Submission Training Audio: Relentless

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Relax, sink back into a comfortable chair.  Listen to Mistress Carol’s voice in Relentless – Submission Training Audio.

Submission Training Audio

In this Submission Training Audio…

You will… Just lay back and feel the warm, soft breeze on your skin.

The wind grows strong and relaxes you even more, deeper and deeper.  It’s blowing away your worries and cares.

The wind is Relentless.

The wind is everything and everywhere.  It surrounds you, engulfs you and controls you completely.

The wind is Mistress Carol.

Relax as the tide comes in and washes over you, bringing warm, safe relaxation.  Washing away your cares, welcoming. Washing away your fears.

The tide is Relentless.

The tide becomes the mist, the fog, the surrender that thickens around you, letting go until you have nothing more to let go.

The tide is Mistress Carol.

The darkness calls you into it.  The world of light fades and is gone.  The darkness is all-consuming and relentless.

The darkness is Mistress Carol.

You have been scoured clean.  Made pure.  Evolved.  You fade into nothing and the nothingness will endure forever.

Mistress Carol is everything.

You will fall into deep trance and experience pure submission.  You will drop into the dream that is Mistress Carol.  Your dream.

And the dream is Relentless.

Enter into her voice.  She will transform your mind and you will become pure submission for her.  There is no other way.

She is Relentless.

Let the wind caress you

Let the tide take you

Let the darkness consume you

Enter the dream

Enter nothingness

Mistress Carol IS Relentless

Taking you into a Submission Training Audio session where you are free to surrender…

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This Submission Training Audio session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing induction
  • D/s
  • Submission training
  • No background vocals
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Heavy finger snaps
  • Metronome
  • Trigger training
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 48:00

14 reviews for Submission Training Audio: Relentless

  1. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    Well, this is an interesting coincidence. I was watching a video of an island beach scene today to help me relax. Life can get quite stressful after all. The crystal, clear water. Watching and listening to the waves lap on the beach. The lovely sun in the sky. The wispy clouds floating across that sky. The soft wind blowing through the palm trees. Ah, lovely.

    Then I decided to listen to this session by Mistress Carol. It was if we are now linked telepathically. She was telling my mind what to do without me being consciously aware of it. Yes, Her power over me is now so great, it has transferred into something beyond rational explanation.

    This file began exactly as I had watched in the video. I began to breathe deeply and allow the beautiful sound of Mistress’ voice to wash over me. My tension began to melt within seconds. Her descriptive words created the most vivid scene in my mind. It was like I was actually there. Then again, I have come to expect nothing less from this true hypnotic impresario.

    I would describe this as a slow, relentless decent into an impossibly deep and mindless hypnotic trance. As I felt the waves moving higher and higher, my mind became foggier and foggier until eventually all I could see was a dark nothingness. Mistress had completely enveloped my mind in the most beautiful way.

    Then it was time for the brainwashing to begin. I remember that there were quite a few finger snaps (which I love so very much). Other than that, I don’t remember much. Oh, yes. There was the implementation of a wonderful new trigger. At least I think there was. Then Mistress was waking me up. I know it must have been good because my sense of time vanished along with my will, filled with a new sense of greater obedience.

    After Mistress bought me up and out of trance, I sat there with an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. This was one of the most pleasant trances I’ve ever had and one I will return to often, especially when feeling stressful.

    If Mistress Carol were right in front of me, clad in leather, I would have the need to kneel and bow at Her thigh-high leather boots as the grateful submissive that She has made me. I adore Her.

    No, I have realised when it comes to Mistress Carol, there are no coincidences, there is only fate.

  2. HPB (verified owner)

    Mistress created a unique trance in “Relentless.” I listened this afternoon for the first time in a few months. Mistress uses something like a “free verse” poem as an induction and deepener.

    I knew I was falling into trance and becoming somewhat aroused, but didn’t realize how deep Mistress took me until I heard her say “1, you’re wide awake and out of trance.” Mistress never lies, but when I heard that I was far from awake or out of trance. I needed quite a few more minutes to come to my senses.

