Prostate Massager: Spit Roast – Audio Erotica Hypnosis

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A BDSM fantasy extraordinaire while you enjoy your favorite toy.

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Prostate Massager Audio Erotica Hypnosis

This Prostate Massager audio hypnosis fantasy will send you over the edge into erotic ecstasy, for exquisite prostate orgasms!

Have you every fantasized about being taken by two Mistresses?

In this prostate massager session you will experience what it’s like to be used by two sexy strap-ons using you as their spit roast play-toy.  You are bound helpless, to prepare you for this sexy pegging fantasy by your Strap on Mistress. After sensually lubing up your puckering asshole, by a sexy shemale dominant, Mistress Ann and Mistress Carol will spit roast you to demonstrate their new strap-on toys. Filling both your mouth and your ass simultaneously, as an expectant crowd looks on, you will squirm, quiver and get filled with two hard penetrating cocks. You choke as you try to suck your Mistress’ cock, but know you must obey and submit to her will.

Your throbbing arousal awakens, as your a hard cock rams deep inside your anus, filling and stretching to the max. Drool runs down your chin as your stare up at your sexy Mistress, tears of ecstasy streaking your face, as you finally submit to your ultimate fantasy.

Used, spent and exhausted, Mistress Carol moves you back to your bed to rest, but someone with a black leather glove returns to give you a little unexpected relief in the form of an erotic hand job allowing you to finally spill your seed and find release.

This session is designed for use with your favorite prostate massager and if you have one, a soft leather glove (toys are optional).  Bring them with you so you can enjoy this BDSM fantasy while you enjoy the stimulation of a prostate massager taking you over the edge into multiple orgasms.

This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing countdown
  • Triggers:  obey, submit, sleep
  • Bondage
  • BDSM
  • Shemale dominant
  • Strap-on Mistresses
  • Spit roasting
  • Pegging
  • Cock sucking
  • Light hypnosis only
  • Background music and light background vocals
  • Recording length is 30:35

2 reviews for Prostate Massager: Spit Roast – Audio Erotica Hypnosis

  1. Hypnoslave_Josh (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol drops you into a gentle, relaxed, open state quite quickly in this session. Once the mind is right, she creates a wonderful experience for the listener to feel both in the mind and body what it truly means to be Mistress Carol’s toy. All that remains is the pleasure and satisfaction of serving Mistress completely.

    This session was my first experience with a prostate massager and won’t be my last. Mistress Carol has opened me up (pun intended) to new pleasures and I highly recommend you allow her into you as well.

  2. kphaws-0660

    This interactive session with Mistress Carol is wonderful fun with toys. While not necessary I was dropped quickly into trance by the voice of the Goddess. Unable to resist the hypnotic voice and filled with a toy, fantasy and reality become indistinguishable. I feel and believe that I have become a sex toy in an actual bdsm dungeon session. Mistress Carol verbally paints a a vivid picture of your use as sextoy for various Mistresses in a public display. Realistic and believable, Mistress Carol’s reality becomes your reality as you are humiliated and used for the pleasure of multiple Mistresses. Mistress Carol has created the ultimate sex toy fantasy!

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