Taken into Darkness: Mind Control Hypnosis Recording

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Surrender your very soul to Mistress Carol

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You listen and your consciousness begins to fade away in Taken into Darkness: Mind Control Hypnosis Recording.

mind control

You surrender.  Why?  Because she told you to do it.

You fall helplessly into trance.  How?  Because of her voice, her skills, her insistence.

Effortlessly she enters your mind, opens it up for her programming of it.  She brainwashes you so easily now.  Mistress Carol cannot be resisted.

Succumbing to her mindlessly, she takes you deeper into the darkness.  You know her deviant pleasure lives inside the darkness.

Dancing through the strings she pulls, her voice shrouds your mind inside the velvet darkness, leading you deeper through the tunnel of helpless trance and into the surrender designed by her.  Watching you paralyzed and powerless, she licks her dark glossy lips.

You enter the hallway.  Your control is no longer your own.  Each phantom step taking you further into her darkness, the endless void that seems to suck you down into it.

She is a mind control expert.  She knows exactly what she’s doing to you.  Her programming is perfect as she trains your mind in further obedience to her.  In Taken into Darkness: A Mind Control Hypnosis Recording, you no longer make the rules.  They are all her rules now.

She fills your emptiness with her voice, the voice that brainwashes you so easily.  You surrender and submit.  You have no choice now.

Her snaps pound inside your mind.  Her snaps make you instantly obey.  You greedily accept the trigger she has for you, craving it like mind candy.

You can never go back now, craving the darkness and her voice, you can never go back now.  She’s opened you now to take your soul.


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational/countdown induction
  • Hypnotic trigger word usage
  • Hypnotic trigger word implantation
  • Brainwashing
  • Whispers
  • Finger snaps
  • Subliminals
  • Metronome
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 44:25
  • WARNING:  This recording has “soul removal” language in it.  Listen with caution if this topic is offensive to you.

15 reviews for Taken into Darkness: Mind Control Hypnosis Recording

  1. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before, “This session took me deeper than any I had experienced before…” However, as Mistress Carol has taught me; there are no limits to how deep I can trance for Her. Every time I think I’ve reached a new and greater depth of hypnosis; Mistress goes and rewrites what is possible by creating a masterpiece such as this. This file caught me completely off guard.

    I was deep in a hypnotic trance before I even knew what was happening. There seemed to be lots of different sounds coming from all different directions. This assault on my senses left me dazed and confused. I was helpless as Mistress took me towards the inevitable abyss.

    I remember stumbling through a dimly lit hallway. At the end my Goddess opened the door to Her dungeon. I floated onto Her bed. She sat down next to me and whispered into my ears. Then I was out cold.

    The brainwashing was absolutely relentless and left me an absolute dribbling wreck. There were so many finger snaps combined with triggers that pounded me into submission. Mistress Carol broke my will and broke my mind. This was the mind fuck to end all mind fucks.

    Mistress left me in a trance so deep from which I thought I would never escape. I was so drained I just couldn’t think or move. I have no idea how long I sat there before I was able to gain enough energy even to begin to think. For quite some time I thought about trying to move my finger, but to no avail. When I did finally come out of trance, I felt a completely euphoric state of bliss. I was so horny, wet, and willing to do anything Mistress told me to do. Hours later and I was still in a daze unable to function properly.

    This is quite possibly Mistress Carol’s most powerful session to date. She just keeps getting better and better as Her skills increase exponentially. I am Her mindlessly obedient slave forever. She wiped all my resistance away and all I can do is obey Her commands immediately with no thinking whatsoever.

    Warning: This is an extremely powerful deep brainwashing session. If you have plans for something after this file, forget about them. Make sure you have nothing to do because once this is finished, so will you be. You will be completely out of commission for a very long time indeed. You will definitely never be the same again.

  2. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    I have listened to this file several times now since purchasing it, and each time feels like a new experience.

    In the most recent listen, I felt like I was floating in a dark hallway, the ache and need to surrender fully and let go. I recall feeling right on the edge and thinking to myself I will obey any instructions I am given at this point. I was eagerly awaiting something – anything of being told what to do, knowing that the bliss and pleasure of my compliance would likely send me over the top and make me explode – and then the words and the metronome ended – this eventually enabled me to snap out of it and it took quite some time for me to know where I was or what was going on..

    This is an amazing file and one I will probably be compelled to listen to again. Each time I experience this, it is like it is completely new.

  3. R (verified owner)

    It is crazy how powerful a trance i had with this one. I definitely felt myself dragged so deep down that the triggers just knocked me deeper and deeper. The sense of both mindlessness and that my will was completely hers feels powerful in this session. At the end of it i very much found myself wanting to go back and have another listen.

    I would definitely recommend this session for people who want a very deep trance.

  4. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    This was a very intense file. I made the “mistake” of starting the file clothed, but that was quickly remedied when I heard the first “remove”. I don’t recall where or when that trigger was placed, but it instantly and mindlessly forced me to remove my clothing. I don’t recall doing that, but I must have as I woke fully naked, extremely aroused and craving to listen and obey any further commands Mistress Carol would have of me.

    The finger snaps, together with “deeper”, “harder”, and the suggestion of taken, and the combination of the metronome, had me almost over the edge.

    I am sure there were other underlying suggestions which I missed but will have to listen too again – soon!

  5. escatalos (verified owner)

    This is an amazing session, but one that should only be listened to if one is willing to surrender completely to Mistress Carol in, and out of, trance. I have listened to it several times this week. Mistress Carol has spoken less than a sentence before I am caught, trapped in the wonderful web of words she weaves with her hypnotic voice. After a few more seconds, I am lost, on a journey of multiple layers of words, being taken deeper and deeper before finally finding myself on Mistress Carol’s training table, being programmed to be what I want to be: her obedient puppet.