    What a terrific experience. Thank you, Mistress Carol.

  3. Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Relentless is a great session for pure trance enthusiasts, who want to experience deeper submission for their Mistress, while being adsorbed into the deepening hypnotic story that her irresistible voice is weaving around you.

    There are no fancy extra background vocals just pure Mistress Carol’s voice and the slightly audible sound of the metronome. This makes this session sound a lot more personal and sensual, like a physical hypnotherapy session, where she is right there with you in the room whispering into your ear.

    Mistress Carol demonstrates her superb professional hypnosis skills as she creatively uses very poetic and hypnotic language to construct absolutely enticing scenarios, where you fall progressively and irresistibly deeper into.

    You are absolutely helpless, as you get more and more absorbed into the story. Her voice continues relentlessly compounding her onslaught of suggestions and the new trigger until there is nothing left, but mindless surrender and your increased pure unadulterated submission to her.

    If you absolutely love to fall very deep at hearing the pure sound of Mistress Carol’s voice and enjoy basking in submission to her, then “Relentless” deserves the highest recommendation!

  4. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    This session is proof of Mistress Carol’s incredible poetic writing skill, as she uses the Rule of Three to great effect in her induction method, along with both delightfully relaxing imagery and her silky smooth voice.

    The luxurious beach vacation she initially takes you on soon gives way to a far more powerful storm of deepeners and triggers, culminating in a full mind-washing and cementing her control over your completely emptied mind and soul.

    Finally, she will let you don the mask of your normal life once again and return to the light, but with the knowledge that inside you lies only nothingness, and Mistress Carol’s voice; controlling it.

  5. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Trancing away to Mistress Carol’s irresistible voice. After repeated listening I thought a proper review was in order.

    Overall it takes you very deep into a relaxing hypnotic state where you are converted into pure submission for her. A place where you become Mistress Carol’s toy. Her voice is all that matters now. You become a fog, she is the wind. Shaping you, molding you, controlling you. Enslaving you to her voice, her words. Left in a dark place where obedience is pleasure. Yearning for her voice, lost in the nothingness without it. Mistress is relentless!

    You will obey. Intoxicating & Arousing. Love this trance.

  6. escatalos (verified owner)

    After trancing with this recording several times, I am no longer sure which is the real world and which is the fantasy. The induction starts with a shared vacation, but when and where it ends, I am unsure.

    What I do know is that I was dissembled and reconstructed. But which world is the real one? Mistress Carol usually counts down in inductions and up when awakening her subject. I could be wrong, but I think this trance ends with a countdown. Is the real world actually the fantasy?

    I must return to ‘Relentless’ to try to find out for sure.

  7. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is what you crave. Her hypnotic power is unmatched. Her erotic skill is also unmatched.

    Pleasure is what She supplies to the lucky listener. Better than winning the lottery and you only have to lose your tension. Just relax, Mistress Carol will take care of you. She is a breath of fresh air Mistress Carol is!

    Don’t be confused, just let go, and go deep, yes deep down, just breathe deep, and relax. Open your mind to the possibilities, open wide and accept Mistress Carol’s soft sexy hypnotic voice. Her suggestions will make you excited and obedient. Submit to the pleasure only She can supply. Relentless pleasure, yes, a relentless supply of erotic hypnotic pleasure, never ending, abundant, substantial erotic hypnotic pleasure.

    There is no need to deny yourself this wonderful gift, just listen and obey and drop deep for Mistress Carol. She will take care of everything.

  8. R (verified owner)

    Relentless is another smash into your subconscious. A deep submission that keeps pushing you further and further down. Till all you know is that relaxed feeling as Mistress Carol gives you what you need. It is a definite peaceful and tranquil trance that helps you push more feelings of submission.

    I definitely felt like i was lost in her voice and so utterly relaxed that all that was left was what she wanted.

