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Tranced.  Aroused.  Frenzied.

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This is an intense sexual audio file with a relaxing induction flowing into one ear and Mistress Carol’s powerful Domme presence into the other, while raw arousal building suggestions flow down into your center core.  Yes, this file is intense but perfect for overnight listening enjoying Mistress Carol’s seductive voice and profound programming as you sleep the night away.

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This session features:
  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Intense audio experience
  • Intense arousal suggestions
  • Profane language
  • Post trance masturbation
  • No wake command (suitable for extended listening)
  • Multiple effects and brain manipulators
  • Multiple tracks
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 25:23

3 reviews for Frenzy

  1. papillon090 (verified owner)

    I can not remember much, but I feel that I invited Mistress deep into my mind. It feels so good that I want it again and again…

  2. John

    The title is well chosen as this one indeed caused me to go into a state of an aroused frenzy….

    It starts off with just one relaxing voice and at some point, Mistress Carol picks up the speed and you are bombarded with several suggestions at the same time. Then, there comes the part where she gives really arousing suggestions that had me squirming. This kept on going until the end of the recording. It was really beautiful. I get hard thinking about this session. Another artful recording by my favorite Erotic Hypnotist.

  3. Giles

    Mistress Carol’s voice in this session brings such an incredible amount of arousal – another great session for looping, the sensations become unbearable in the best of ways.

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