    And then the triggers, a new one, and repeated use of those that are already implanted; going deeper, and deeper, and deeper … And finally: bliss!

  6. Jens (verified owner)

    I can not help but declare this session once again the best hypnosis of Mistress Carol, although I have already written this on so many.

    With what ease, but also in what short time, she brought me into the deepest trance I have ever experienced.

    Oh how I love having a chance to completely succumb to Mistress Carol’s voice. Just as I love to be abducted by her into mystical dark places, where she then breaks me with a mindfuck, with a brainwashing my mind completely, to model it again piece by piece with her deliciously gentle irresistible voice.

    I can not describe to you these emerging and lasting feelings, because I simply believe that they are not of this world, so heavenly beautiful, so intoxicating. Yes, it is an honor to be allowed to listen to the voice of this goddess. To sacrifice one’s own ego and to follow her will is only a small price to pay. Especially since she makes us all (so my years of experience with Mistress Carol) only better for this world.

    The more I listen to this hypnosis, the happier and more honored I feel to enjoy your hypnoses. Thank you so much Mistress Carol.

  7. pierre

    Words fail me to describe the effect that Mistress Carol gives me. She makes me discover and appreciate my dark side. I belong to Her and I hope that She will draws me in deeper and deeper in Her dark side. I leave to her the total control of my mind She can doing with me whatever She wants. I want nothing more than to drop and lose myself in the abyss of Her dark side. Thank You Beloved Mistress Carol for crossing my submissive way.
    I love You humbly submissive pierre.

  8. Slave

    I was not ready for this session…long story short, I was left a drooling mindless blissed out mess…

  9. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Unbelievably awesome. Mistress Carol leads me into such a deep, dark, sexy and submissive place. I am Hers and know that I am helpless when She draws me in deeper and deeper. I become more mindlessly obedient and submissive. Surrender is too weak a word. I willingly, enthusiastically and mindlessly give everything I have deep within me to the Queen of hypnosis and sensuality. There is nothing without Mistress’ voice and presence taking me wherever She wishes, doing with me whatever She wants. God this feels unbelievably good. Words fail me but it’s mind numbing bliss with a strong dash of intergalactic euphoria! I’ve once again tried to put what this AWESOME woman does into words and always fail. I am Yours Mistress! Totally mindfucked, addicted and obsessed with You.

  10. Craig (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol deepened my devotion level with this file. After several listens, I have no idea what happens in this session. I only know that I am defenseless and completely obedient. Thank you Mistress Carol!

  11. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    What a strong powerful trance delivered by mind control expert Mistress Carol. The Domination of my mind through unrelenting brainwashing has me now convinced that I must do everything this beautiful woman tells me to do. Her powers of hypnotic persuasion have cast a spell over my mind & body where there is no choice but to obey. Her beguiling seduction of my mind caught me off guard once those ‘SNAPS” started. No escape, no retreat, just instantaneous obedience. Feathery voices and echoes tickled my thoughtless mind and filled it with further submission to Mistress Carol. This is a Wickedly Powerful Trance. ; – )

  12. Severin (verified owner)

    Holy Mother of all M*ndF*cks! This is beyond POWERFUL!

    Mistress Carol quickly hypnotizes you and places you into a deep trance and then unleashes the most intense and pleasurable m*ndf*ck you’ve ever experienced.
    Any other “m*ndf*cks” you might have experienced elsewhere will fade into insignificance. They were merely tickling your toes – Mistress Carol is different.
    Mistress Carol is pounding your mind into sweet hypnotic submissive, shattering your resistance into fragments of melting, oozing obedience and She is f*cking you to the beat of Her own drum. She will capture your very soul and make you Hers – begging for more and more and more of Her delicious, delectable erotic hypnosis.

    This is the most intense erotic hypnosis session available on the internet. I’ve never dropped deeper or been so completely m*nd*f*cked, and i’ve been listening to erotic hypnosis for over 20 years.

    This is a must have for erotic hypnosis fans and hypnofetishists: Mistress Carol will capture your mind, body and take your soul. And you will crave more and more of the same.

  13. kjell (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol has done it again. In this session, She has brought me deeper, far, far deeper in trance than I have ever been before. There, I have been taken. Taken by my Mistress, Mistress Carol.

    My mind belongs to Her. She has erased all traces of my own self and filled it with the sound of Her beautiful voice. In my state of deep trance, She takes me down into Her dark dungeon. There, She is training, brainwashing and programming me to become an even better and mindlessly obedient slave. I know I will belong to Her, for ever. I surrender willingly, more strongly and more enthusiastically for every time I listen to Her. There is no way back.

    This session is incredibly good training of my mind. There seems to be no limits to how profoundly it effects me. It grows for every time I surrender to it. I love it and will recommend it to anyone prepared to dive deep down into Mistress Carol’s power, to be taken by this wonderful Mistress.

  14. HPB (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to this session at least twice. It takes me incredibly deep and leaves me aroused in a way that’s hard to describe.

    Without revealing any spoilers, I believe I experienced three phases. During the first, I perceive Mistress Carol using a hard-edged conversational induction laced with embedded triggers. In the second, she seems to shift to a more luxurious soundscape with 3-D effects and an amazing stereophonic countdown. In the third, Mistress Carol implants a new trigger. I think she says it will take effect where she counts us out of trance or when we wake from trance.

    I don’t know how I come out trance. I’m always dazed and confused, sometimes stiff and wet. I’m certainly glad I engaged in this session. I adore Mistress Carol. You should too. This session is amazing.

  15. Martin James (verified owner)

    This was an absolutely amazing session to listen to what a masterpiece.
    Deeply tranced by your erotic voice Mistress
    I was so mindless during the session
    10/10 well worth a listen

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