Comatose and Corrupted: Hypnosis for Masturbation

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Yes Mistress, whatever you want from me I will give you.

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Be Careful What You Wish For!

As you lay your head down and fall deeply under Mistress Carol’s spell of erotic hypnosis for masturbation, you realize with a tang of panic that you are getting exactly what you wished for.

To be dominated, taken, and helplessly hypnotized, like a mindless puppet, controlled, corrupted and consumed by her voice and whispering words. Your body, your erection, your desire, manipulated by Mistress Carol’s commands, to be used and abused at her whim.

Yes, you are getting all that you wanted, all that you needed and craved in this hypnosis for masturbation. As her voice slowly creeps into the subconscious of your weak mind, like tendrils of smoke, her voice, whispering, wrapping around you and creeping inside your mind and finding the weaknesses in your inferior programming, shutting down all your defenses… One by One.

Hypnosis for Masturbation…

Isn’t this what you wanted, what you craved, what you asked for? To be mindless and free, to float in the empty space between dreams and reality. To let go of all thoughts, to be controlled and corrupted? To let go of your libido and to be used like her plaything to be used and then thrown away without mercy?

You are defenseless now, broken like a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered and jumbled about, hopelessly and helplessly scattered, with no way to put the pieces back again… obliterated… sliding deeper into the unknown, you belong to me, as you drift deeper, because you don’t know, what I have done to your weak mind, or how to find all the pieces of yourself that you have willingly left behind.

Be still now and enter into the darkness, her erotic empire where you can feel the kiss of her words, the breath of her voice, this dark deep cave in the back of your mind.

You fall deeper now, under her corruption, that secret place you try to hide that Mistress Carol can easily unlock, as you become her captive: Controlled, comatose and corrupted…

You have been warned… Be careful what you wish for darling…

This session features:

  • Conversational induction
  • Trigger usage:  Comatose, sleep, NOW, spasm
  • Listening to Comatose not required, but highly recommended
  • Mantras
  • Arousal
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Post hypnotic amnesia
  • Post session masturbation
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 34:55

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10 reviews for Comatose and Corrupted: Hypnosis for Masturbation

  1. Zombified_Pet

    Wow! What an incredible session by Mistress Carol. I have no real recollection of this amazing session, but I shall give it a go.

    It has a similar introduction to Comatose, with Mistress speaking in one ear, then the other and also above me. However, as She had brainwashed me so thoroughly there, I felt myself dropping faster than ever as my mind no longer had the capability to put up much resistance. Not that I ever stood a chance, of course. Mistress would prove far too powerful for that. She was firmly in control. As She always is whenever I listen to Her voice.

    When Mistress finally brought me up, She had made me so incredibly aroused and desperately eager to follow Her irresistible posthypnotic suggestions to the best of my abilities. Dazed and confused, I felt like the dirty little hypno slut that Mistress had molded me into. I don’t know exactly how, but I was more aroused than I had ever felt.

    Nothing feels better than being controlled and having my mind turned into putty by Mistress Carol. I wish I were kneeling at feet right now.

    Yes, Mistress. Whatever You want of me, I will give You.

  2. bobsmith3031

    Yes mistress whatever you want of me I will give –

    This was a very powerful session and a great follow up to Comatose. The control, the mindlessness, the obedience I felt was very intense.

    No will to resist –

    I bought the 3 comatose package, and listened to all 3 in one sitting. This is the 2nd of the series. I only listened one time, and was a complete mess. Being a puppy for Mistress, willing to do anything she asks is very exciting.

    I know I will have to listen to this file several more times to try to get the full feel of what occured.

    Post-hypnotic suggestions (or commands) that I was compelled to perfome, but have no recollection of why –

    If you want mindless obedience, being controlled to surrender and submit to Mistress Carol on a whole new level, these files are for you –

  3. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    When Mistress Carol decides to put her voice to work exposing your soft mind, and corrupting your hard cock – there is no defense against it. She knows exactly how to manipulate the perverted desires of her devoted hypno-sluts, and keep adding more to the pile.

    This session pulls out all the stops of revving up your arousal, and putting mantras in your mind to both quietly chant in trance, and scream out while jerking off and cumming in service to Mistress Carol.

    Yet another session that Mistress Carol would want us to keep going back to, and whatever Mistress Carol wants, I will give her.

