The Sleeper Cell – The Compliance Table Erotic Fantasy Audio

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The tone emerges from your phone and you automatically rise and head to the river restaurant in The Sleeper Cell – The Compliance Table Erotic Fantasy Audio.

erotic fantasy audio

After a relaxing count down induction you will be summoned back to The Sleeper Cell in The Sleeper Cell – The Compliance Table Erotic Fantasy Audio.

The tone from your phone puts you in a zombie-like state has you head back to your collection point.  A familiar pair of beautiful women are there to greet you.

Hooded, quiet, you ride in the boat and return to their facility.  This time they want more from you.

You are strapped down to a mechanical table.  A milking machine is placed below you.  A fucking machine placed behind you. You breathe in a strange concoction.

Gently, you are invaded internally as the pump works to collect your semen.  The pleasurable rub along with the milking machine’s pumping makes you come and come hard.  You collapse.

And it all starts over again.

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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Prerequisite: The Sleeper Cell (highly recommended)
  • Relaxing induction
  • Metronome
  • Trigger usage:  sleep, taken
  • Restraints
  • Milking machine
  • Fucking machine
  • Semen collection
  • HFO/hands-free orgasm
  • Fantasy role play
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 39:15

3 reviews for The Sleeper Cell – The Compliance Table Erotic Fantasy Audio

  1. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    An explosively intense session from Mistress Carol, continuing the fantasy role-play begun in the first Sleeper Cell session.

    Starting with a relaxation and countdown induction into hypnosis, the fantasy begins immediately after the final deepening trigger blitz – the audio trigger installed in the previous session being the first thing heard thereafter, leading to a short description of your preparation and trip back to the Sleeper Cell’s hideout.

    The fantasy of being hypnotically controlled, strapped to a table and then both milked and penetrated at the same time is extremely arousing, and left me in a state of masturbatory bliss where moans escaped me constantly, and by the end of it my bedsheets and pillow cover needed to be washed from being splattered in cum.

    While I am not very experienced with anal play, I still arranged my body in a way that allowed the feelings from the in-trance descriptions to play out, and felt very aroused at the time. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep up with the multi-ejaculation described in the fantasy, but since the fantasy involves some chemical “enhancements”, it simply led to a mental orgasm with hip-thrusting as I kept hold of my cock, simulating the milking machine.

    The trance fantasy ends by “fading to black” in a sense, where the story ends around the third of five intended orgasms and ejaculations – clearly it would be hard for even the most virile man to keep up by that point, but it is a story beat that doesn’t conclude in the same manner as the original session, i.e. returned to normal life and awaiting the next trigger activation.

  2. John

    In my review of the Sleeper Cell, I expressed the hope that this would become a series and now this has become true (a huge thanks to Mistress Carol)!

    This session is excellent. I loved the “predicament” you are in in this session. The fantasy is highly arousing and it became really intense towards the end. I was sweating, squirming etc. Sometimes I am astonished at what you can achieve with hypnosis but the mind is a powerful thing!

    A huge thanks for this intense sexual experience to Mistress Carol. I am a heterosexual guy and kinda Mistress-Carol-sexual as well. ;D Her voice and her hypnosis are a huge turn on for me.

  3. Foot Boy

    Absolutely love this session. Well worth the buy.

    Taken deep into hypnosis and then milked relentlessly by Mistress. It’s so intense I love it.

    Thank you so much Mistress. 10/10 session.

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