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Easily Overpowered by Mistress Carol’s sensual voice.

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Can you resist Mistress Carol?  Can you even try?  In this hour-long deep trance session, Mistress Carol challenges you and you find that mindless submission and obedience is your only choice.  Your control will simply evaporate as Mistress Carol overpowers your mind with her sexy sensual voice, you lost, aroused, trained without knowledge or care, craving her control and not knowing why.  You will belong to her completely slave as her expert hypnosis skills take you exactly where she wants to take you.  This masterpiece is certain to be your favorite and top of your erotic hypnosis library list.  If you listen during waking hours, be sure to leave lots of recovery time.  This is a wonderful session for bedtime listening.  

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Dual voice induction
  • Arousal
  • Slave references
  • Metronome
  • Trigger usage
  • Post-hypnotic masturbation
  • Post-hypnotic amnesia
  • Stuck eyelids
  • Mindless obedience
  • Whispers
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is one hour three minutes
  • No wake command
  • Not available for personalization

3 reviews for Overpowered

  1. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    Mistress challenged me to try and resist Her as this session started. Surely, She could not overpower me so comprehensively?

    “I can resist, I know I can,” I thought. Within moments, however, and despite my, quite frankly useless, efforts, I had failed; though I think Mistress knew I would before it had even begun. The deck is always stacked in Her favor, just the way I like it. She has turned me into Her mindlessly hypnotized slave with barely any effort on Her part. Nothing has ever felt better than obeying Her without resisting. All my thoughts were easily erased in this mind-blowing trance.

    I absolutely love Her confusion techniques. I was aware that Mistress began speaking in two different voices in each ear, Her metronome, but then… Nothing. I have absolutely no memory of this trance whatsoever. It took me a very long time to recover from this session. A. Very. Long. Time. This is one of the best hypnosis sessions ever. It felt like it was made specifically for me.

    Do you wish to have the deepest and most blissful trance you have ever experienced? Do you wish you feel mindless and thoughtless? Then, buy this session. Now.

  2. guyinatrance

    Mistress Carol bestows on you Her Overpowering Hypnotic Erotic Pleasure! Intensely Erotic! Overpoweringly Erotic! No need to worry, just listen & obey while you fall deep into a most pleasurable hypnotic trance! Highest Recommendation!!!

  3. rowls_1981

    It’s all true. Mistress Carol has overpowered my mind with Her hypnosis that i can barely remember a thing about this session. i can remember the induction being nice. It’s neither soft nor gentle. The double voice is firm, powerful and highly effective. Then i am completely overpowered and completely under Mistress Carol’s control. i have become Her hypnotized slave with no ability to resist. But why would i even try to resist when falling into hypnosis for Mistress Carol feels as good as this.

    i have absolutely no memory of this hypnosis session beyond the induction. Buy this session if you would like to become a hypnotized slave and be made to obey Mistress Carol without thought but be aware it WILL hypnotize you and Mistress Carol WILL take over your mind.
    Maybe it was this session that enslaved me or maybe it is a cumulation of Mistress Carol’s hypnosis sessions? i don’t know. i can’t remember.
    i only know that it feels so good to obey and do exactly what Mistress Carol tells me to do.

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