  4. Mistress’ submissive (verified owner)

    Most Compelling Erotic Hypnotic 35 Minutes

    Mistress Carol is at Her best compelling commanding capturing self! She commands you into the most pleasurable of erotic trances! Mistress Carol captures your attention and reminds you of the pleasure you can regularly experience if you listen to Her. Lastly, She compels you to obey Her and fall deep into the most erotic trance you have ever experienced! Mistress Carol has the skill and talent to create the most uniquely pleasurable erotic trance work of art ever! Highest Recommendation!

  5. slave Royale (verified owner)

    “Mistress Carol’s voice easily hypnotizes and controls me” are the words that immediately came to my mind as I try to type up a review.

    This session has a little bit of everything that I love about Mistress Carol’s hypnosis style. As my journey into submissive slave training continues, I absolutely love and enjoy this wonderful hypnosis experience. She yet again easily takes me down into a very deep relaxing pleasure filled trance. Before I realize it, my mind turns off, no more thoughts only obedience … and then Mistress Carol is in control, and I am Her slave. She fills me, conditions me with Her beautiful voice and trains me to become a better submissive — a more obedient slave for Her pleasure. I am happily willing to obey my Mistress because obedience is pleasure.

    As I listened to this session, the pleasure of obeying Her commands throughout the session increasingly filled up in me to the very end where I happily obeyed Her commands. I truly love and enjoy hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol. The session description does everything here and much more for the listener. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  6. Robert

    I recently had the incredible pleasure of listening to Comatose and Comatose and Corrupted back to back.

    In Comatose, Mistress Carol bludgeons you into deep hypnotic submission. Yes I do go deeper every time I listen to any of her recordings, but the depth of trance in Comatose would be frightening if it didn’t feel oh so good. You will be absolutely gone, oblivious, in fact Comatose may be the best description. Her voice will be your everything. The trance will be so deep and so blissful you will not want to come out of it. Once you do come out, you will have no choice but to carry our her post-hypnotic suggestion. Unless…. you follow directly with Comatose and Corrupted. Then, Mistress Carol will take you immediately back to the blissful deep trance you recently came out of, and then take you deeper. I honestly do not remember very much of the file because I was completely gone. I can say for sure that I was absolutely compelled to carry to MC’s post hypnotic suggestion. I had no other thoughts but to do so. The reward for being mindlessly obedient to Mistress Carol was mind-blowing.

  7. Ben (verified owner)

    This session just builds on the Comatose session in a way that makes you understand DEEP DOWN that you would do whatever Mistress Carol asks you to. If you enjoy the total loss of control and knowing deep inside yourself that you would do whatever Mistress Carol asks you to — then this is the session for you!

  8. Dario (verified owner)

    This hypnotic session is not for the faint of heart. Since I’ve listened this masterpiece I feel like I’ve been drinking a love potion. My heart beats a thousand and my only thought is for Goddess Carol.

    My memory is shrouded in fog, but one thing I know for sure: I obeyed every order without any possibility of resisting or escaping.
    Mistress Carol’s silky voice corrupted me without mercy.

    After this session my mind is so dirty …

    If only I could kneel in front of Mistress Carol …

    If you want to experience the power of Mistress Carol to the nth degree and be completely overwhelmed this masterpiece is definitely for you.
    Thank you My Goddess for the privilege of being Your devoted slave.

  9. kphaws-0660

    I am still feeling the effects of this trance hours after the fact.

    Like a freight train Mistress Carol tells the subject what she is about to do and then does it. I was unaware of any actual induction. Just listening to her speak to me and then unaware of anything. I assume the Goddess triggered me in many ways because of the extreme depth of my trance, but my lack of memory is probably due to amnesia triggers. It is also a safe assumption, that I have been operating under some post hypnotic suggestions.

    Mistress Carol seems to have pulled out all the stops on this file. The feelings are overwhelming. My head is still fuzzy, I am still fully aroused and all I can think about is Mistress Carol. I feel dirty and I guess corrupted, but I don’t care. I want to defile myself before the Goddess, follow her every command and fulfill all of her desires.

    In a raw display of power over my mind Mistress Carol shows exactly what she can do or take from me and I worship her for that.

  10. Severin (verified owner)

    I’ve only just listened to this session and it was my first listen so there’s not a lot in way of memories.

    Sometimes with hypnotic amnesia the session slowly comes back to me and other times Mistress Carol’s suggestions to forget are so powerful that I never remember what happened during the time I was deeply hypnotized.

    But right now, I feel horny, submissive, used and deeply controlled and manipulated. I feel like a filthy hypno mind slut who is helplessly addicted to Mistress Carol’s sumptuous hypnosis.

    I love it and recommend it highly. It feels like bliss to obey Mistress Carol. If you listen to this session you will feel the same.

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