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Shrinking down to be placed in Mistress Carol’s silk blouse pocket.

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The ultimate trigger word. The ultimate deep trance.  Mistress will shrink your helpless body and place you against hers, deep inside the pocket of her silk blouse then install her ultimate trigger word.  You will plummet for her as she toys with your mind and strengthens your feelings of submission, love and devotion.  Each listen makes your trigger stronger.  Each listen increases the depth of your feelings.  The ultimate submissive adventure.

Originally $34.95.  Now reduced.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Eye fixation induction
  • Shrinking deepener
  • Silk blouse
  • Trigger training
  • Trigger usage:  Sleep, sink, NOW, submit, bottomless
  • Boot worship
  • Feminine Domination
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music and vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 46:25

6 reviews for Awakened

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    Where to begin.

    This session will take you down in the most sensual of ways. Mistress Carol’s voice will captivate you and prove how powerful yet subtle her voice can affect your mind and perception. How gently she can make you submit to the hushed rhythm of her words. Taking and melting your mind down to complete submission that seems effortless.

    An amazing session and one that shouldn’t be over looked. Mistress Carol will have you easily relaxed and drifting away without the slightest clue. A must have for anyone, new or experienced in erotic hypnosis.

  2. Severin

    This is yet another remarkable piece of erotic hypnosis from Mistress Carol. The hypnotic amnesia kicks in hard and strong so it’s one of those reviews where i can only say how amazingly deep it puts me into hypnosis and how wonderful it makes me feel.

    You’ll come round feeling horny, submissive and wanting and needing to listen to this again and again and again.
    If you’ve got a fetish for being dominated by a giant women it will tick all your boxes but it’s also just as good if you’re looking for superb hypnosis and domination. The feeling of shrinking down and feeling tiny and helpless in the face of Mistress Carol’s control is real. It’s the last thing i can recall about this deep trance before my consciousness gets put completely to sleep.

    i looooove being this deeply hypnotized and submissive. Another power play from Mistress Carol demonstrating her craft and skills that leaves me begging for more of the same.

  3. Devoted Slave (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is absolute perfection. She gently takes into a place where eventually you hear her, and know what she’s saying but just can’t seem to remember exactly what it was when you are done. However – she never fails to leave you unbelievably aroused. After stumbling on this track, I find myself drawn back to it over, and over again. A beautiful and absolute addiction. Thank you Mistress.

  4. slave Royale (verified owner)

    If you enjoy deep trance hypnosis sessions, then you need to purchase this wonderful session. If you enjoy submissive training, then buy this amazing session. If you simply love listening to hypnosis sessions, then most definitely buy this session today. Mistress Carol keeps making hypnosis better and better with each new session created. I absolutely love this fantastic deepest trance ever experienced hypnosis session. I love not being able to remember any details afterwards, just the feelings of being so comfortable, warm, and safe in Mistress Carol’s hypnotic care. Feelings of giving up my stress, anxiety, and giving up my control to Her for awhile allows me to fully relax and allow Her hypnosis magic powers to move around throughout my entire mind and body. It feels so good in me. This session is definitely at the top of my playlist for hypnosis sessions. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  5. Kurt

    This trance is the logical continuation of everything that has been prepared throughout the “Mind distortion series”. The many possibilities that Mistress Carol has in store to evoke submission, adoration and great wellbeing are breath taking. It’s always new and always more intense – the trigger that she is building up in this hypnosis is incredibly powerful and effective and amplifies this already very beautiful and latent feeling of security and deep trust. Mistress Carol’s words grant complete fulfillment of the deep yearning for submission, adoration and worship. I reverently admire the creativeness that comes with every new recording, firmly determining the direction to absolute bliss. This trance is a further step into the heavenly state of eternal desire and deepest submission. Thank you for your guidance, Mistress!

  6. Dario

    Mistress Carol has a very rare talent.
    She always manages to surpass Herself and create new jewels that can increase submission, devotion and adoration.
    Awakened is truly an incredible session, a unique mix of intense emotions that remain etched in your soul.
    Mistress Carol’s voice is like a sweet sensual hug that slowly but surely envelops you making you incapable of any resistance.
    The association between hypnosis and extreme arousal is irresistible and in the end there remains only an intense desire to be programmed and trained.
    Again and again…
    A real slave who wants nothing more than to get lost in Mistress Carol. Awakened, changed forever.
    If one of your goals in life is to belong to Mistress Carol, this hypnotic session cannot be missing from your collection for any reason.
    Thank You my Goddess for allowing all of us submissive slaves to experience ever more intense love with each new masterpiece.

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