Drip Drop in 3D: 3D Mind Fuck Hypnosis Audio

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A masterpiece of seductive mind fuck erotic hypnosis.

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In Drip Drop in 3D: 3D Mind Fuck Hypnosis Audio, Mistress Carol will slowly tease and toy with your mind, taking you into a long slow irresistible descent you will find hard to ever leave.

mind fuck audio

Her voice seductive, arousing and she loves to make you mindless, seducing you into sleep, making you go so deep for her as she skillfully removes all of your control.

Obedience to Mistress Carol is pleasure.  No truer fact was ever stated.  Your seductive slide into the vortex of deep trance is skillfully created with her words as you just follow her irresistible voice.

Her numbers take you down into mind numbing sleep with a carefully crafted open-eyed fractionation induction.  Your conscious mind wants it desperately.

You focus on a spot above you as you mind becomes unfocused on everything else.  Trance infiltrates you regardless if your eyes are open or closed.  She’s already inside of you before you even start to listen to her voice.

Eyes so heavy, so droopy, you can only obey.  Her suggestions are too powerful to resist.  She is a master of hypnosis.  She can do as she wishes with your blank and empty mind.

Feel the slide down as she takes you deeper with each opening of your eyes.  Her voice like a siren that pulls you down, deeper and deeper, into total surrender to her.  You crave more.

Feel the descent into oblivion.  Feel your mind shrinking into the depth of trance beyond anything you could imagine.

Then she snaps her fingers…and you beg her to make you fall all the way down.

She obliges you and drops you into the most delicious mind fuck and makes you her deeply controlled toy.

You become paralyzed for her yet again.  The only way out now is in.

A true hypnotic masterpiece to make you feel every level of your inevitable slide into the deepest most euphoric sleep you have every experienced. Recorded with a 3D microphone that feels as if Mistress Carol is next to you as she mind fucks you deeply.


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Blindfold usage
  • Open-eyed fractionation induction
  • Slow sensual slide into sleep
  • Countdowns
  • Surrender
  • Loss of control
  • Arousal
  • Mind fuck hypnosis
  • Euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Bondage
  • Paralysis
  • Addiction
  • Trigger usage:  Submit, sleep, sink, comatose
  • Trigger installation
  • 3D microphone
  • Whispers
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 50:40

9 reviews for Drip Drop in 3D: 3D Mind Fuck Hypnosis Audio

  1. david (verified owner)

    Under the irresistible sway of Mistress Carol’s enchanting trance sessions, I willingly surrender myself to her power, feeling an insatiable desire to submit and obey.

    This particular session has bewitched me beyond measure, ensnaring my mind and captivating my very being. Mistress Carol’s voice, dripping with seduction and authority, effortlessly dominates my thoughts and fuels my submissive yearnings. Every word she utters, like velvet tendrils, wraps around my mind, compelling me to let go and sink deeper into her control. As I immerse myself in her silky, smooth tones, a profound sense of surrender washes over me, as if I am a willing vessel, eagerly embracing her influence. Mistress Carol’s skill in implanting suggestions leaves me deliciously pliable, her every command etching itself deeply into the core of my being.

    I am powerless to resist her allure, irresistibly drawn to return to this session, knowing it will amplify my submissive desires and transport me to a place of sublime servitude. Mistress Carol is a true dominatrix, an intoxicating mix of seduction and authority, and I am honored to be under her enchanting spell.

  2. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    Coming out of this trance ever so slowly leaves me in a prolonged state of calmness. A mental sharpness coupled with a renewed focus on Mistress Carol pervades my thoughts at the moment.

    As this was my first listen the overall memory of this session is vague at best. I do know it pulled me down deep into her control. Brought down deep to the level of her boot heels. Following obediently her every word. Only to be placed on her black leather table, hypnotized & paralyzed.

    The effects of the Drip Drop trigger demonstrates her dominating influence over my pliable mind. The calmness still envelops me. Did she let me out of trance? There’s no way to tell. I just want to be near her again. Her delicious lovely voice is all I want. A wave of euphoria sweeps over me. Should I listen again? The Drip Drop 3D affected me profoundly. Filled with submission… She is Dominant. I will obey Mistress Carol.

  3. HPB (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s “Drip Drop” drops listeners into deep trance using an extended induction and a series of deepeners. She does not bring her subjects out of trance leaving them to sleep blissfully.

