The Sedation Room – Sleepy Subspace Audio

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Seduced then sedated into unconsciousness.

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There is no bottom.  There are no limits in The Sedation Room – Sleepy Subspace Audio.



Just listen and breathe, breathe in Mistress Carol’s sleepy, sensual, soothing seductive sleepy suggestions.  Feel her words drip into your ears as you sink down into mesmerizing sleep.

Her sedating voice will fill your thoughts falling into her every intention for your weakening mind, just drifting along on the exquisite feelings of deep surrender and letting go to her hypnotic control.

With every breath you are falling deeper for her.  Every essential breath is leading you closer to her where you will fulfill your deep desire to be sedated by the sound of her voice.

Your mind is neutralized leaving a foggy mind that craves to be her empty puppet.  She will tell you what to think as you fall into the mindless oblivion she creates for you.

Inhale and exhale.

Seduced and sedated as all else fades away.  She opens the door for you.  You enter into The Sedation Room – Sleepy Subspace Audio.  The smells excite your senses.

Breathe in her hypnotic voice.  Body becomes heavier.  Mind emptier…

And as she counts you down, you fall even deeper as your resistance is obliterated.

You enter a blissful freedom from consciousness.  Her sedating voice taking you so far away.

So sleepy.  So helpless.  So deeply hypnotized.

Your suggestible mind cannot resist.

Go ahead.  Walk through the door…


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Sleepy, dreamy induction
  • Deep surrender
  • Obedience and submission
  • D/s
  • Trigger usage:  sleep, comatose, taken, sink
  • Very deep trance
  • Sedation with words and voice (There is no mention of any chemical or substance in this recording.)
  • Arousal
  • Heavy background vocals
  • Background music
  • Metronome
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 58 minutes

5 reviews for The Sedation Room – Sleepy Subspace Audio

  1. slave Royale (verified owner)

    This is another excellent example of how much of an expert HypnoDomme Mistress Carol is at painting a wonderful picture story deep in your mind.

    She transports the listener yet again to a warm safe place where She is definitely in control now whenever you put on the headphones and slide into Her Hypnotic Domain. I love this session in that it really helps to calm down my over-active mind especially after a long stressful day of dealing with all sorts of stuff in my personal offline life. I just love to be put into a situation where I can give up my control and not worry about making any decisions and just allow Mistress Carol to be in charge and I can follow along and obey Her commands. This is also a wonderful session to listen to at bedtime where you can simply allow yourself to drift off to sleep with thoughts of the beautiful Mistress Carol filling up my empty mind and only focused on Her.

    Thank You Mistress for this wonderful deep trance experience. The only things I can remember of this session is that each time afterwards I wake up feeling calm, relaxed, wonderful and stress free. There is probably more positive feel-good stuff affecting me deep down into my subconscious with this session than I realize, but I love the feelings of not being able to remember stuff with hypnosis. I trust Mistress Carol to be in control when She hypnotizes me. Thank You Mistress.

  2. Dario (verified owner)

    To describe this session simply as deep trance is an understatement! Being born again is a better description!

    At the end of each listen my mind is so blank, unable to process even the simplest thought. I don’t know who I am or where I am. My eyes are watering, my mouth is hanging open, I show very clear signs of arousal and my only memory is the word “deeper”. Yes, deeper and deeper and deeper again!

    I know for sure (I mean I feel it very strongly in my soul) that Mistress Carol did what she wanted with my mind and that I accepted all her suggestions when I was under Her spell. I know she trained me to be a better slave. I know that with each listen my will is more and more Her will. I know that I reached indescribable heights of pleasure and obedience. A level of submission I hadn’t experienced yet.  A real craving! Love, devotion, trust! I know i was in Her Sedation Room!
    I know that I’m probably still there!

    Surely this is one of the most intense sessions that the brilliant mind of Mistress Carol has ever created and this experience is something you mustn’t miss.
    My rating? Ten stars!!!

    Thank You my Mistress. 
    I belong to You!

  3. Olof (verified owner)

    This session will cleanse your mind and leave you with a supreme sense of well being. Think leather, rubber, relaxation and intimacy with your goddess. The layered voices, whispers and triggers will take you deep into her realm.

    Mistress Carol’s trance sessions take eroticism to the next level. If you are lucky enough to be enslaved by her voice, this is a session not to be missed. This deeply erotic experience will leave you with a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

    The session lasts almost an hour, but you will need at least twenty minutes to recover.

    The deeper my submission to Mistress Carol and the more I let Mistress Carol control your mind, the better I feel. What a privilege it is to be Mistress Carol’s pet!

  4. HPB

    Thank you, Mistress Carol for commanding your pets to listen to this trance session three times. I did that. My version includes a personalized background track. I’m grateful that I chose that option. I can’t remember the session’s details, but hearing my name repeated in the background works wonders. From the induction portion I remember Mistress giving some warnings about the nature and depth of trance, I’m so familiar and her voice that I quickly follow her into deep hypnosis.

    That’s a good thing, but means I don’t remember many details. One minute I’m thinking will I ever fall deep for Mistress Carol of course I do almost immediately (I think). Then some time later my trance lightens, I hear Mistress’s sultry voice and back down I go..

    I’m pretty sure Mistress counts us down at the end of the trance, but I have no idea if there’s a wake command. I just drift until I realize Mistress is no longer speaking so I gradually wake and pull myself together.

    In this trance Mistress Carol delivers a remarkable, but unrememerable, deep trance experience.

    Thank you, Mistress Carol.

  5. Severin (verified owner)

    In this hypnosis session Mistress Carol crafts and sculpts a world so real and bewildering you might end up questioning what reality actually is. Or you might end up coming round with a throbbing great horniness pulsing through your veins. A more likely scenario is that you will find all of these sensations racing inside you as you simper and lurch ashore to consciousness, dripping wet from the hypnotic besting you’ve taken deep down inside your soul.

    Do you ever imagine what it would be like to be a dildo? Yup. Ask a silly question…But if you indulge for a second and actually imagine what it would feel like to be a dildo, a question occurs: Are you giving a somebody a good fucking or are you helplessly taking a good fucking for your handler’s pleasure? That’s the kind of conundrum I find myself asking when i eventually emerge from this deep and powerful mind fucking trance. I feel spasms of pleasure rhythmically drumming in my brain, my cock is hard and dripping wet. It feels as if the pleasure is all mine. And yet, and yet, it is definitely ME who just took a good mind fucking. There are no doubts left at all.

    I have willingly surrendered my mind and control to Mistress Carol and breathed in her sweet sedative words until i knew nothing but bliss and blankness. It is so easy to breathe in deep and hard when Mistress Carol handles your mind so easily and offers up liquid gold like this. Mistress Carol somehow delivers more real than reality. She bridges the divide between fantasy and reality with unique skill and unrivaled hypnotic ability: The Sedation Room is both pitch black blank AND crystal clear. It is mind numbing AND intensely tingling. It is all of my own private fantasies delivered as i only previously dreamt they could be … and yet … and yet … none of it is now under my control. Everything now is under Mistress Carol’s control.

    This is what is waiting for you inside Mistress Carol’s Sedation Room.

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