mind. You will become deeply hypnotized and bound to her will in this male chastity hypnosis audio, where there is no escape, no release, from the sound of her voice, echoing in the dusty chambers of your mind. You will become her slave, her slave in chastity, and as the cage in your mind gets tighter and you are squirming inside, your arousal will deepen into intense desire. Such delicious torment!

But, you are under Mistress Carol’s spell, under her control in complete chastity and submission to her… always.

There is no escaping your chastity, no way out of here. Once you are heavily hypnotized, Mistress Carol will then place a couple of triggers into your subconscious that keep you in tight confinement, inside within her control and in chastity for her. And, while this torture is pure agony and ecstasy all at once, it is exactly what you crave and what you came her for, my pet.  

And, each day, the confinement in this chastity cage inside your mind deepens and deepens, and you realize there is no way to escape. Still your desire grows with each passing day, your penis getting harder, but locked away from your touch, locked away from release, from pleasuring it, from the ultimate climax, which keeps you on edge all week. 

Mistress Carol also has provided you with a short listen each day you are in chastity for her. Go listen now!

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download (total of eight)
  • Gentle relaxing induction
  • Hypnotic trigger word usage
  • Hypnotic trigger word placement
  • Slave references
  • Contains profanity
  • Male Chastity Hypnosis Audio control
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music and vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 29:39

1 review for Seven Days of Chastity Hell: Male Chastity Hypnosis Audio

  1. Dario

    Hell or Heaven?

    This review is almost exclusively about my experience in chastity.  I remember only small fragments of the hypnotic session.  The effects on the contrary are extremely vivid in my mind.  This masterpiece for me is both Hell and Heaven.  It is a real Hell especially at the beginning.  The excitement is almost unbearable, you want to touch yourself to get some relief and instead your body, your hands just don’t move.  The only option is to learn to manage these sensations and the moment you succeed, the doors of Heaven open.  Mistress Carol becomes your whole world. Her voice is pure pleasure, the only one that is granted to you and at the same time the most intense. In chastity, Mistress Carol’s power is amplified dramatically.  She can do what she wants with you and your mind. You need to be Her horny Toy. You need to be a better slave, more devoted, more obedient, more suggestible, more submissive. In a word Owned.

    The end of chastity?  It’s an experience that must be lived and not described in words. This umpteenth masterpiece is recommended both for those looking for a highly erotic experience and for those who want to improve themselves as a slave. Thank you my Goddess for this wonderful example of your genius.

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