The Deprivation Room – Sexy Hypnotic Fantasy Audio

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Taken, brainwashed, edged.

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Taken by two sexy women in a black Mercedes limousine.  This is your fantasy ride in The Deprivation Room – Sexy Hypnotic Fantasy Audio.

hypnosis fantasy

The only awareness you will realize is the awareness Mistress Carol plants deep inside of your dreamy mind.

Her triggers along with her finger snaps sending you spiraling down into hypnotic trance, your mind unraveling as she empties it and sucks it out of you.

Obedience to her IS pure pleasure as the arousal from your helplessness produces a shutter of fear and excitement.

Walking along a black limousine with dark windows pulls up beside you.  Two stunning women emerge and as you move closer toward them your knees weaken.  You feel a hand with a wet silk cloth across your face.

Mistress Carol awaits your visit.

Using her words to direct your every thought she senses some resistance remaining.  Mistress Carol always loves a challenge.

It’s too late for you now.  You are held helplessly in The Deprivation Room, your shrinking mind manipulated by her voice.

She places electrodes for various monitors on you and promises you a surprise soon.

Body wrapped in her sleep sack she places her brainwashing hood over your head.  Her brainwashing begins.

She insists on total mindlessness, complete submission and a deep undeniable servitude.

She will have it.

Mind fucked, brainwashed, your remaining resistance is soon melted away by the sleepy seduction of her hypnotic voice and words.

She notices your arousal.  She unzips the zipper above it.  Your ego continues to be erased by her brainwashing of your mind as she monitors your body closely.

Seduced, sedated, she mentions plugging you into one more machine as cold lube is applied to your cock.

Only Mistress Carol’s will exists now and her choices are all you know.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Trigger usage induction
  • Conversational deepener
  • Triggers:  Sleep, submit, comatose, sink, annihilate
  • Bondage
  • Brainwashing
  • Milking machine edging
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • No wake command
  • Heavy background vocals
  • Contains “slave” references
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 40:20

7 reviews for The Deprivation Room – Sexy Hypnotic Fantasy Audio

  1. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    This file is a virtual fetish smorgasbord. From a young age, I’ve fantasized of being captured by powerful, alluring women and controlled for their pleasure. In this file, Mistress Carol kicks my fantasy into high gear with the control she expertly applies through erotic hypnosis. She takes me into a state of high arousal with subtle inductions and clever scene descriptions. The end leaves me yearning for orgasm but unable to achieve it, yet extremely satisfied to be controlled in that way.

  2. Den

    With this fantastic session a dream is coming true. The fantasy scenario of being kidnapped by her sexy helpers and of being kept captive by Mistress Carol brainwashing is so hot. Especially with the thought, that the sexy accomplices were maybe also being brainwashed before and now it is your turn to join the party as Mistress Carol’s mindless and obedient drone.

    During this brainwashing, I fall completely deep and into a mindless state, in which only obeying Mistress Carol’s commands matters. This undeniable control over my mind and pleasure solidified completely when she plugged the devious machine on. It left me in a dazed and helpless horny state. Thank you, Mistress Carol, for this wonderful experience.

  3. Gary

    This session is fantastic. I‘ve had the good fortune of listening to Mistress Carol for what seems like 10 years.

    This session put me in trance in under 2 minutes, and constantly pulled me deeper, as it continued. I’ve had countless failed attempts at a complete listen. I wasn’t tired . It’s a great story, a hot fantasy, and most of all, it’s one of the greatest trances Mistress Carol has created. I bet most will love it. I sure did !!

  4. slave Royale

    This outstanding hypnosis session by Mistress Carol contains everything that I love about Her hypnosis style. It really checks all of the boxes for me and much more. She will take You down deep to one of the deepest, blank very mindless trances that I have ever experienced. I love the whole scene of the idea of being taken to a special training room and bound up helpless to where the listener will learn how to be a better hypnosis submissive and more for Mistress Carol. She has the power to shut down and turn off my over-active mind which is what I really need most days. I reach a point where my extra thoughts simply just give up and turn off and surrender to Mistress. And then I can only focus on the beautiful voice of Mistress Carol. She is in charge now. I love to give up my control for a while when I am in Her Hypnotic Domain. Afterwards, all I could do was lay in bed for awhile and float along with warm, calm thoughts of Mistress in my blank, open mind. Thank You Mistress Carol, thank you very much for this wonderful session experience.

  5. HPB (verified owner)

    I’ve tranced to this file at least three times. The only relatively clear memory I have is dropping into trance and following Mistress Carol’s setting up of a fever-frenzy fantasy dream. I feel compelled to repeat listening so I can try remembering more details. No luck on that. I know Mistress says something like “I’ll be right back” toward the end of the session then the sound fades away while I remain entranced and edging for quite awhile. I slowly wake up and realize I’m still edging and very horny. Mistress delivers another wonderfully dark, sexy hypnosis session. Thank you, Mistress Carol. You easily hypnotize me and control my mind.

  6. Severin (verified owner)

    WHOOOSH – that is the sound of my consciousness disappearing in an almighty sinkhole of hypnosis that Mistress Carol opens up underneath me.

    This is a hard-hitting and powerful hypnosis session that takes you deep and takes you quickly. Mistress Carol does not relent – She takes you ever harder and endlessly deeper under her delectable control.

    It’s extremely difficult to even find the words that can do justice to this exceptional erotic hypnosis session. I find my mind going blank and mushy whenever i try to recall much of this session and my recollections beyond the opening is foggy at best.
    What I definitely can remember is how crystal clear the beginning of this session is. Mistress Carol places you inside a vivid and real dreamstate where she kidnaps your consciousness (with the help of a few beautiful and powerful ladies) before whisking you away.
    I can vaguely recall being helplessly restrained inside a deep and dark place where my mind and fantasies ran wild to the beat of Mistress Carol’s drum.

    Be prepared to be edged and teased and left in a dazed and horny state when you awake. This session will leave you begging, craving and desperate for more of Mistress Carol’s delicious hypnotic control over your body and mind. I cannot wait to submit to the follow up session.
    Thank you, Mistress Carol – yet another hypnotic masterpiece for the ages!

  7. Martin James (verified owner)

    That was an amazing deep mindfuck and brainwash experience. Was kept so on edge.

    After it ended i didn’t wake for around 20 minutes and the sensations of being edged carried on i lost all control i love it!

    Thank you
    Mistress Carol

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