Snapped into Submission: Hypnosis Training Audio

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Trigger trained into deep submission.

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It’s just a simple snap, right?  No, it’s a power tool Mistress Carol uses on your mind in Snapped into Submission: Hypnosis Training Audio.

Hypnosis training audio

Mistress Carol’s voice transports you to another realm the instant you hear it.  Your natural response is to surrender to her immediately.

But pet, she wants more.

She wants you to become even MORE submissive and obedient to her voice, her words.

Mistress Carol always gets what she wants.

She will fold your consciousness, over and over, until it no longer exists.  Once you are in a delicious stupor for her, she will train you with her finger snaps making you even more submissive, even more obedient.

Her voice melts your mind.  Your resistances vanishes in her presence.  The feelings that flood through you bring you the greatest sense of pleasure.

You give her more submission… She gives you more pleasure.

Each snap of her pretty fingers, takes you deeper, trains your mind in even greater submission in this Hypnosis Training Audio. You adore Mistress Carol and you will give her ANYTHING she wants.


She twists your mind to crave your training, and each time you listen of Snapped into Submission: Hypnosis Audio Training, you become more submissive… Until you are utterly HERS.

There is nowhere you would rather be than deeply hypnotized and control by her sexy sensual voice.  Mistress Carol is a master at her craft.  Mistress Carol easily catches you in her web.

“Come closer to me” she tells you like the spider to the fly.  Soon you are captured and happily surrendering to her velvet voice wanting more and more.

Enter her lair…


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing consciousness reducing induction
  • Trigger usage:  Relentless, Sink, Comatose, sleep
  • Deeper submission and obedience
  • Subconscious mind control and training
  • Finger snaps
  • Cumulative affects with each listen
  • Contains wake command
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background vocals
  • Background music
  • Session length is 24 minutes

16 reviews for Snapped into Submission: Hypnosis Training Audio

  1. S_t_a_r_m_a_n (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is such a generous and kind dominatrix. All I want is to deepen my submissiveness to her. Obedience is pleasure, submission is bliss, and this session is pure love! Mistress Carol is the goddess of my mind.

  2. David

    I am not sure how many times I have listened to Mistress Carol but her voice on this audio put me into absolute bliss. As I l listened I felt my level of submission to Mistress Carol skyrocket.

    Hearing her voice puts my entire body and mind in total relaxation mode that has me desiring to listen to Mistress Carol as often as I can. Her voice and care for Her slaves makes one want to be devoted to Her, as She cares so much for Her slaves.

    I adore You Mistress Carol. I fall deep for You and I am even more devoted to You.

  3. @NeoSlaveBoy (verified owner)

    The power of Mistress Carol’s snaps is irresistible. When combined with her voice it is overwhelming.

    Every finger-snap takes me deeper until my mind is numb in a haze of submission. My conscious mind returns for a single moment to listen that I must submit and obey, and then a new snap makes me dive again with no explicit memories, but leaving a great sensation of devotion and obedience.

    Thank you Mistress Carol for including this session in my submission assignment. Obedience is pleasure.

  4. escatalos (verified owner)

    It was not until I listened to this file that I knew that purple was my favourite colour, at least provided that it is combined with Mistress Carol and her wonderful fingers. Do do not listen to this file unless you have candles at hand. Lighting candle is, I hope, the least I can do to affirm my devotion to Mistress Carol.

  5. Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Snapped into submission is a shorter but power-backed session, that is extremely effective at bringing your addictive feelings of submission for your Mistress to an even higher level. With a unique audio-qued deepener and using previously installed powerful triggers you will be quickly dropping at a deeper state than you could have previously imagined.

    Mistress Carol will link the growing submission to her with the sexy snaps of her fingers. And Oh Boy, is there nothing more arousing than a sexy dominant mistress constantly snapping her fingers while your own deep feelings of submission keep swelling up for her. You are like Pavlov’s dog drooling for your next treat at the behest of your Mistress’ commanding snaps.

    This session keeps cumulatively getting better and better with each listen. Every listen and a finger snap brings out more submission which equals more obedience, which in turn equals more pleasure; Creating a positive response loop, that produces irresistible addiction. One listen is simply not enough!

    This session is a quick way to effectively recharge and strengthen my submission to my Mistress. Every time my submission wanes I can always come back to this session, and get my new booster fix!

  6. escatalos (verified owner)

    Each snap of Mistress Carol’s fingers deepens my submission to her. Mistress makes use, I think, of a number of triggers and themes from other trances alongside the finger-snaps, but I do not think that familiarity with these is essential: this trance is a powerful combination of Mistress’ voice and fingers which takes the subject into submission, and leaves him wanting to submit even more. This is a file for all puppets who want their strings to be controlled by Mistress Carol’s beautiful fingers and their minds replaced by unconditional obedience to her voice.

  7. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is always creating new, more potent forms of hypnosis to incapacitate your mind. And this little gem is truly one of the most powerful hypnotic sessions into submission to date! However she does it is downright magical. Like dropping down a rabbit hole into another realm. This trance is a heavy hitter.

    Blank, vacant, mindless. Only her voice to follow as the outside world disappears. Totally lost in the beginning as deep relaxation settles in. Then the folding of the mind bit (omg my whole head is an active participant into a relaxation so deep my mouth becomes agape and ajar). Now in a truly mindless state she demonstrates her expertise in Dominance over my mind and body. Like a puppet she uses me for her benefit and entertainment. Perhaps this is my twentieth listen and the intensity keeps increasing. There is no escape from this exquisite erotic session.

    Oh yeah, there’s a mantra that I never see coming that just melts my mind into oblivion. Mistress Carol controls me completely in this wickedly good trance.

