Lovespell – Love and Addiction Hypnosis Recording

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She will own your heart.

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In Lovespell – Love and Addiction Hypnosis Recording, you will fall head over heals for Mistress Carol.

love and addiction

She will ramp up all those feel-good chemicals and neurotransmitters inside of you as you become absorbed by her sexy hypnotic voice.  She will take you down with her smooth conversational induction where you float and let go to her so fully.

Drifting along in a pleasant haze, a daydream that feels so good to fall into.  Deeper and deeper, delightful release of all those feel-good feelings.

Then she will trigger your mind as you plummet and sink for her. She will brainwash your weakened mind.

She will program you far beyond your devotion.  She will flood your mind with her control and you will love her for it.

Spellbound, light and giddy, oh how you love Mistress Carol.  Repeat those mantras as they fill your mind.  You love, adore and are devoted to Mistress Carol.  You are hers forever.

Listen to Lovespell – Love and Addiction Hypnosis Recording as your heart becomes Mistress Carol’s to own.

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This recording features

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing conversational induction
  • Trigger usage: taken, plummet, sink,
  • Mantras
  • Feel-good feelings
  • Brainwashing
  • Love and addiction
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Wake command at end
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 29:10

9 reviews for Lovespell – Love and Addiction Hypnosis Recording

  1. David (verified owner)

    How do you not listen to this audio and not end up being spellbound to the most wonderful Mistress? She caresses you as She fills your mind with Her love for you. She makes me feel warm and like I am wrapped in Her arms.

    Mistress Carol I love and adore You and am devoted to You.

    This is one of those recordings that once you listen to it once you will become spellbound to Her. All I can say is don’t leave this one behind, you will not be disappointed, you will be taken deeper.

    Thank You Mistress

  2. junkthecyclamen (verified owner)

    I cannot thank you Mistress enough for this remarkable recording. I never would have come to accept my deep love for you and your voice without it and I’m grateful for the experience.

    Despite my best efforts I cannot remember what happened during this recording, however I have vivid memories of the intense pleasure and feeling of love and devotion I felt both during, and after this trance experience. Not only this, but now when I think of my beautiful Mistress during a normal day, it triggers such powerful emotions of love and devotion which simply make me smile.

    What more can I say except… I love, adore and am devoted to Mistress Carol.

  3. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    What more is there to say than ” I love, adore and am devoted to Mistress Carol”. This mantra releases a wave of euphoria that sweeps through me. Filling me with the passion of, dare I say, unbridled fucking. The deep seated desire to commit to loving and adoring Mistress Carol. Call it dopamine, call it serotonin, call it whatever you like. The feeling of love for my dear Mistress Carol fills me to the brim dripping with devotion. Of course, I’ve secretly always loved Mistress Carol, but this session sent it off the charts. I am now madly in love with beautiful Mistress Carol. This session is to date the most overpowering and enslaving trance that essentially blends my will into that of Mistress Carol’s powerful will. Forever capturing my heart in the palm of her hands.

    Do I love her? Yes! A powerfully seducing trance filled with beautiful Mistress Carol’s sensuality. I’ve looped it every night while I’ve slept this last week. Yes, I love, adore and am devoted to Mistress Carol. You will feel really, really good after listening to this. Wonderful afterglow! Thank you, my dream lover.

  4. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Thank You Mistress Carol for another amazing deep trance hypnosis session. Just thinking about this wonderful session takes me away and puts me into a very nice frame of mind for the entire day. I love this session. I love to be taken down yet again into deep trances, with feelings of submission, feelings of just letting go, giving up my control for a while – all with Mistress Carol in control. I love to just let go while I am deeply hypnotized by Mistress Carol. My mind becomes so easily blank and floaty and mindless for Mistress Carol whenever she speaks her wonderful hypnotic words into my ears -and then my mind and body will instantly obey for my beautiful Mistress. I feel so very relaxed and feeling great after listening to this excellent session. Thank You.

  5. slzb (verified owner)

    Another great hypnosis session. I’m feeling so euphoric after coming out of this one. I just want to listen again and again. The rush of hormones feels so great, it really is addicting. I felt pulled in pretty quickly, I’m not sure if it is this recording in particular or if it is just because Mistress Carol’s sway over me from other recordings has made it easier and easier for me to fall for her. Either way, this was great.

    Thank you Mistress.

  6. S_t_a_r_m_a_n (verified owner)

    This session is a gift of pure beauty and euphoria for anyone under the spell of Hypno Goddess Mistress Carol. It will raise your oxytocin levels. It will deepen your love and submission to Mistress Carol. Listen regularly. Enjoy the endless bliss of falling in love with Mistress Carol. Again and again and again.

  7. 69daveybouy (verified owner)

    As always with Mistress Carol I slip easily and pleasurably into a trance. Once there I feel so relaxed and happy as she explains what is happening to me and I love her for it.

    Will have to listen to this one over and over again!

  8. papillon090 (verified owner)

    One listen and you will be spellbound.

    Close your eyes and listen to Mistress Carol’s voice. Your attention will be on this alluring voice and you will become addicted to the rush of hormones that are released by giving in to these trance.

  9. Martin (verified owner)

    Loved this session. I felt so deep and spellbound to Mistress Carol.

    Thank you Mistress.

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