Be Pretty for Me – Feminization Hypnosis Audio

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Mistress Carol wants you to be her femme toy.

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You might think this session is about feminization but, it’s really all about Mistress Carol’s control of your mind in Be Pretty for Me – Feminization Hypnosis Audio.

feminization hypnosis

A simple word, a simple snap of her beautiful fingers and your dropping down into aroused obedience for her.  And as she gently sedates your mind with her voice, you enter into this new experience and fall into the dream she creates for you.

As you look into Mistress’s vanity mirror you hear her whispers, you see her standing behind you.  You are her lucky toy.  She wants to feminize you and use her hypnotic power to make you her pretty play thing, her femme toy.

As she dresses you slowly, meticulously, you feel every touch of every silky garment take you deeper and deeper inside of her delicious control.

The contrast of Mistress Carol’s perfect hands and red nails against the black silk of the stockings makes you swoon and sink.  The expansion of aroused longing increases as your desire to become her toy grows inside of you.

Each brush of her luxury make up sinks you deeper as your resistance turns into bliss.  Each brush of your long blonde hair sinks you into incredible helplessness.

You continue to fall with your only desire being anything Mistress Carol wants it to be.

Now to paint your fingernails.  You fall so much deeper with every stroke in this feminization hypnosis audio.

Now she wants to play with your pretty feminized body, the one your surrender to her control.  She wants to stroke and caress you with her beautiful hands as you lie there deeply hypnotized within her satin sheets.  Her breath is so close to your ear as she whispers…

You accept her divine control.  You fall into the dreams she directs.

Her control too powerful to resist as you drift off into even deeper sleep.


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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversation/trigger induction
  • Count down deepeners
  • Trigger usage:  sleep, sink
  • Gentle control and submission
  • Feminization
  • Arousal
  • Deep sensual trance
  • Metronome
  • No wake command
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music
  • Background vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 42:10

2 reviews for Be Pretty for Me – Feminization Hypnosis Audio

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I’m not a feminization fan but given that the primary objective was submission to Mistress AND the fact that as a Mistress addict, I’ve been hungering for another new session from Her, I thought I’d give this a try. As with many (most?) of Her sessions I quickly drop into a deep, ecstatic, erotic trance. She has me wrapped in a blissful cocoon of euphoria and I hear Her talking to me, wrapping me around Her little finger, doing whatever She wishes to my mind, my body and my soul. I can’t remember much of what happened but do know that I woke up extremely aroused, oozing and desperate for Her. I’ve just had to book more live on line sessions with this incredibly sexy woman. I am totally obsessed and addicted to Mistress. She has me totally hooked and I love it.

  2. Olof (verified owner)

    Feminization is not my thing, but obedience to Mistress Carol is. I love Mistress Carol’s control over me. And as Mistress Carol says in the description, this session is not mainly about feminization, it’s about trust.

    Nothing compares to having Mistress Carol control my mind and body, and this sensual and intimate session took her control over me to a new level. Mistress Carol’s gentle voice, a soft and intimate femininity – the arousal lingered on long afterwards. I am her pet, and I love it when she pets me! This deep trance brought me closer to her than I have ever been before.

    When I looked at myself in the mirror afterwards, I temporarily saw a double exposure of the beautiful and happy plaything that Mistress Carol had been toying with. Such joy!

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