The Ultimate Schooled by Mistress Collection

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You will be hot for teacher.

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This hugely popular series is now available in this drastically discounted bundle package.  Purchased individually, these eight sessions would be in excess of $300. 

Mistress Carol has plenty to teach you and you will receive Schooled by Mistress, Schooled by Mistress Second Lesson, Schooled by Mistress Third Lesson, Schooled by Mistress Fourth Lesson, Schooled by Mistress Final Exam, Schooled by Mistress Summer School, Schooled by Mistress Extra Credit and Schooled by Mistress Higher Education all for the low bundle price of $49.95.  These sessions are no longer available individually, but you can still purchase the bundle and enjoy them all. 

School is in session and no one teaches like Mistress Carol.  You will study hard.


Schooled by Mistress:  Let Mistress Carol teach you how to drop into deep trance easily and permanently, placing her “Truths of Trance” into your mind. Her seductive voice will instruct you to crave obedience and melt your weak suggestible mind, leaving nothing but pleasure in it’s place. You will not be able to remember this session as she’s installed an amnesia phrase to prevent you from doing so. Your subconscious mind WILL remember the post hypnotic suggestion and task however. 
Schooled by Mistress Second Lesson:  Fall deep into Mistress Carol’s spell as your education continues. This session is a follow on session to Schooled by Mistress (though Schooled by Mistress is not a prerequisite). In this lesson you will learn to succumb and follow her instructions with ease and complete obedience. This hour and twenty minute session will empty your mind, train your body and subject you to a smorgasbord of wonderful hypnotic triggers, suggestions, instruction and heavy fractionation. This is an absolutely wonderful session and a “can’t miss” session for all Mistress Carol fans. This delightful file pulls you out and drops you deep repeatedly, with one long heavy slow mindfuck in between. 
Schooled by Mistress Third Lesson:  Repetition is the key to successful learning. In this, the third Schooled by Mistress session, you will find yourself dropping easily and opening your mind to Mistress Carol’s further instruction. She will revisit many triggers used in her previous sessions, strengthening their effectiveness and training your mind to react to them immediately and obediently. Your mind has the capacity to hold many triggers and to know how to perform when each one is used. A refresher course just keeps them at the top of your study list.

Schooled by Mistress Fourth Lesson:  Take a seat at your desk and listen up boy. It’s time to return to school, where Mistress Carol will demonstrate her complete and total possession of your body and your mind. In this session, she revisits a few physical triggers that you will react to with complete passion and attention. There will be no doubt who owns you as any shred of resistance you once had will completely vanish. Plus, my eager student, she has a new trigger to place within that open empty mind of yours to aid in better student participation. 

Schooled by Mistress Final Exam:  You are such a good study. It’s time for you to be wrapped inside the blanket of trance, lost in the pleasure, and lost in Mistress Carol’s voice while you complete your final exam. The depth of trance you will achieve in this session is endless as you sink into a tremendously deep profound state and show her what you have learned.

Schooled by Mistress Extra Credit:  Mistress Carol’s sexy, sensual voice will take you into an ultra-deep trance where you can display all that hard work you’ve put into your hypnotic education. Her voice will gently wrap around your mind, seducing you into the deepest trance you’ve ever experienced. Pleasurable trance will make you feel so good and giving yourself to your Mistress is your greatest reward. You do not need to have listened to any previous “Schooled by Mistress” sessions to enjoy Extra Credit. 

Schooled by Mistress Summer School:  You are in need of remedial education and Summer School is now in session. With this sexy seduction, Mistress Carol will lead you into deep trance and teach you just how deep you can fall under her guidance. This is a standalone session and you do not have to listen to any of my previous Schooled by Mistress sessions as a prerequisite.

Schooled by Mistress Higher Education:  Enter Mistress Carol’s classroom and be prepared to be taught a lesson you will never forget.  Settle into your favorite place for trancing, press play and enjoy an extremely pleasurable and mind blowing trance. Lose control and step into Mistress Carol’s realm.  Your higher hypnotic education awaits you.

5 reviews for The Ultimate Schooled by Mistress Collection

  1. David

    I have to leave another review for Mistress Carol’s school series. I just redid the whole series and I have surrendered to Mistress Carol again. This series is a must to have and You will never forgot how Mistress Carol takes care of Her pets. Between Her voice and Her true concern for Her pets She will make You feel so relaxed and you will understand obedience is pleasure. Thank You Mistress I am so fortunate to be Your submissive pet.

  2. David

    Having been so fortunate to be trained by Mistress Carol. I am going back and reeducating myself on some of Mistress Carol’s classes.

    This series is incredible for not only a newbie to Mistress Carol but to existing submissives.

    Mistress Carol’s voice is so welcoming to all and going back to the beginning reminds me of how fortunate I am to have found an amazing hypnotic Mistress.

  3. escatalos

    I agree with a previous reviewer, this collection is an excellent place to start on a journey of submission to Mistress Carol. My own journey to wanting to be her devoted pet started with another file. However, once I was on the journey of submission to Mistress Carol, this collection proved to enhance my submission to my Miistress, setting triggers and helping me understand the depth of my obedience and devotion.

  4. allenapuan (verified owner)

    I won’t give the 5 star lightly.

    If anyone has previously known about Nikki Fatale, these sessions feel like those, but deeper.

    I mean that in the way they cause you to drop from just the sound of Mistress Carol’s voice. While Amnesia play is difficult for me to grasp (having eidetic memory). These sessions found a way to let me explore that part… if in a different way than I was expecting. I still grasp the trance during the remnant of the session, and major parts I barely recall, and I can’t tell you which lesson they were from!

    By just the second one, I already felt little resistance from any other trance, and realized I needed to binge the rest of the lessons… even if I can’t remember what was taught XD.

    I do know I have only listened to each one about once, (other than the first or the second… I think? maybe 2 or 3 times) and I can’t wait until I relisten later… Just knowing the pleasure I felt during and after…. *fun* Xl

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    As someone new to the work of Mistress Carol I think Schooled by Mistress was the perfect place to start. A bargain bundle providing hours of trance, triggers and the accompanying pleasure.

    A whole new level of eroticism.

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