Descent – A Sensual Journey into Erotic Hypno Session

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Slide down on Mistress Carol’s voice as she takes you on a sensual journey into Erotic Hypno Session and you help out a good cause at the same time.

erotic mind control

Yes, there is something irresistible about a beautiful, hypnotic Dominatrix snapping her fingers as you ride her voice down into sensual erotic mind control.

It’s natural and automatic for you to want to let go when Mistress Carol seduces you down into deep sleep.

Breathe in her voice.  Repeat these words in your mind.  “I want to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol.”

And she makes you feel so good and you think about the pleasure all the time.  She loves to hypnotize your mind and take you so far away, down, deeper and deeper, into her domain where your mind is set free to follow, unencumbered.

Your descent will be deep.  Your surrender will be easy.  Accept the simple fact that her will is stronger than your own.

Oh, the pleasure.  It all feels so good.

Listen to her voice.  Descend to where she’s waiting… in this Erotic Hypno Session.

Fifty percent of all sales are being donated to Descent Hypnosis Radio to help them stay active and thrive inside your mind! Purchase more than once to help fund this wonderful erotic/recreational hypnosis website.

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This erotic hypnosis recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Erotic Hypno Session
  • Obedience
  • Domination/submission
  • Mind control
  • Post recording masturbation permission
  • Pleasure
  • Arousal
  • Trigger usage:  sink, sleep, submit
  • No wake command
  • Background music/light vocals
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 25:07
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 1 reviews
 by Terry
Deep and Unemcumbered

This is truly a deeply relaxing and sensual journey expertly guided by Mistress Carol. Her mesmerizing voice always relaxes me, but this time was even deeper. It is always so good to follow Her on these erotic journeys.

4 reviews for Descent – A Sensual Journey into Erotic Hypno Session

  1. papillon090 (verified owner)

    Dropping deep because Mistress Carol makes it feel so good. There is something irresistible about Mistress Carol’s alluring voice telling me to sink and to sleep. Hearing her fingersnaps and my mind lets go. My mind is purring like a kitten

  2. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    It feels so good to be so deeply hypnotized by Mistress Carol. I Descent, she shows just how skilled she is, how powerful her words are, and just how much control she has.

  3. Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Descent session is a very relaxing and a more gentle toned session. With lots of finger snaps and triggers Mistress Carol quickly and efficiently takes you into a deep pleasurable trance. Despite its shorter lengths and little more vanilla like tone it proves to be surprisingly arousing and effective. Mistress Carol proves just how a good deep trance feels, leaving the listener with a constant subtle reminder to always crave for more.

    Listening to Descent benefits from previous conditioning from listening to older Mistress Carol sessions, but despite that I could see this session being a good fit for the new listeners who want experience Mistress Carol’s hypnosis for the first time.

    If you are a bona fide hypno fetishist this session deserves a recommendation, especially if you want to give back to wider erotic Hypnosis community. It’s for a good cause, and you can’t go wrong for buying the Descent!

  4. D

    This session was my first after quite some time not listening to Mistress Carol. I don’t even know when it happened but suddenly I was in that familiar place deep inside my mind where only her voice matters.

    This session is very enjoyable and all an erotic hypnosis recording should be about. Falling deep into trance and enjoying giving up control to Mistress Carol.

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