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Mistress Carol will add your name to the main vocal track and add one personal background track with this option to personalize your session.  If you have specific language you would like to hear in your background track, send an email to immediately and let her know what it is.  You should receive your personalized session within two weeks of placing your order.

3 reviews for Personalize Submit!

  1. slave Royale

    A personalized version of any hypnosis session by Mistress Carol is definitely the best way to experience the sessions.

    I am very happy and truly grateful for Mistress Carol personalizing this session for me. My desire is to please Her and to submit, surrender, and obey for Her and to continue my submissive training for Her pleasure. This session does everything in the description and so much more if you just let go, relax and enjoy the experience.

    Each time I listen to Her sessions, my mind and body become more focused and conditioned and more obedient to the point that She is in control whenever now I put on my headphones and press play…. then I give up my control to Mistress Carol. I feel so safe and warm now in Her hypnotic care. I love being hypnotized so very deep into trance to the point that all of my cares, stress, anxiety melts away.

    Whenever I listen to hypnosis sessions, most times I cannot remember too much afterwards other than the most wonderful, relaxed feelings flowing all around inside of me. Mistress is truly the best at what She does with Her hypnosis ways. I only listen to hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol. Thank You Mistress Carol for everything wonderful that You do. I adore You.

  2. Dario

    On my knees…

    First of all I want to be very clear about one thing. Even before listening to this session, submission to Mistress Carol was so ingrained in me that I could not resist Her in any way.  I was wondering how this file could make me even more devoted and enslaved. I thought it was almost impossible. 

    Obviously nothing is impossible for Mistress Carol.  I have experienced something comparable to losing my virginity.

    “Submit!” is pure slave training, powerful and irresistible. The customization makes the experience extremely intimate. Mistress Carol’s voice is so deep inside of you. Unbelievably deep.

    During this session submission becomes a need like breathing. You are on your knees, collared and leashed. At some point She is everything to you. Words like devotion or adoration seem insufficient to describe what you feel.

    I can only say that it is such an intense experience that you immediately want to start over, overpowered, needy and so grateful. This session is absolutely a must have.

    Thank You my Goddess.

  3. Hugh

    My personalized version of Submit! has become one of my favourite sessions – like a moth drawn to the light, I keep finding myself listening to this extremely enjoyable deep hypnosis session.

    The session starts with a seemingly innocuous induction, but before long I realize that I’m hypnotized, and then unable to resist as Mistress Carol leads me into deeper and deeper hypnosis, emptying my mind, and then brainwashing and programming me to submit to Her without thought or hesitation. At some point Mistress Carol begins to use the trigger that She has implanted, and I find myself automatically quivering with pleasure as She repeatedly triggers me, and turns me into Her completely submissive toy. I also become very aroused when I listen to this session – each time Mistress Carol triggers me, I get more and more aroused, to the point that I am moaning with pleasure as She plays with my deeply hypnotized mind.

    This is definitely a session that needs some recovery time for my consciousness to return after Mistress Carol’s voice fades away, and leaves me with a deep desire longing to submit to Mistress Carol once again.

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