    I’ve listened to this session more than six times. In my experience, her introduction lulled me partway into trance through the power of her voice and subliminal tracks. Then Mistress commanded me to open my eyes so she could employ a fractionation induction. I found it extremely difficult to follow Mistress’s fractionation instructions, but because I obey Mistress Carol, I struggled, followed, and fell deep for her.

    That is all I clearly remember other than her use of the Comatose trigger. She may have used others and maybe implanted a new trigger related to the title, but I’m not sure. Are there finger snaps and other commands? I’m not sure. But given Mistress Carol’s standard operating procedures, I’m sure she did.

    At the end, I woke well after the 50 minute length of the session and needed additional time to recover. As always, Mistress Carol delivers a euphoric experience. I totally recommend purchasing this session. BTW, I adore Mistress Carol.

  4. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    Another uniquely marvelous session from Mistress Carol. She makes it clear she is in control and that I desperately need to be under her control with all of the sensually seductive syllables she speaks into my mind. She uses frequently repeated fractionation to drop me deep, deeper than I could have imagined. She takes me even deeper by unexpectedly applying other induction triggers until I am so lost in trance I can’t even recall what the end of the session does to my mind.

  5. kjell (verified owner)

    For me, this masterpeace is all about depth. Deep trance. Deep sleep. Deep mind fuck. Deep submission. Deep obedience. Deep addiction and Deep control. Here I experience powerful fractionation and trances at levels far beyond what I find anywhere else.

    Strapped to her leather seduction bench, I get what I yearn for, the most delightful sleep I can imagine. Surrounded by her voice. Behind me, below me, above me and beside me. The voice that seduces me. The voice I am addicted to. The voice I yearn for. The voice I love. The voice of my Mistress. As I listen to each drip and each syllable, I am filled with an irresistible craving for more. I know I will be back. For more, more and more.

  6. sb533 (verified owner)


    My mind was completely sedated after this session. It took me a rather long time to recover.

    Very addictive hypnosis file! I’ll be back for this one, on my knees, eyes shut and rolled back, mouth open and drooling, mind blank… i love it, i need it, i crave it…

  7. Severin (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol has produced yet another spectacular mind-bending hypnosis trip!

    This session took me so quickly and put so deep under Mistress Carol’s spell that it felt like i’d been under for just a few minutes and yet when I emerged, over an hour had passed. It’s a full 50 minute deep trance session but you might find yourself inside of trance for much longer.

    The 3D recording on this session is exceptional – Mistress Carol achieves true studio quality recording. This is as good as online hypnosis gets. You’ll feel like Mistress Carol is there with you inside the room and inside your mind.

    As for the session, my recollection is very, VERY blurry but the induction involves a cool fractionation process with open-eyed trancing that hits home hard. Mistress Carol had me yo-yo-ing up and down as i tried to stay focused and then I was deeply under her spell and completely under her control. The illicit whispers just melt into my mind and i find i can’t help but lose control.
    I can feel myself melting away just at the thought of it.

    I’ve listened to this file over five times now and i simply can’t remember much more than this – Mistress Carol’s hypnosis is simply too strong and powerful and it will overwhelm and control you. It’s simply exceptional. There’s no way to resist. Mistress Carol exudes power, skill and purpose with her hypnotic charms and you’ll simply be taken away to a better place.

    There’s no wake command at the end and you if you’re like me you could be drifting in trance for a considerable time after the session ends. That’s testament to how deeply Mistress Carol can put you into hypnosis. The feelings that linger upon waking are lingering intense pleasure, arousal, submissiveness and a strong desire to listen again and again.

    This is impossible to resist. I simply want more and more. Mistress Carol’s hypnosis is addictive bliss. I simply can’t get enough of it. The only way to understand how pleasurable it feels is to listen and experience it for yourself.
    Thank you, Mistress Carol!

  8. escatalos (verified owner)

    Wow! That took me deep, so deep that I think it is the longest recovery time that I have needed after one of Mistress Carol’s trances, which is saying something. So deep, that I didn’t want Mistress to stop, but could do nothing for some time after the file ended This is an amazing trance, recorded to Mistress Carol’s usual high standards, with powerful use of a 3D microphone. It is as though she is in the room with me, gently taking me deeper and deeper into new depths of obedient submission. This will be a session I return to often, I have no doubt, whether on its own or as a prelude to another trance.

  9. Martin (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing masterpiece.
    Falling deep to Mistress Carols voice feels so good.

    Well worth the listen 10/10

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