Taken into the Abyss: Ultra Deep Trance Audio

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The relaxing induction is just her ruse in Taken into the Abyss: Ultra Deep Trance Audio.

deep trance

The soft slow velvety induction relaxes you deeply and takes your mind so far away.  She is a master of disguise first lulling you into trance, then taking the gloves off.

She is always a Mistress of seduction, masterly in the art of hypnotic manipulation and deception.  Once she has you in that unsuspecting state, she takes you into her abyss where you have no choice but to fall deep for her.  You have no choice but to be taken in Taken into the Abyss: Ultra Deep Trance.

Sinking deeper and deeper, she isn’t satisfied with the ordinary.  She wants your surrender to be extraordinary.  She wants to show you how little you have left as you sink down into her abyss.  No will.  No control.  No inhibitions.  Only a continued sinking down into her total control of your mind.  Is it your fantasy?  Is it your dream?  Is it your nightmare as you continue sinking and sinking…

Soft as silk.  Hard as nails.  She can take you any way she desires and you love having every choice stripped from you.  Her allure is irresistible.  She is a mystery you simply cannot solve.

Sinking and sinking, beyond bliss, into new depths of surrender and submission.  You want more.  You crave more.  You are prepared to fall so far down into the abyss.

Deep hypnotic trance is inevitable.  Deep hypnotic trance is unavoidable.  She is a master of mind control, a seductress of surrender.

You will succumb.


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational relaxing induction
  • Deep trance
  • Layers of voice
  • Whispers
  • Finger snaps
  • Metronome
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • No wake command
  • Trigger usage:  sleep, submit, taken, plummet
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 51:10

8 reviews for Taken into the Abyss: Ultra Deep Trance Audio

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Another spectacular masterpiece by the sexiest seductress alive!

    Mistress is pure genius. She understands exactly how to drive me wild through deep trance and total surrender. Her control over me is divine and I am compelled to listen to Her over and over again! She is my Supreme Being, I give myself totally to Her – correction. She takes charge and I am simply Her plaything. I belong to Her, am powerless and its such a glorious feeling. There’s only one thing better than Her recordings and that is a live session with Her.

    Whatever you choose, listen to Mistress and be taken to a glorious place of delicious surrender. It really is one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. I’m so sorry it took me so long to stumble upon Her work. I truly adore Mistress Carol.

  2. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    A wonderful trance that left me in a incredibly deep state of hypnotic sleep. The after effects lingering long after the sessions completion. The feeling of her overwhelming control took hold of me and drew me deeper into the abyss. Wrapped tightly in the cocoon of her words and left helpless to her powerful commands.

    Unable to do anything but obey Mistress Carol. Then there are those wickedly powerful unsuspecting ‘Snaps”. Totally enslaved to Mistress Carol and suspended in the abyss that is her complete control over me. Hanging on her every word.

    Delicious erotic torment!

  3. Justgoodvibes (verified owner)

    You can add this session to the list of many Mistress Carol “must have’s “. I listened to this one for nearly a week before I could offer a rough sketch of what it was about.

    If you love deep trance, look no further. Mistress Carol uses her well defined hypnotic muscles to smoothly and easily coax you into trance. I was taking notes in the afternoon and bam, I was jarred awake with 9:20 into the session. Luckily, I was able to stay focused from that point on. There’s a beach scenario that unfolds with some inviting imagery, along with an occasional metronome tick, augmenting the voice that is now legendary. That voice is saying all the right things which open the door to my favorite place.

    About one third into the session, I was invited to the moment of surrender? Think about what that means, and what that does? It’s just the beginning. The verbiage is so devastatingly disarming and blissfully charming. There is absolutely no chance of resisting.
    Then, a revelation is dropped. Mistress explains that the conscious mind has no recollection of the words that led you into the depths of trance. Oh, I just loved that. A few minutes later Mistress Carol explained we are just scratching the surface. Big smile! I realized I’m about to be crushed (again).

    I’m so glad Mistress Carol is sharing her craft with us. She swings for the fences, every time at bat. Always expanding and reaching new heights, she is a champion. I’m just another guy that is smiling, and cheering for more. Endless thanks, Mistress Carol!

  4. Severin (verified owner)

    This is yet another insanely powerful hypnotic masterpiece from Mistress Carol.

    I really cannot begin to fathom how deep Mistress Carol plummets me into hypnosis or understand what happens there beyond the intense and lasting pleasure that fills my empty mind. My memories of this session are close to a perfect zero and this is hypnofetish perfection. The induction is so vivid and real that i feel like i have been transported to another world somehow more real than reality itself. I can recall ambling carefree along a beach and enjoying the feel of the sand beneath my feet and then sitting next to a glowing orange fire that warms me like a kind of blanket. My mind grows gloriously fuzzy as the wind caresses my skin and the waves lull at the shoreline.