  8. Severin (verified owner)

    Snapped into Submission is just sensational Erotic Hypnosis that will spirit your mind away.

    It takes me so mindlessly deep into hypnosis that i struggle to recall much more than having my mind meticulously folded away until the wave of dark hypnotic blankness sweeps away my consciousness.
    The growing darkness is a theme Mistress Carol has explored in other sessions like Pitch Black and maybe a few others (Relentless? Erasure?) that all have the power to alter your mind and control you beyond conscious recollection or understanding.

    This session is so intensely pleasurable and sensual, so powerfully compelling in it’s deep hypnotic control of your mind that you will find yourself listening to it compulsively and finding it increasingly hypnotic and powerful.
    With her immaculate and gorgeous bright purple finger nails, Mistress Carol will snap your mind into pieces. The hypnotic snaps flash relentlessly through your mind like hypnotic lightning bolts and you will be helpless to resist.

    This session leaves me in a drooling, sticky mess and with a mind so mushed that all i ever want is more and more of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic control.

  9. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Deep hypnotic trance by Mistress Carol — Yes, … Her fingers snapping me down deep into trance —Yes, ….even more submissive training by Her —Yes and more yes…

    This session has everything that I love about Mistress Carol’s hypnosis sessions and so much more. At this point, my mind only remembers what Mistress wants me to remember about Her wonderful hypnosis sessions. Most of the time I cannot remember the details of the sessions.

    After waking up, my mind and body are in a wonderful relaxing place and all I want to do is go back for more. I am truly becoming totally and completely conditioned by Her amazing, wonderful hypnotic talents. Her hypnosis really does agree with me – mind and body – and helps me to feel better in so many ways.

    I adore Mistress Carol. Deep down I know that obedience is pleasure in Her Hypnotic Domain and my subconscious mind is in full agreement with Her at this point … and I love it this way. This session is another extremely enjoyable, deeply trance experience for anyone to enjoy.

    Thank You Mistress Carol.

  10. Dario (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol did it again. Another masterpiece, another opportunity to submit to Her.

    A little premise: even though I listened to it several times my recollections of this mp3 are extremely fuzzy. It often happens to me and I can’t tell if this session compelled me to forget its content. The truth is that the only real memories I have are the snaps and and yet I’m aware that I’ve been subjected to severe training and indoctrination.

    I know my mind is a toy in Mistress Carol’s hands and once again I could not help but surrender to Her boundless power. This is not a surprise to me. This hypnosis imprints obedience deeply and permanently in the lucky listener mind and I know very well that obedience is pleasure.

    Another remarkable aspect is how addictive this jewel is. You would listen to it over and over again! You need it!

    In conclusion “Snapped into Submission” gives you so many gifts, including the opportunity (not only in your mind) to kneel before Goddess Carol.

    Don’t miss it for any reason! Thank You Mistress. I belong to You.

  11. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol convinces you that your best course of action is to obey Her and comply with Her wishes! She reminds you of the pleasure She grants you if you obey Her and gives Her what She wants! She also reminds you that what you want is what She wants.

    It is always best to give in to Mistress Carol’s hypnotic requests. Mistress Carol focuses your mind on what is important and what is pleasurable. Mistress Carol is all that is important and what is pleasurable! Submission to Her is first and foremost to you. Her pleasure consumes you. Thoughts of serving Her consume you! Surrender to Her is all that you want to do! Obedience is pleasure!

    Succumbing to Her voice and submitting to Her will and surrender to Her control is all you will want! Mistress Carol is always victorious! Thank Goddess Mistress Carol! Thank Her that She has chosen you and allowed you to submit and serve Her!

  12. terry_c58

    The more I trance to Mistress Carol’s hypnotic audios, the more I learn about serving and obeying her. This file takes that knowledge to a whole new level.

    She easily and seductively guides me into a deep trance where her snaps emphasize her control and my need to obey. She leaves me with a feeling of contentment being her loyal servant, one of her good boys, her pet.

  13. HPB (verified owner)

    In this trance session Mistress Carol created a paean to her ability to put her subjects into a submissive sleep with a snap of her fingers. It’s short, intense and perfect for listening at any time of day.

    Thank you Mistress Carol. I am submissive to you and wish you happy anniversary.

  14. Hugh (verified owner)

    In this recording Mistress Carol will take you deep into a hypnotic trance, and continue taking you deeper and deeper, while She programs and conditions you to be more submissive, more obedient, and more devoted to Her. You will find yourself mindless, lost in trance, and wanting to submit to Mistress Carol without question as Her finger snaps lead you into a pleasurable glow of submission to your Mistress.

    Don’t be deceived by the relatively short length of this recording – Snapped into Submission is extremely effective, and will leave you with a longing to submit unconditionally to a truly talented Hypno-Domme. I submit to Mistress Carol!

  15. andrew

    i think in order to get the full value of this recording, one should listen to Relentless, and possibly Pitch Black beforehand… i did, and then i listened to this….. somehow Mistress has not only made me feel incredibly good, but increased the amount of submissiveness within me many fold… after the first time, i found myself lighting candles in Mistress Carols honour and repeating mantras; then listening again and again… Mistress Carol, i adore you, i am happy to say i am devoted to you and will happily be your obedient, totally submissive slave… i need more training.

  16. Steven G (verified owner)

    Snapped into Submission is the perfect anniversary gift from Mistress Carol.

    Mistress Carol takes the reigns of your mind and shows how easy and pleasurable it is to submit to her and her snaps. As with all of her submission training audios, it’s also the perfect session to sneak into any playlist to further submit to her mesmerizing and erotic voice! Thank you Mistress Carol.

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