The Relaxation Clinic Collection – Discounted Role Play Hypnosis


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Erotic Femdom

A deep dive into the fantasy of being taken by an unethical hypnotist and seduced by the power of her spiral.

The Relaxation Clinic

A relaxation clinic.  That is just what you need. Stepping in, you feel comfortable automatically.  The hypnotist is disarming, charming and you settled into her warm leather chair.  Hypnosis?  Why not?  Whatever helps you to relax. A slow soft massage of your temples feels so good and relaxing.  Her voice is soothing and sensual. A screen drops from the ceiling as you watch the spiral in front of you begin to spin around and around. You listen to her voice and watch the spiral beginning to feel so relaxed, so glad you came. Her voice, the voices, the spinning spiral, mind fading further inside of all of them.  Around and around. You hear something about weak-minded men.  You stare as the spiral spins around and around. Brainwashing?  Is that what she said?  Can’t think.  Eyes fixated on the spiral as it spins around and around.

Unbreakable obedience?  Around and around…Obedient drone?  Around and around…Eyes glued to the spiral.  Around and around…Her voices, her words.  Around and around…Her pet, yes, her pet…Around and around…

Step into The Relaxation Clinic – Erotic Femdom Fantasy

Originally a custom session.  Want Mistress Carol to create yours?  CLICK HERE

The Relaxation Clinic II

You are booked in for your favorite treatment, hypnosis. The therapist has a new room with a lovely table to place you on. It looks inviting, harmless. You climb on top of it. Binding you to her table with words and action, a screen is lowered above you filling your entire view. You stare as every rotation of this huge spiral takes you deeper and deeper into trance. Her voice penetrating your mind and your desire to serve her. Whispers and words fill your emptying mind as your red glassy eyes are fixated upon the spiral. Around and around it goes, deeper and deeper you fall. She turns up the speed as the last remaining pieces of resistance are sucked away from you. You are hers now. Emptied, entranced and enslaved, you can never return to what you once where. She removed all memories of it. It simply doesn’t exist anymore. Faster and faster the spiral spins pulling you more deeply into it.  You are now her obedient slave, her spiral zombie, living with her permanently to serve her every whim. The mantras you speak for her only confirm your loss of memory and nothing remains of who you once were. Now you are only her mindless obedient slave changed forever to serve her

These recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Spiral induction
  • Restraints
  • Brainwashing
  • Femdom fantasy audio
  • Mindless obedience
  • Servitude
  • Helplessness
  • Contains “slave” language
  • Mantras
  • Heavy brainwave entrainment
  • Background music
  • Background vocals
  • No wake command
  • Recording studio production quality

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