    After this i cease to exist and cannot say what happens. Whatever happens is because Mistress Carol wills it, i leave behind my consciousness and give myself completely to Mistress Carol. i become a vessel for Her control and i do not know any more than this except that it feels like a prolonged mental orgasm to be held so firmly under her complete control and be powerless to do anything except mindlessly obey her commands.

    i used to believe there were limits to how deeply i could be hypnotized but Mistress Carol has demonstrated how easily i now can be taken far beyond my capacity to comprehend, recall or ever think of anything. i simply obey and fall deeper and receive the greatest doses of liquid pleasure spilling out of me over and over again by submitting completely to the sound of Mistress Carol’s voice. i have no control left whatsoever and i only want to experience more and more of this indescribable pleasure. i yearn to continue going deeper into the pleasure of obedience without thought.

    This file is nothing but a full tantric out of body experience of pleasure delivered by Mistress Carol’s hypnotic control of your mind. i fall so blankly and deeply into nothingness that i’ve had to check that the file isn’t 40 minutes of silence. My mind simply cannot comprehend what happens. i am taken completely, this is perfect erotic hypnosis.

    i don’t understand what happens in this file but it is something you need to experience for yourself. It is every hypnosis lover’s dream come true.

    Thank You Mistress Carol.

  5. slave Royale (verified owner)

    I love to feel like Mistress is taking me deeper into trance. It feels so good to surrender and let go and allow Mistress to be in control. She takes what She wants, and She wants her listeners to enjoy letting go and falling deep for Her into another wonderful hypnotic adventure where She is in control.

    Everyday life is so stressful at times, and She wants Her listeners to de-stress and enjoy the pleasures of hypnosis sessions. Every new session Mistress Carol creates gets better than the previous session. She is a true professional and expert with Her wonderful hypnosis skills. I am forever grateful in so many ways for Mistress Carol’s hypnosis.

    This session does everything in the description and so much more. It needs to be experienced by everyone. This session will help the listener to further go deeper into trance and enjoy the pleasure of various trigger commands, finger snaps (my favorite), and the feelings of floating along with no thoughts, only obedience to the beautiful Mistress in control. I love sessions like this one that also helps me with developing more of my submissive side for Mistress. In my daily life, I have to be in control in different ways, but hypnosis helps me to balance out my life. Mistress Carol’s hypnosis helps me to explore the other submissive side that lives inside of me and helps me to de-stress, lower my anxiety, turns off the over-active mind in me.

    Thank you for this most excellent hypnosis session. I usually cannot remember too many details of hypnosis sessions at this point… my mind has become very conditioned to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis plus with hypno-amnesia, but I can only “remember” the warm wonderful feelings after waking up from a session. The floating along with no worries or cares for awhile deep in trance feels so very good and helps me feel great all day and to sleep better at nights.

    Thank You Mistress Carol.

  6. papillon090 (verified owner)

    Plummeting into the abyss Mistress creates inside my subconscious mind the phrase, “Mistress, please take me deeper” and it’s coming up like a Mantra. This file is creating a strong mental connection to Mistress Carol full of submission with an insatiable hunger for more…

  7. S_t_a_r_m_a_n (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s constant creativity never ceases to amaze me. In how many ways can she make me disappear into an abyss of bliss with her erotic trance recordings? When she guides me into the depth of relaxation, it is impossible not to be entranced.

    Having listened to her work for a long time, it sometimes feels as though her presence has woven itself into the very fabric of my subconscious. She is, without a doubt, the reigning queen of mesmerizing mind control. Waves of pleasure ripple through me as I listen to her voice. Her voice isn’t just captivating; it’s an instrument of entrancement that leaves an indelible mark on the listener.

    Technically speaking, the recording quality is nothing short of stellar. It’s razor-sharp, allowing every nuance of her voice to shine through. The ingenious layering of voices adds a depth that truly elevates the listening experience, creating an immersive 3D effect that is both powerful and profound.

    Despite the crystal clear audio quality, I find myself struggling to recall the exact words spoken. It’s as if the essence of the message imprints itself deep within, while the specifics remain tantalizingly out of reach. I do not recall any explicit sexual content, but this session is a deeply erotic experience.

    This is a session I will revisit many times. For anyone seeking a transcendental hypnotic experience, Mistress Carol’s latest recording is a must-listen.

  8. HPB (verified owner)

    I listened to this session yesterday and then twice today to fulfill Mistress Carol’s slave task requirement.

    After the first time, I planned to try again. Mistress’s task added motivation. For me, this trance session is the most mysterious of Mistress’s works. Her induction doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Then I slowly start to gain awareness at the very end of the recording.
    I don’t know when or how I go so deep for Mistress, but at the end, I’m totally zonked and in a special place.

    Try this recording. You won’t regret it.

    Thank you my mysterious Mistress Carol.

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