Fantasy Hypnosis: The MindWare Series – The VIP Entrance

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So much awaits Mistress Carol’s VIP.

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Imagine a fantasy hotel, with secret mysterious rooms leading to untold pleasures and sexual deviances. Large rooms, darkly lit, to unleash your naughty desires and fantasies. What’s inside? What awaits the intrepid traveler who enters here?

Fantasy Hypnosis

Only those brave enough, desperate enough, those who desire it the most, those ready to obey will behold the untold wonders that await you there.

Are you worthy of the invitation?

Are you ready to enter the VIP Entrance into mindless pleasure and seduction?

Wait… teetering on the threshold of your ultimate desires. First you must submit to be hypnotized to unlock the exotic secret rooms and passageways into this magical space.

The invitation is open for you to come and explore the VIP entrance into the Lobby, from which countless rooms of erotic hypnotic pleasure awaits.

You stand at the entrance, your eyes blindfolded, and in your mind’s eye, you imagine your hear groans of pleasure, whips and chains, squeals of ecstasy and delight. You here the whirr of a mechanism, perhaps an elevator somewhere ahead of you and a slight breeze and a Whoosh and mechanical doors swish open.

The smell of leather, and soft yielding flesh assaults your senses. You smell an exotic perfume and the aroma of the female sex. The smell is so strong you can almost taste it on your lips.

Stand before the entrance now…

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • First session of The Mindware Series
  • Sensual breast induction
  • Layers of voice
  • Trigger training
  • Heartbeat metronome
  • Contains wake command
  • Trigger usage:  Sink, Submit, Sleep
  • Recording studio quality production
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 31:42

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The VIP Entrance
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5 reviews for Fantasy Hypnosis: The MindWare Series – The VIP Entrance

  1. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    So many wonderful things to say about this track, where to begin…?

    First, this is an example of Mistress Carol’s kindness and positive influence being brought across through deep trance – all the language used is deeply affirming and soothing, and brings you into her domain feeling amazing. Her induction is one of the most delicious yet, cradling me against her voluptuous, beautiful breasts while her words guide me to the VIP entrance to her permanent pleasure palace within my own mind.

    This session truly feels like being upgraded to a higher rank of Mistress Carol’s obedient slave; being allowed access to her suite of hypnotic delights and teased with the possibilities of what lies beyond each door. The trance to get you there is induced with Mistress Carol’s signature triggers and hypnotic language, before installing the access credentials of a brand new trigger to bring you over the threshold. It also feels as though Mistress Carol is treating me as the fully-trained hypno-slave for her that I am in this session, with a shorter count out of trance that leaves me ready for more.

    Despite planning to jump further into the Mindware series immediately after, it was ordered that I listen multiple times to truly anchor this new trigger before proceeding – this is hardly a punishment, since it means having more of Mistress Carol’s voice and training in my life, which is never a bad thing. I made a repeat listen straight away after, with more yet to come.

    All in all, another top-tier trance from Mistress Carol and a titillating tease of what the future holds.

  2. Severin Severin (verified owner)

    Woah! What happened?

    Deeply hypnotized is what happened. Hypnotically programmed. It all feels sooooo good to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol. You’ll know you’ve been deeply hypnotized when Mistress Carol snaps you back into the world at the end of this session. At the same time, there’s a lingering, blissful semi-awareness that you are still somehow under Mistress Carol’s control and that she has access and entry deep inside your mind whenever she pleases.

    As ever, it’s difficult to review when I fall so deeply into hypnosis a lot bypasses my conscious recollection. But what I do know is that I love being hypnotized by mistress Carol and this is yet another example of the time and effort that Mistress Carol puts into her craft. I can recall zoning out very early and then plummeting in hypnotic snaps deeper and deeper and deeper…

    I used to fantasize about being hypnotized. Now I get to live my fantasy thanks to Mistress Carol.

    The next session in this series can’t come quick enough!

  3. SC Mark

    Great session, very deep trance.

    It will have you looking forward to entering a room. The question is which room will you chose. Mistress Carol has not shared what kind of tricks she has in store for us. But, one thing is certain, you’ll need to go through the VIP Entrance to find out.

    This session needs to be enjoyed multiple times before you listen to the next session so get this now. Time is a wasting!

  4. gaming_monkey

    I immediately bought this session after it was released. The reason for that was that I really like series, where one session builds upon another. The series that Mistress released so far where quite extraordinary, so I assumed that the MindWare series will be too.

    The description of session states that it’s all about laying the foundation for further sessions to come, which means, trigger training. So I downloaded the session and pressed play. I remember Mistress saying something about how nice it is, to zone out for a while … followed by a rather quick count up. Since then I listened three more times, not able to remember what happened in the main part.

    Only a few sessions so far had such a profound effect on me. I know that conversational approaches work well on me, maybe this is also the case here. Maybe it’s something else, I really can’t recall. In every case, it’s a really exciting start for the MindWare series.

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    Having been involved with Erotic Hypnosis for nearly 10 years, it’s been an interesting ride. I don’t always trance successfully, but when it happens, it’s what keeps me coming back.

    I’ve listened to this title 3 times, which does not give much time for absorption. The first 2 runs were not in the best environments, but I could tell this file was making a connection. My last listen was an ideal setting, time, etc. The result was beyond what I usually experience. Commonly used buzz words like “euphoria”, sometimes strike me as comical, when I read reviews. I’m struggling to find a better word to describe my result.

    This file is now a solid “go to” for feeling good and letting go.

    Mistress Carol is on fire with this first file of this series. I realize that this file is a set up for what’s to come. I don’t know where this will lead, but I’m going there regardless.

    Endless thanks to Mistress Carol!

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