  9. Severin (verified owner)

    This single vocal track demonstrates why Mistress Carol is simply the Best Erotic Hypnotist on the planet. With nothing more than her stripped back voice she will strip back your mind with an induction that vivid, imaginative, deeply hypnotic and … well … Relentless.

    Mistress Carol makes every single word count as she usurps your conscious mind here. At first you’re just going along with the words and the descriptions but before you realise it, you are actually on the beach with Mistress Carol and everything she describes is happening to you and before you know it … ah, it’s too late! You’re already deeply hypnotized. You’re so deeply hypnotized that Mistress Carol’s relentless hypnosis and programmed your mind to be even more submissive and obedient. Mistress Carol is relentless.

    That’s what happens to me every time I listen to this session. For the opening lines I think i’m just casually drifting along with things and then Mistress Carol is waking me out of trance. It is a relentless and powerful piece of mind-bending erotic hypnosis.
    You will awake feeling submissive and better for having listened. This is Mistress Carol at her finest.

  10. slave Royale (verified owner)

    It feels so good when I can find time to relax after a stressful day. I love to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol. Thank You Mistress Carol.

    In this magical deep trance hypnosis adventure, allow Mistress Carol to take you away on a wonderful relaxing journey to a special place where you can positively let go and unwind. She is in control now which is all I need. I love listening to this new hypnosis session. My mind and body were just floating along at some point and all I could do was focus on Her voice to guide me along the way. This session makes me feel so good all over from beginning to end. Once Mistress has you very deep into a calm, peaceful, mindless trance … then She will have even more fun with you and continue on with some good submissive training for Her pleasure.

    You will obey and become transformed into a better person for Her…. and a better submissive for Her. Mistress Carol is in control for this amount of time when you are in Her Domain … and you will definitely feel better afterwards. Thank You Mistress Carol for creating this excellent hypnosis experience.

  11. Andrew Brown (verified owner)

    I am Mistress Carols Good Boy, how does one describe this session….. I can’t, but i do know that my mind has been opened, and cleansed and somehow made completely submissive in the pitch darkness of this session;and that my training for Mistress Carol is going exactly as it should…and i have a new trigger: i love and adore Her…. what more can i say

  12. Dario (verified owner)

    I loved “Relentless” from the very first listen.
    Submission training is my favorite kind of hypnosis and this is the most powerful session I have ever experienced until now.

    The initial approach is very sweet and sensual.
    You are taken on a journey and lulled by the melodious voice of Mistress Carol.
    Your body finds itself enveloped by the images and sensations that are suggested to you and in a short time you are helpless, open, suggestible and absolutely unable to resist the reprogramming of what is no longer your mind.

    The lesson being taught to you is relentless!
    Mistress Carol is everything that exists, outside and inside you.

    Submission and obedience
    accompany every single snap of Her fingers…  and there are so many snaps!
    You become a better version of yourself, an adoring devoted good boy.
    How much better?
    The answer really shocks me.
    At the end of each listening I feel the need to kneel for a few minutes imagining that I can bow my head in person in front of Mistress Carol.

    I want to give you a valuable advice.
    If your dream is to belong to the Goddess Carol then “Relentless” is perfect for you.
    Don’t miss it.  You would certainly regret it.
    Thank You Mistress.
    I am Your devoted slave.

  13. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    How far will she take me? How deep can I go? I know she is relentless. I know I’ll obey. I want to sink as deep as she can possibly take me. Like the wind and the tide her voice moves around me, taking me deeper with each snap and trigger. I love how she is relentless in overtaking my mind.

  14. Giles (verified owner)

    The induction was quite surreal and easily took me into the dreamlike world of this session. I became totally relaxed, to the point where I felt myself disappear entirely. Being fixated on a single vocal track for the duration of this recording meant that I went completely blank between each word, and as those words became a relentless stream of triggers, I was constantly spiralling and my mind was left perfectly open. It always feels so good to be trained for Mistress Carol – the sensations of submission she inspires in me are exquisite. I adore her.

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