Sexual Edging: Exquisite Agony

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Teased, tormented, edged and denied.

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Sexual Edging Audio Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis for Men Presents: Sexual Edging: Exquisite Agony (Your Ultimate Tease and Denial Fantasy!)

In this sexual teasing erotic hypnosis {Exquisite Agony}, Mistress Carol will lead you gently down into trance, using a relaxing multi-layered induction, then tease and torment you, having you stroke for her, while denying you any release. You will undergo deep submission and be Mistress Carol’s obedient stroking slave.

Yes… you will be in exquisite agony as you undergo extremely erotic sexual edging, in this arousing hypnosis session.

What is Edging and Orgasm Control?

“Sexual Edging” is an erotic practice that allows an individual to delay orgasm, building the sensation and pleasure to the “edge’ via masturbation, hand-jobs, or and erotic blow job experience, to either make the orgasm more intense, or for orgasm denial play in BDSM. This practice is helpful for men with premature ejaculation issues, to help them increase stamina.

In this is a hard-core edging sexual audio hypnosis session, you will continually stimulate your hard cock again and again, to the edge of orgasm, but not be allowed to climax.

Oh the sweet torment!, as you writhe beneath your Mistress’ demands, commanded to stroke that quivering cock into exquisite agony. And, just when you feel yourself ready to burst and let go, you are denied once again. How long can you last?

Mistress Carol’s power and control over your mind will not be denied as you become her mindless stroking drone.

This session, as with all Mistress Carol’s sessions, are best wearing headphones or earbuds.

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing multi-layered induction
  • Submission suggestions
  • Obedience suggestions
  • NLP
  • Masturbation
  • Orgasm denial
  • Tease and denial
  • Edging
  • Contains profanity
  • Contains wake command
  • Background vocals and music
  • Theta brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 42:32

4 reviews for Sexual Edging: Exquisite Agony

  1. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    I know the title of the file is Exquisite Agony, but my Agony was more than what I bargained for – I listened to this file at night, (or at least half of it) – then my alarm clock went off for no reason and that broke the trance feeling. I could not get back into it for anything – talk about agony, my sleep was horrible, I was so uncomfortable.

    Then, I decided to re-listen again this AM (before work). Another BIG mistake. The first “surrender” and I was completely gone.

    The intensity of the arousal, heightened by the obedience to stop when told was truly exquisite!

  2. Luke R

    An amazing session from Mistress Carol. It does exactly what the description says, takes you deep into trance and turns you into Mistress Carol’s mindless stroking done!

    I have never before been so close to orgasm knowing that my Mistress doesn’t want me to go over the edge. I imagine that, if I were able to see Mistress Carol in person and ask her not to hold back, this would be the sort of session I’d have the pleasure of experiencing!

    I’m still hard and aching writing this review and looking forward to the next time I listen to this file.

  3. Slave Michael

    Taken down into a deep trance and forced to robotically stroke my hard cock is something I cannot get enough of. Listening to Your beautiful voice while I edge for you is something I love. Knowing that I will not be given permission to cum only makes me even harder and hornier. Mistress Carol owns my orgasms.

  4. rowls_1981

    I can’t fucking believe what just happened to me. i’m a lifelong hypnofetishist and i bought this file because i get off on hypnosis. i thought i’d enjoy the hypnosis and that i’d cum and orgasm no matter what. Files like this have never worked on me before from other Dommes but Mistress Carol has completely hypnotized me and made me into her obedient horny stroking puppet. i cannot resist Mistress Carol. Mistress Carol has hypnotized me completely. i listened to this immediately after ‘Abandon’ and just swept from one trance to another in perfect obedience. i stroked my cock mindlessly and did not cum. i could not cum. i had to obey Mistress Carol because it feels so good to obey Mistress Carol. So i obeyed Mistress Carol. This file is exquisite. This file is agony. Mistress Carol controls my mind and my orgasm. Do not buy this file unless you are ready to be completely controlled and owned by Mistress Carol. Thank You for hypnotizing me so deeply and completely Mistress Carol.

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